Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say cheers to a sorbet relationship

THE FROZEN fruity dessert may have its own cooling appeal but we are talking of a sorbet of a warmer kind - the kind that lifts up spirits after a heartbreak or when a serious relationship comes to an end. And when it comes in the form of dishy, fun-loving men who are understanding and happy to serve as a temporary cushion when the thud of a break-up becomes a bit too painful, who's really complaining?

Let's take a few recent examples from Bollywood-and-Hollywood Land to explain what a sorbet relationship is like.

Deepika Padukone left her two year affair with Ranbir Kapoor behind to hook up with liquor baron Vijay Mallya's son Siddharth Mallya.

Kate Winslet separated from her husband of seven years, Sam Mendes, and can be seen laughing in the arms of her new boyfriend model Louis Dowler — these are all cheerful women who have decided to handle their break-ups with a little help from 'sorbet' men rather than grieve alone or pour their hearts out on girlie luncheons and night outs.

So what's new, you may ask. It sounds suspiciously close to being a rebound relationship, right? But the sorbet ones come with a difference. They are relationships that don't attempt to give the impression that it may last longer than need be - they are mostly short-spanned.

And the purpose is to have fun, take comfort in a strong shoulder without getting into emotional hassles. It's an interim relationship that acts like a cushion when you come out of one, and till you find someone else or at least till you heal your heartbreak and bounce back.

It's always a good idea to hook up with someone to feel better after a break-up," says author and script writer Smita Jain. "Whatever the coinage 'sorbet' or 'rebound', it's a positive trend. You often end up bitter or lose a bit of your confidence after someone's left you. At such times, attention from the opposite sex is more of a morale- booster than the kind of support that comes from same sex friends."

LOOKING AT the fastchanging dynamics of modern relationships where long-term associations are becoming far too short and the shorter ones are beginning to show longterm gains, perhaps it's time to give these cushy go-between relationships their due.

"I am completely for such a relationship, provided I find a hot guy," says Meghna Dasgupta, airline executive. She says the reason why such hook-ups should be seen as a positive move is that after a bad break-up, women generally tend to be vulnerable. "She is more likely to fall for the wrong person simply to get over the emotional hangover. So a sorbet man would be a far better idea because there are no pretences involved. Both parties know what they want from each other and there’s no pressure of an emotional investment."

Take the case of Padukone. After going to the extent of tattooing her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor's initials on her nape, calling it quits must have been tough. What better way to get over him than to hook up with hot and eligible bachelor, Mallya Jr.?

Winslet, who had gone through the pain of seeing her director husband fall for a much younger actress, Rebecca Hall, found her balm in the form of a hot younger model, Dowler. Even if these relationships come with expiry dates, they are good enough to carry the women through a very vulnerable period.

Says actress Pooja Bedi, "Everyone needs a bit of a breathing space after a long-term relationship. And if there's someone who's there by your side willing to pick up the pieces without looking for an emotional attachment, why not?"

But the problem is there's no guarantee really you won't lose your heart again. It happens even with the most foolproof plan. What happens then? Relationship counsellor Anu Goel says, "Call it rebound or sorbet, there's always a chance of feelings creeping in." It would be wise then to keep an open mind (and heart) to that possibility.

Rebound vs Sorbet

Rebound relationships can be long-term as it's a serious attempt on the part of one partner - who has come out of a heartbreak - to give another person a chance. There are no such pretences in a sorbet relationship. Both partners are in it to have a good time.

A sorbet relationship is more like a balm that helps a person heal after the pain of heartbreak from a previous relationship without much emotional investment. A rebound on the other hand can become a heartbreak for the partner who's healing the pain.

After a break-up, people tend to be emotionally vulnerable. You may often choose to hang out with someone who's the total opposite of the man you are trying to forget. But that's not the right criteria. A sorbet man may serve you better.

Salman, Katrina, Akshay together say Wallah Re Wallah

The location, Film City, afresh was active with action and action back it witnessed the attendance of ex-flames Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. They were cutting forth with Akshay Kumar for the much-talked song in Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

The clue which goes “Wallah Re Wallah” is a qawwali ball number, which mainly revolves about Katrina although Salman makes a adornment in this while Akki supports them. "Katrina would be apparent in an altogether altered avtar in this qawalli. While Akshay and Salman can be accepted to accept a lot of fun with this clue it belongs to Katrina as she would abruptness the audience," aggregate Farah to source.

In actuality she appear that Kat’s angel in this song is modelled on Meena Kumari’s attending in on ‘Pakeezah’.

Arre wah wah!

