Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lonely in Moscow? Just hire a friend

Moscow, June 20 (IANS) Moscow as a burghal is alleged 'tough' and 'cold' and it is difficult to acquisition accompany here, abnormally for bodies from alfresco boondocks who assignment in offices throughout the day. But now agencies in the Russian basic are alms accompany for hire.

A fresh trend has swept Moscow and bodies fresh in boondocks are demography 'friends' on hire to accompany them to the movies, shopping, or to addition friend's birthday.

Alexander Romanov has been in the business of accouterment accompany for over eight years now. He says Moscow takes a assessment on bodies absent to accomplish accompany or acquisition a date.

'Just area is addition who works in an appointment all day declared to go to accomplish friends?' he asks.

Romanov says accumulated behavior generally say that bodies should accumulate accord and assignment abstracted and cipher can appear up to addition on the artery and access him or her for friendship.

'So what's left, abnormally if a being wants to accomplish the consequence of addition whose claimed activity is blooming?' Romanov was quoted as adage by Moscow News.

Romanov's agency, Alibi Private Service, specialises on what he calls 'getting bodies out of difficult claimed situations'.

His audience 'rent' a acquaintance to go appearance shopping. He additionally offers casework to get a abnormality apron back. The majority of those who seek his casework are women amid the ages of 25 and 40 who don't accept time for their amusing lives.

Another agency,, offers the befalling to accommodated addition at a bistro or babble with them online. A two-hour appointment costs $16 (500 roubles) and online chatting for the aforementioned continuance costs $19 (600 roubles).

But there are bodies from added cities who say it's not about area you live; it's your attitude appear authoritative friends.

Lyudmila Kluyeva, who confused from Vladivostok to Moscow says: 'The cardinal of accompany depends on you, and does not depend on the city.'

About 40 percent of Muscovites anticipate authoritative accompany is not a bounded issue, and depends on the individual, while 30 percent say Moscow is a adamantine abode to accomplish friends.

Angelina Mikhailova, 34, confused to Moscow afterwards academy from Yekaterinburg. At first, she begin it adamantine to accomplish the accomplishment to accomplish fresh friends, and acquainted lonely.

'As anon as I started activity to places alfresco of work, it got better. One of my abutting accompany was my addition accomplice in a yoga chic I took,' Mikhailova said. 'I got added assured about abutting people, and saw that Moscow wasn't so algid afterwards all.'