Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michael Jackson's worth soars after his death

Michael Jackson's acreage has generated at atomic $1 billion in revenues back the accompanist died a year ago on June 25, 2009, acknowledgment in allotment to a advantageous fresh almanac accord with Sony Music and the best acknowledged concert blur of all time, according to Billboard estimates.
Through interviews with industry experts and some number-crunching, Billboard examines the assorted music-based acquirement streams abounding into the estate.


Since his death, Jackson has awash about 9 actor albums in the United States, while the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons accept awash about 800,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Outside the States, Jackson's anthology sales for the accomplished year angle at about 24 actor units.

Based on a attenuated common retail sales aggregate of $11.62 ($12.30 per assemblage beneath automated royalties), Billboard estimates that Jackson's anthology archive generated about $383 actor in sales.

On the agenda side, Jackson's songs accept generated 12.9 actor clue downloads in the United States in the accomplished 12 months, according to SoundScan.

Based on those figures, Billboard estimates that the absolute cardinal of common downloads is about 26.5 actor units, with a aggregate of $34 actor (net of automated royalties).

Jackson's ringtone sales totaled 1.5 actor aftermost year in the States, with the aggregate advancing afterwards his death. Agenda ringtones sales common are about alert that stateside, which brings Jackson's all-around ringtone account to 3 million. At $2 per unit, ringtone acquirement was about $5 actor aftermost year (net of automated royalties).

Monies generated from cable casework and agenda achievement royalties about aggregate to about one-third that of adaptable revenue, so Jackson's archive apparently generated about $2 actor from those streams.

US agenda achievement royalties represent about 13% of the acquirement generated by distinct clue downloads.

Applying that bulk to all-around clue sales, Jackson's recording archive generated addition $4.5 actor from all-around agenda performances.


Sony Pictures bought Jackson's alarm footage from AEG for $60 million. In retrospect, the aggregate was article of a bargain. 'Michael Jackson: This Is It' was appear October 28, 2009, and becoming $72 actor at the US box office, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com, authoritative it the highest-grossing concert blur in history.

Overseas, the blur becoming $188 actor at the box office; of that, $56 actor was tallied in Japan alone. Afterwards AEG recouped the company's beforehand of added than $35 actor in the canceled shows at London's O2 and the film, the aggregate of the affected booty - cloister abstracts announce it could be as aerial as 90% - went to Jackson's estate.

On the home video front, the 'This Is It' DVD has becoming $43 actor in US sales, with 2.7 actor units awash back its January 26 release, according to The-Numbers.com, a analysis of Nash Information Services. Nash estimates the blur fabricated addition $25 actor in rental revenue.

In Japan - area the blur was additionally awash as allotment of a appropriate 'This Is It' array for the PlayStation 3 - DVD sales topped $18 actor on its aboriginal day of release; 351,000 Blu-ray copies accept been sold, according to rankings account Oricon, abacus about $7 actor to the total.

In agreement of TV, the industry accepted is that absolute rights for ad-supported TV costs 12% of the calm box appointment for a four-year window; this aphorism of deride is in flux, however, as the breadth of absolute windows extend and the cardinal of outlets complex in the deals increase.

In November 2009, Viacom purchased the absolute US TV rights to air 'This Is It' on its MTV and BET ancestors of networks - including VH1 and Palladia, as able-bodied as MTV and BET - for six years.

Given the added years in the arrangement and the film's box-office tally, the accord could be account upwards of $15 million. (By contrast, FX is appear to accept paid amid $25 actor and $30 actor for aloof the US bartering TV rights to 'Avatar.')

With its family-friendly rating, 'This Is It' can be apparent in all administration media alfresco of acceptable theaters, including airplanes, cruise ships and auberge chains.

Licensing fees for nontheatrical performances alter based on the cine and its abeyant ability and how continued it will air afterwards it debuts in theaters, but it's about anticipation to be about 7% of absolute acquirement for a film. For 'This Is It,' that puts the cardinal at $24 million.


Jackson's music publishing company, Mijac, is administered by Warner/Chappell.

Based on a appear aggregate for Mijac of at atomic $75 actor in 2005, Billboard estimates Mijac currently has a aggregate of about $150 million.

At that value, it generates about $25 actor per year in revenue.

In the aftermost 12 months, according to sources, that cardinal could accept angled to as abundant as $50 million.

Jackson additionally owns bisected of Sony/ATV, formed in 1995 back Sony paid Jackson $90 actor for 50% of ATV Music Publishing.

Barry Massarsky of Massarsky Consulting says that Sony/ATV is commensurable to BMG Music Publishing two years ago back Universal Music Group acquired it for $2 billion.

Massarsky estimates Sony/ATV is account about 80% of BMG at the time of acquisition, or $1.6 billion. Jackson's allotment is bisected that, or $800 million.

Based on a assorted of eight to 10 times net publisher's share, Jackson's allotment of the company's acquirement is $80 actor per year.


Despite actuality canceled, the 50-show 'This Is It tour' at London's O2 paid big dividends.

Revenue from tickets retained by admirers as souvenirs and not refunded brought in an estimated $6.5 million, and Bravado's 'This Is It concert' commodity brought in $5 million, both beneath AEG's share.

An AEG-produced Jackson memorabilia display is assuming in Japan and has brought in addition estimated $3.5 actor to the estate. Plans alarm for the display to arch to China.

Last August, Bravado followed its AEG/This Is It merch accord with a fresh alliance with the Jackson acreage that included a $10 actor advance, sources say.

Based on conversations with insiders, Billboard estimates licensing royalties and retail sales accounted for addition $10 actor in acquirement to the Jackson estate. Actual retail sales were far greater.

This week, gaming aggregation Ubisoft appear it will absolution a dance-oriented Jackson videogame in time for the anniversary season. Licensing fees weren't disclosed.

Finally, sources say there wasn't any beforehand on royalties and no guarantees paid for the estate's two-pronged accord with Cirque du Soleil for a bout and a Las Vegas residency, a accord anatomy in band with accomplished Cirque tributes to the Beatles and Elvis Presley. Afterwards startup costs are aggregate by the acreage and Cirque, acquirement will appear from box-office receipts and added ancillaries associated with the projects.

The banking tragedy actuality is what ability accept been. Billboard appear afore Jackson's afterlife that the O2 shows would gross up to $100 actor and merch possibly addition $15 million. Beyond that, AEG had a 36-month all-around touring plan in abode with Jackson had the run auspiciously been completed.


In March, Sony Music Entertainment accomplished a accord with Jackson's acreage to absolution 10 albums of the singer's music through 2017.

The albums' agreeable will alter - a accumulating of ahead unreleased beforehand is accepted in November and a copy of 1979's 'Off the Wall' is accepted abutting year.

All told, the acreage is affirmed amid $200 actor and $250 actor for the deal.

Some of that aggregate was acceptable paid in an advance.

No albums accept yet been released, however.

If aloof one of the contract's eight years is recognised, that would add $31 actor to the money the acreage accustomed in the aftermost 12 months.

At the time of the deal, John Branca, who serves as appropriate ambassador for the acreage alongside John McClain, said that Elvis is the archetypal for Jackson's legacy.

'To this day, there's absorption in Elvis,' he said. 'And I anticipate there will be constant absorption in Michael. It's our job to abide to betrayal Michael to fresh generations.'