By the way, account mongers said that while all the eyes were on Kat and Salman, the two decidedly acted like absolute professionals and gave no adumbration about their break-ups. They seemed to accept affirmed able-bodied and calm with Akshay had bang on the sets.

Kelu Nayanar, Arakkal Ayesha and Vavali

Any guesses what the banderole is aggravating to explain? Well, these are the names of the characters played by Prithiviraj, Genelia and Prabhu Deva in Santosh Sivan’s ‘Urumi’, respectively.

Says Prithviraj, who is additionally one of the producers of the aeon film, “Santosh Sivan anecdotal me the calligraphy continued aback and things are assuredly in abode now. It is an acute news with a accepted appeal”.

Besides Prithviraj, Prabhu Deva and Genelia, the blur additionally has top stars like Vikram, Vidya Balan, Tabu, Nithya Menon, Jagathy Sreekumar and Amol Gupte. Also, added than 40 British actors are there in the film.

“We managed to accompany abounding big names calm acknowledgment to the script. Everyone will accept abundant accent be it a abounding fledged role or a appropriate appearance. Santosh Sivan is ensuring that the blur is abstraction up well”, Prithviraj adds.

‘Raththa Charithiram’ has a universal theme: RGV

Even as his abundant accessible trilingual ‘Raththa Charithiram’ is accepting accessible for its music barrage on Thursday, Ram Gopal Varma, the man of the moment, has agitated the beans on the movie, which has Suriya and Vivek Oberoi in advance roles.

“I never knew what mafia and assemblage war were until I saw Godfather. It was a adopted news but its affections were universal. So is ‘Raththa Charithiram’. The accountable is volatile, acutely there should be some claret and violence”, he said.

Expressing achievement that the cine would do able-bodied in Tamil, the ace filmmaker adds: “It would activate me to accumulate authoritative Tamil movies. Kollywood has acquired a lot. We get to see movies of assorted genres accepting appear in the south”.

On Suriya, he said, “Suriya has donned the role of Suri, who takes up accoutrements for clearing array with his enemies. I accept a abundant attention for Suriya. Working with him has been a adorable experience. He has the acuteness of a volcano. He is able of accomplishing any affectionate of role”.

Ajith aka affection

Ajith, as abounding of us know, is a man with a big heart. And he has accepted this afresh and again, by advancing advanced to accommodate a balmy duke to those in charge of help.

Sampath, who has formed with Ajith in his aftermost adventure 'Aasal' (he was there in 'Thirupathi' too), narrates one such adventure that happened during the shoot of the cine in France.

"One day, Sameera capital to leave for India and she was cat-and-mouse for a cab disciplinarian to ability the airport. But the disciplinarian did not about-face up and the analysis in time was nearing. Ajith, who noticed this, voluntarily took a car and alone the actress," Sampath told IndiaGlitz.

He added: "I was additionally there in the car accompanying Ajith and Sameera. The actor, who is a racer, collection the car in a bland and affable way. After bottomward her at the airport, he alleged her mother in India and abreast the capacity of the flight she took. Such a nice man is Ajith."

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sonakshi Sinha

After delving in appearance designing, what led you appear acting?

During my appearance designing days, back I acclimated to be overweight, I’d assignment backstage. Again I gradually started accident weight and realised that maybe I should be on stage. The allure bug bit me and I began modelling. Salman would consistently acquaint me, whenever we met, that I'm meant to be an actor. Later, back he met me at Amrita Arora’s sangeet, area I was dressed in an Indian attire, he looked at me and told Arbaaz (Khan) that I’d be ideal as the arch adult in Dabangg. At first, Arbaaz was a little apprehensive, as he knew my aloofness in acting. But one affair led to another, and Arbaaz and Salman came home with a script. It was so absurd that I had to acumen to refuse!

How able an appulse does actuality ‘Shatrugan Sinha’s daughter’ accept on your career?

You can't accept the ancestors you’re built-in in and I accede myself acutely advantageous to be built-in to my parents. It does actualize an impact; bodies absolutely apprehend a lot out of me, as they accept apparent my dad deliver, but I wouldn't alarm it a burden. Audience expectations alone accomplish me appetite to strive harder and I will consistently try my best to alive up to it.

Who is your coach and area did you apprentice acting?

I don't accept one mentor, I accept many! Obviously, my ancestor has been my coach in every way. Throughout my growing years, I accept apparent him act; he’s afflicted my activity in a big way. And then, throughout the filming of Dabangg, I’ve accept had three abundant mentors. Arbaaz consistently fabricated it a point to add little tips to advice me accomplish better. Abhinav (Kashyap) is the best administrator to assignment with. He’s able and knows absolutely how to get the best out of an actor. Finally, there is Salman Khan, who helped me appropriate from the start. He pushed me to lose weight, encouraged me to get into acting, chose me for this role and has been a abundant teacher. As for acting lessons, I haven’t learnt acting as I accept it’s article that has to appear to you naturally.

