Monday, June 14, 2010

Ringtone worth $70,000-phone

If absurdity was a beat this one could set it on fire. If the design brindled buzz was not enough, there is a ringtone to bout the cachet of the phone.

Oscar-award acceptable artisan Dario Marianeli has created a one-of-a-kind ringtone for a fresh $70,000 cellphone. He won gold at the Academy Awards in 2007 for his ‘Atonement’ score.

The cher Vertu Signature adaptable is crafted from sapphire, platinum and rubies, and Marianelli was commissioned to actualize a different ringtone for the buzz by Nokia.

The buzz is actuality pitched as a fresh cachet attribute for the affluent and the famous. The amount of this handcrafted buzz starts from $70,000 depending on the cardinal of adored stones you appetite to flaunt.

Everyone from Quincy Jones to accompanist Seal owns a Vertu handset which alpha at $70,000

The being who eats them all is Youriy Iliev, 36, a Bulgarian American and describes himself as a Financer. He bought his aboriginal one in 2002, anon afterwards they were introduced. Then he bare a additional one.

“If I had to accelerate one out for repairs, I didn’t appetite to be after one,” Iliev said. Then came the others, which alter in color. “It absolutely depends on what I wear, it depends on how I feel that day.” (LA Times)

Vertu was created in 1998 by Frank Nuovo, a alum of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. At the time he was Nokia’s advance designer.

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