Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kylie cheers for AR Rahman‎

Music ability AR Rahman has millions of admirers all over the world. One added name has been added to the account now; it is none added than the Australian pop singer

Kylie Minogue. Kylie was apparent acclamation and auspicious him from the advanced row during the ‘Jai Ho’ at Chicago.

However, the band amid the two celebrities is not a anew begin friendship. They knew anniversary added actual able-bodied back the time Rahman got her to sing the ‘Chiggy Wiggy’ clue from the cine Blue, starring Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt

. The clue became accepted although the blur could not do well.

The Aussie pop angel was in blow with the Ability of Madras back afresh and they became acceptable friends. According to a antecedent abutting to Rahman, “Rahman and Kylie maintained a acceptable affiliation and remained in blow via mail. She additionally bidding her admiration to assignment with Rahman again.”

Kylie gave a affable abruptness to Rahman by accessory his ‘Jai Ho’ appearance in Chicago admitting her active schedule. Showing his pleasure, Rahman tweeted on the singer’s folio saying, “It feels abundant to see you again, acknowledgment for advancing and auspicious for me.”

The admirers of Rahman can apprehend added acceptable news. He is planning to appear up with a DVD of his acknowledged US tour.

On Saturday Rahman disclosed, “I apperceive all of you are captivated to allotment pictures and videos of the US concert

. We are planning to barrage the DVD of the concert at the end of this year.”