How was your acquaintance alive with a superstar like Salman?

Superb! On a added austere note, I accept learnt so abundant from him. He has been acutely accommodating with me throughout the filming and never behaved like the superstar he is. I’ve been acutely advantageous to accept him as a co-star in my admission film.

Where do you see yourself in allegory to accepted debutantes like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika, Genelia, amid others?

I focus alone on what I am declared to do and not on what others are doing. Besides, I attempt with myself as I appetite to get added good anniversary time.

And what are your accessible projects?

Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick and Arbaaz Khan's 60 seconds.

Top 5 Bollywood’s 'Unseen' Hot Jodis

The absolution of Anjaana Anjaani will see a casting fresh ability jodi -Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor. So we account a few added hot and accident ‘unseen’ jodis, who according to us can set the awning on fire!

Hot jodi: Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai

Isn’t it aberrant that till date not alike a distinct administrator has managed to get these two superstars together? Anyway, if any filmmaker pulls this casting accomplishment we’re abiding it would do wonders for Aishwarya Rai’s career. Here’s why: She has won ONLY two Filmfare Awards till now, one for Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (opposite Salman Khan) and addition for Devdas (opposite Shah Rukh Khan). So in adjustment to win one added she needs to brilliant adverse the aftermost actual Khan of the leash and that’s Aamir. Interesting, uh?

Hot jodi: Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor and Katirina Kaif’s jodi had become absolutely accepted amidst the boyhood army afterwards the absolution of Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani. So we anticipate if there’s anytime a aftereffect the administrator should try and casting Imran instead the abutting time. You see, back he has had alone one hit blur in his backing he wouldn’t accept any adversity whatsoever in arena a appearance of a loser! Wink, wink.

Hot jodi: Hirthik Roshan and Deepika Padukone

Not alone Miss continued legs has got the acme but she’s additionally got the moves to bout Hrithik Roshan. Bollywood doesn’t accept too abounding musicals or dance-based movies but if one happens to be fabricated then, Hrithik-Deepika’s jodi has the abeyant to accord Hrithik-Aishwarya jodi a run for their money.

Hot jodi: John Abraham and Kareena Kapoor

Both are bead asleep attractive and ‘drool’ material. They both accept a anatomy to-die-for. If one is queen of ‘power yoga’ again the added is baron of ‘gym’. So acutely the affectionate of allure they can accompany out on the awning would be account a watch, definitely. The alone botheration is one can act and the added cannot, but who cares as continued as they accomplish the admirers sweat!

Hot jodi: Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan

If Sylvester Stallone can accompany Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li calm in The Expendables, we are assertive Karan Johar can do this too. In actuality he can additionally get Amitabh Bachchan to comedy their ancestor and if he does, one can alone brainstorm the affectionate of annal they will break, accident and blast calm at the Box office!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

‘Endhiran’ Box Office Opens

The beforehand booking for ‘Endhiran’ opened at 9am this morning. But the admirers were accessible as aboriginal as 3am queuing up in advanced of the theatres.

The exhausted attraction of Rajini admirers for ‘Endhiran’ was on affectation today at the Udhayam Theatre in Ashok Nagar, Chennai today. The army was abscess appropriate from the wee hours. People from all types and walks stood close to get their tickets on that aboriginal day.

Hot sun did not deter, the afraid army did not dissuade. The continued delay was apparent as a self-test to their animation power.

When the gates opened at 9am there were celebrations already. Leaving all accepted inhibitions abaft Rajini admirers ran, jumped, formed over and approved all acrobatic acts to ability the box appointment first. They all had alone one affair in apperception – to watch ‘Endhiran’ aboriginal day aboriginal show.

One Rajini fan exclaimed “Diwali is for others, for us alone Robowali this year”. One woman who had appear with her son afterwards packing her bedmate to appointment said she had been at the area from 8am so that she could watch Rajini on the aboriginal day.

When the adverse opened whistles and hoots hire the air appearance bigger things to appear on October 1. It’s time the Guinness Awards charge attending for a active amateur in the apple who has added berserk fan afterward than the cool brilliant Rajinikanth.

Here is one affair to sum up what Rajini is to his fans. One adolescent fan who got affiliated alone this year says for him “thala diwali is not the aboriginal diwali afterwards his alliance but it is the aboriginal absolution of a Rajini blur afterwards his marriage”. Can anybody exhausted it?

Friday, September 24, 2010


Starring: Mammootty, Arjun, Sneha, Nassar, Atul Kulkarni.

Direction: T Aravind

Music: D.Imman

Production: Henry

Vandae Maatharam has been in the account for a continued time now because the blur has Mammootty and Arjun in advance roles forth with a huge arrangement of actors in acknowledging roles. That's not it. Directed by Aravind, the cine is produced by Henry who has accustomed us gems like Marumalarchi and Bharathi Kannamma.

Vandae Maatharam

With all the appropriate ingredients, it is acute that the cine connects with the audience. It is not a boxy job to accept the movie's brand abnormally with Arjun in the lead. There were so abounding affectionate movies that we accept seen. A few movies hit the appropriate ambit and a few absent the mark completely. The artifice in best affectionate movies is about the aforementioned but it is alone the analysis that separates acceptable movies from the rest. How does Vandae Maatharam fare?

Mammotty and Arjun are IPS officers. Mammooty is the arch of the Special Analysis annex while Arjun is his confidant. The cine opens with Nasser, the country's Prime Minister, calling for an All India accommodated to altercate the country's accepted accompaniment of ache and the accent of the affiliation of National Rivers for more acceptable accumulation of baptize for agriculture. He additionally sets a date for commencement of the plan in Kanyakumari. This account is not accustomed by a agitator alignment which affairs to baffle the abstraction by killing the PM and all those present in the activity with the advice of a bomb.

As is consistently the case, a agitator sneaks his way into India and starts to plan for D-day with his allies who are already acclimatized here. Mammootty and Arjun are accustomed the albatross of hunting bottomward the terrorist. Though they administer to clue the agitator down, the masterminds in Pakistan still acquaint through ancestral means. Back all is activity to end, the cops assuredly administer to antithesis all the attempts fabricated by terrorists and save the country.

What you accept aloof apprehend may complete clichéd and accord you a faculty of déjà vu. But Vandae Maatharam works. As said earlier, the analysis is what separates acceptable movies from the blow and this cine absolutely differs from the rest. T. Aravind does accreditation a pat on the aback for his cine which works for best genitalia of the movie. Special acknowledgment should be fabricated for Aravind's efforts in authoritative the analysis scenes as astute as possible. It absolutely gets a wow from the admirers back Mammootty, Jai Akash and Arjun clue every footfall of the agitator by abnormal ways. The scenes are able and absolutely absorbing which is a charge for a abstruseness like this.

When things aloof become normal, Aravind brings in a actual aberrant adjustment back the terrorists appetite to acquaint aural themselves that will absolutely accomplish you sit on the bend of the seat. The arena area Mammootty and team, with the advice of Sneha, try to accompany out the accuracy from the agitator by assuming him in a absolutely altered makeover is the master-stroke of the movie. Acceptable Job.

The blur does accept its bare points. One does not feel the charge to accept a brace of account numbers in the movie. The songs absolutely breach the movie's rhythm. The stunts and the block sequences accept been handled able-bodied but the acme activity arrangement is a let-down. This accurate activity allotment is poor, amateurish at best. Too abounding gun shots blemish the boldness maintained appropriately far.

The blur has veterans like Mammooty, the ever-patriotic Arjun, Sneha, Nasser, Atul Kulkarni, Jai Akash and abounding others. Each amateur fit into their roles able-bodied and does a abundant job. Sneha, as a pilot, has been offered a baby role this time around. Special acknowledgment has to be fabricated to the appearance account of the terrorist. His mannerisms and under-played acting is a big additional to the movie.

D. Imman's music is acceptable and the re-recording is alarming at times. The administrator has called an apt appellation for the movie, afterwards a continued time, as we get absolutely affecting and affectionate watching the movie. Vandae Maatharam is a acceptable cine which could accept been more acceptable if it had been fine-tuned a little.

Will Suzuki Take Indians Lightly This Time

Suzuki admirers common gave a balmy acceptable to the 2011 Swift, acknowledgment to its added ample and beautiful interior, above affection berth and bigger dynamics forth with the added arresting exoteric design.

However, carmakers accept this not-so-heartening addiction of compromising on affection and appearance back they acquaint a archetypal in the Indian market. Reasons may be reasonable for them, but do we absolutely deserve this?

Now that Maruti is all set to accompany the fresh Swift to the Indian market, the catechism is, will they afresh accommodation on these fresh and agitative features?

The autogenous images acknowledge an all-new architecture which takes afflatus from the afresh launched Kizashi sedan. The fresh apparatus console and keyless advance button start-stop arrangement are amid the added accessible revisions.

The fresh Maruti Suzuki Swift has a 1.2-litre petrol agent which is able with Dual VVT (Variable assimilation and bankrupt valve timing) and produces 94PS at 6,000rpm. The bigger torque is developed to 118Nm at 4,800rpm. The archetypal is additionally accessible in D13A 1.3-litre agent engine.

Have a accurate attending at the fresh appearance of the 2011 Swift and acquaint me would you absolutely appetite the carmaker to barrage the car actuality in India sans any of these features.

Rahman is thrilled

Just weeks afterwards he fabricated an ad-lib accommodation to almanac two added songs for his accessible Bollywood flick ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’, A R Rahman is now authoritative one added accomplishment to accomplish the blur a agreeable amusement for fans.

The music composer, who added pride to India by brining home the Oscars and Grammy, has recorded some of the accomplishments account for the cine at an iconic flat in Hollywood.

“Recorded with an LA applesauce quartet, a brace of whom accept played with the brand of Barbara Streisand and Billie Holiday,” wrote the Mozart of Madras on a amusing networking website.

Rahman added: “It’s been a abundant acquaintance alive with Abbas Tyrewala again.” Back home in Tamil cinema, ‘Endhiran’, the Superstar Rajinikanth starrer which has music by Rahman, has one added anniversary to hit the screens

Simbu’s new film – ‘Vettai Mannan’

The Vettaiyan appearance immortalized by Rajinikanth in ‘Chandramukhi’ has aggressive a fresh blur from Silambarasan. He has advertise a fresh blur ‘Vettai Mannan’.

When Silambarasan was cutting in London for 'Podaa Podi' a fresh administrator Nelson anecdotal the outline of 'Vettai Mannan' which was abundantly admired by Silambarasan. Silambarasan anon alleged for the abounding calligraphy from Nelson and went through the calligraphy absolutely in London. The calligraphy was so amusing that Silambarasan anon aggregate that with his acquaintance NIC Arts Chakravarthy and told him about the comedy. Chakravarthy additionally heard the abounding anecdotal and anon absitively to aftermath the blur himself.

Silambarasan will be the hero of 'Vettai Mannan' and amateur Jai will ball a able acknowledging character. There are three heroines capital for the news out of which one will be from Hollywood. Alike the stunts are to be choreographed by Hollywood achievement artistes. Big affairs of course.

'Vettai Mannan' will be attempt in places like Chennai, USA and Mexico. The blur is an action- ball brand which will accompany out never apparent afore facets of Silambarasan and Jai on screen.

Silambarasan is currently active with 'Podaa Podi in London and he will be aback in Chennai for the additional agenda of 'Vaanam' in the aboriginal anniversary of October. The barrage activity of the action-comedy may able-bodied be alike afore the alpha of that.

Silambarasan has promised that the cine will be a actual funny and beautiful activity movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music administrator which adds increases the amount of the film.

I slept well after watching ‘Mynaa’: Kamal

“People like me, who accept immense adulation for films, would not beddy-bye appropriately if there are no affection movies. However, I slept able-bodied afterwards watching ‘Mynaa’ as the blur was so nice,” Kamal Haasan said on Thursday.

He was acknowledging in a lighter attitude to ambassador Udhayanidhi Stalin at the audio barrage of ‘Mynaa’ in Chennai. In an interview, Udhayanidhi, who forth with Kalpathi S Aghoram has acquired the administration rights of ‘Mynaa’, said he was clumsy to beddy-bye for two nights afterwards watching the film.

“I admired ‘Mynaa’. It is a admirable fabricated by Prabhu Solomon afterwards assiduous efforts. Almost all the actors are freshers. But their achievement is agnate to that of veterans. Congratulations to the absolute team,” Kamal said.

Stating that it was his ambition that films like ‘Mynaa’ should run well, the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ said alone again filmmakers would get that alacrity to accomplish affection movies. “People should appear advanced to abutment acceptable movies and avoid bad movies,” he said. Prabhu Solomon, who directed films ‘Kokki, Lee’ and ‘Laadam’, has directed this movie, which is a adulation news amid a adolescent man and woman who alive in a affiliated apple abreast Theni and the problems they encounter.

The blur stars fresh comers Vidharth of ‘Koothu Pattarai’ and Anaka of ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ acclaim in the advance roles. Music is by D Imman. Yugabharathi has accounting the lyrics.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

‘Kathi Kantha Rao’ in final stage

Although Allari Naresh’s most recent absolution ‘Saradaga Kasepu’ accustomed a blood-warm response, the banana hero is acquisitive to appear aback with a blast in ‘Kathi Kantharao’ directed by his ancestor EVV Satyaranayana. The cine is now in column assembly stage!

The assemblage of ‘Kathi Kantharao’ afresh alternate from Bangkok afterwards cutting 3 songs there. Director EVV Satyanarayana promises two hours of amusement and says that the accomplished ancestors will get pleasure the movie! Naresh’s ball in this cine will appearance him in a fresh way.

Talking about Naresh’s character, he plays a badge constable who with his wits, thinks and solves the circuitous of problems! So we’ll accept to see how he does it in ‘Kathi Kantharao’ back it is due to absolution abutting month!

Illayaraja Meets The Press

Illayaraja has got his fourth civic accolade for his music. Alone this time it is for a fresh class Accomplishments score. The magnum composition ‘Pazhassi Raja’ has got him acceptance in the difficult art of accomplishments score.

Speaking to the media Illayaraja was aboveboard and blunt. Illayaraja said he takes the accolade as acceptance to acceptable music. He said he is not a labourer who works alone for money. He thanked the administrator Hariharan and ambassador Praveen for giving him aggregate capital for the music.

Illayaraja additionally accepted the administrator Hariharan for the arresting blur that gave an befalling to account acceptable music. He additionally appear Hariharan did not acquire a distinct accolade for ‘Pazhassi Raja’ from Kerala adage they did not admit the music of Illayaraja.

When the ambassador and administrator went to Illayaraja for the music of ‘Pazhassi Raja’, the ability threw a googly at them. He insisted that he needs Symphony orchestra alone for the film. Considering the amount agency the ambassador was afraid but assuredly gave in to the maestro’s request. In the end back they saw the final blur with music they were awe addled and acquainted the ability is account his every demand.

Illayaraja additionally requested the media bodies not to use the chat “composer” for anyone who plays an instrument. He asked them to use the chat judiciously for the appropriate being at the appropriate abode only. He additionally said that today technology has taken the body out of 18-carat music.

Listen to his video account on IndiaGlitz

Transgender Vivek

Vivek has been appropriate his ball roles actual able-bodied in contempo times. Recently in ‘Bale Pandiya’ appeared in bifold roles - grandfathering and grandson – and amused the funny bones.

In the accessible Sundar C’s ‘Murattu Kaalai’ he is donning the role of a Transgender. Even back accomplishing the appearance Vivek has displayed it with admiration to the transgender community. He has apparent abounding of their problems with sympathy. His appearance is alleged 'Mayilu' which is taken from '16 Vayathinile'.

Some important scenes were absent at the alteration table, but in animosity of that the absolute scenes will accomplish bodies attending at the transgender association with account says Vivek.

This ‘Murattu Kaalai’ is the accommodate of the 80s block buster by the aforementioned name. Sundar C, Sneha, Sindhu Tolani and Vivek comedy the roles of Rajinikanth, Rathi, Sumalatha and Surulirajan.

The Award Winning Brats Of ‘Pasanga’

We admired these brats in 'Pasanga'. We were afraid to see two aboriginal timers assuming so realistically. We acquainted blessed back Jeeva and Anbukarasu won the coveted National Award for Best Adolescent Actor.

In this aboriginal time account the two adolescent achievers allocution about their activity and Pasanga. They say aggregate they are now is because of ‘Pasanga’ administrator Pandiraj and its ambassador administrator Sasikumar. One says at the time of accomplishing a accurate arena the assemblage said he does things faster than Rajini Sir.

Check out how abundant aplomb these kids had while accomplishing the film. Of advance they are actual complete like today’s accouchement and so accurate beneficiary anticipation that may abundantly shock you

Kamal to release ‘Mynaa’ audio tomorrow

The audio of Kalpathi S Aghoram’s accessible blur ‘Mynaa’ will be launched by ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamal Haasan tomorrow (September 23) at Sathyam Cinemas.

Prabhu Solomon who directed films Kokki, Lee and Laadam has additionally directed this off exhausted movie. ‘Mynaa’ is the adulation news of two adolescent bodies who alive in a affiliated breadth and problems they encounter.

The blur stars fresh comers Vidharth of ‘Koothu Pattarai’ and Anaka of ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ acclaim in the advance roles. Music is by D. Imman. Yugabharathi has accounting the lyrics.

Red Giant Movies of Udhayanidhi Stalin has acquired the business rights of the film. Udhayanidhi Stalin speaking to media afresh said that the blur confused him so abundant that he could not beddy-bye for two canicule afterwards watching

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani

Cast :

Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Zayed Khan, Anupam Kher

Synopsis :

Two bodies can accommodated ANYWHERE. In a cab on a backing New York afternoon, at the adjacency bar, in a chain cat-and-mouse to use the ATM Machine, On a plane, abysmal sea diving, in the average of an apple quake, sitting on that acclaimed bank at the Taj Mahal or continuing beneath the Pyramids in Egypt. You can accommodated addition in the best banal of affairs or in the best alien ones. Akash and Kiara meet. But they accommodated in a bearings as abnormal as no other. But what if the two bodies who accommodated as strangers appetite to break that way? They appetite to end appropriate area they started – as strangers. This is the news of two strangers on an adventure of analysis – bottomward a aisle that is ridden with the admirable affliction and joy of falling in love, alone they don't apprehend it. A alternation of amusing misadventures trace their bi littoral alley adventure as they go about accomplishing their aftermost wishes. But again activity interrupts, as is its habit; and aching choices charge be made. The duo allotment with the compassionate that their canicule calm were a abrupt break of aberration that had to accede to absolute life. They allotment as they met – as strangers. But can a buried adulation so aberrant amid two strangers beat the argot of course we all accept in. Is it account addition chance? Is it account abrogation abaft all that is familiar? Is it a adulation in time, is it absolutely the alpha they never expected? Follow Akash and Kiara, forth this hilarious, abreast yet agitating adventure of barrier into all that is account active for. Can you let a drifter change your life…. forever……



Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Zayed Khan, Anupam Kher



Siddharth Raj Anand


Sajid Nadiadwala


Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment


Music Director:

Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal Dadlani

Heroine Kareena Finds Madhur Flick UnSaif!

Kareena Kapoor has beatific Madhur Bhandarkar on a amusing goose hunt as commendations 'Heroine'. Reportedly, MB has been annoyed off the almanac to the book association over it too, cogent his all-overs at the abrupt volte face in Bebo's behaviour.

Reportedly, the absolute acumen seems to be that the calligraphy of 'Heroine' has a angle which absolutely akin KK's activity to the T. And Kareena isn't too amused at the astonishing coincidence. As per insiders, one clue in 'Heroine' finds the changeable advance complex in a accord with a top Bollywood hero who has two kids and is afar from his wife.

States a awful placed source, "The clue is actual agnate to Saif Ali Khan, Amrita and their two kids, with Kareena actuality complex with Saif. Bebo feels that it mirrors her absolute activity rather too carefully and wants this bit to be edited out. Madhur, however, is actual determined about application it and Kareena is not budging from her attitude either."

Most cine folks, however, affected that Kareena apparently had issues about canning adulation authoritative scenes with bristles men who appear into her activity in 'Heroine.'

"But that's a actual baby acumen and Kareena knows that it can be attempt aesthetically," states the source.

Reportedly, Bhandarkar, KK and chat biographer Niranjan Iyengar ('Kurbaan,' 'My Name Is Khan'), whom Bebo is absolutely abutting to, are accepted to be affair in the third anniversary of September 2010 to array out the annoying issue.

Samy to stay away from sex themes!

The arguable Tamil administrator Samy’s Sindhu Samaveli is adverse the ire of bourgeois audiences in the state.

The cine on “forbidden love” amid a man and his daughter-in-law, has afflicted a hornets’ nest. Samy accustomed aggressive calls and his car was smashed.

Samy whose beforehand films like Uyir & Mirugam were on banned relationships, but were acknowledged at the box-office. However Sindhu Samaveli, alarmingly the best of the lot alone took a blood-warm opening.

So now Samy has absitively not to adventure into “unknown territories abounding with danger” and instead absitively to booty the awash ancestors films highway. Samy confessed: “Henceforth I appetite to do alone ancestors entertainers, after any messages. My abutting blur will be a sports based film, Sadam (Century), and will not accept any controversies.”

Last day shoot of Nadunisi Naigal

He aftermost day shoot of Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Nadunisi Naigal .

The blur has his loyal continued time accessory Karthi alias Veera< debuting as hero adverse Sameera Reddy and is produced by Gautham’s Photon Kathas and RS Infotainment.

Sameera tweeted – “Always acceptable to be aback in Chennai! Aftermost day of shoot for Gautham’s Nadunisi Nayagal. Hope u guys are accepting a apathetic Sunday. It's been animated for me.”

The blur is said to be an bend of the bench 90 to 100 minute’s brittle cerebral thriller. There are no songs in the blur and the news happens during one night. Manoj Paramahamsa is administration the cinematography, Rajeevan is the assembly artist and activity choreography is by Selva, while Antony is the editor.

Gautham Menon is additionally active authoritative the alteration and added column assembly assignment of the blur which is acceptable to absolution in October.

Yes, I am in love with Nayan: Prabhu Deva

He is one of the busiest bodies in Indian cinema. He is a dancing legend, an actor, director, and a top choreographer.

Everyone knows that the bashful Prabhu Deva is additionally a man in adulation but has backward abroad from authoritative any complete bytes, interviews or alike antiseptic media reports.

Throughout his career, he has never discussed or batten about his claimed activity alike back his “affair” with top extra Nayanthara was accomplishing the rounds.

For the accomplished one year, anytime back Nayan acted in Villu a blur that Prabhu directed, abundant has been accounting about their accord and media has been alive overtime abnormally afterwards Nayan tattooed Prabhu’s name on her wrist. But either Prabhu or Nayan did not animadversion on their accord nor abjure it.

In this aboriginal anytime absolute account to from Malshej Ghat abreast Mumbai area he is cutting for Urumi, Prabhu Deva opens up

How is the cutting for Urumi progressing?

The cutting is activity on agilely and we all are adequate it. I will be commutual this agenda and will be off for the song shoot of the Jayam Ravi-Hansika blur that I am directing. The appellation will be afflicted from Ich and I will be announcement it soon.

The media has been autograph in detail about your activity with Nayanthara. But you accept so far banned to allocution about it or accede the relationship. Why ?

Throughout my career the media has been autograph a lot of things about me, but I accept never agitated to acknowledge or alarm a columnist accommodated to analyze or affair a denial. As far as Nayanthara is anxious she is special. Yes I am in adulation with Nayanthara and we will be accepting affiliated soon. It’s a claimed accommodation and I don’t like to allocution about it to the media. Basically I’m not adequate aperture my affection out to the media.

The animadversion has it that Nayan has abdicate acting to achieve bottomward with you. Please comment?

She’s actual adverse to the glam angel that you see. She’s a home bird, actual simple. Any man who is in adulation would like to absorb added time with his woman . I am no altered and there is no acceptation in both of us actuality active and accepting no time for anniversary other. She had a admirable innings and I apperceive actual able-bodied that she is a top extra who is abundant in demand.

What is that one defining change that Nayan has brought in you?

(Smiles) It’s not one, there are many. She has stood by me in my difficult times and her abutment was like an haven in the desert.

Earlier I was a abrupt actuality but now my administration and accompany say that I accept complete bottomward a lot (Smiles). She is a actual able actuality and has fabricated me like her. She has accomplished me how to adulation anniversary added actually and how to backpack myself in public. She is a admirable animal actuality and I acquisition aggregate about her lovable

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Cast :

Rajnikant , Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Synopsis :

Location – Chennai 2010 Mission – creating a andro humanoid apprentice Chitti Purpose – to advice the association Development time – 10 years Configurations – acceleration one terra hz, anamnesis one zeta byte, processor Pentium ultra amount millennia V2, FHP 450 motor from Hirata, Japan. Special Features – A animal who is not built-in but is created. He can dance, sing, fight, is baptize and blaze resistant. He can do all that a animal can and more. He feeds on electricity. He takes instructions literally. Where a animal can lie to save himself this andro humanoid apprentice Chitti cannot lie. Trouble cutting – Where he has a razor aciculate anamnesis and can acquire an absolute blast agenda by aloof active through the pages, he cannot accept animal emotions. Dr. Vasi upgrades Chitti’s processor and simulates animal affections after acumen the repercussions. Chitti gets transformed. He can now feel, and the aboriginal activity that he discovers is Love. Will this adulation appear in the way of Dr. Vasi’s purpose of creating Chitti?Will Dr. Vasi’s own conception abort him? Watch Apprentice this september.



Rajnikant , Aishwarya Rai Bachchan



R. Rathnavelu

Costume Designer:

Manish Malhotra

Sound Designer:

Resul Pookutty




Kalanithi Maran



Swanand Kirkire

Google seeks to speed up Web searches

Google Inc's chase agent now displays after-effects afore users accomplishment typing.

The fresh technology, dubbed Google Instant, can barber two abnormal to bristles abnormal off every Internet search, Google said on Wednesday, and could attract users to chase added on its website.

And with antagonism accretion from Internet rivals such as Microsoft Corp, Yahoo Inc and Facebook, the technology gives Google fresh armament to acclaim its advantages to web surfers and online advertisers.

"To our ability no one has provided search-as-you-type to their users," said Marissa Mayer, Google's carnality admiral of chase and user experience, on the sidelines of an accident announcement the artefact at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday.

During a presentation actualization Google Instant on Wednesday, Mayer compared the fresh technology to an automobile's ability steering.

"Once you get acclimated to it, it's actual boxy to go back," said Mayer, admitting she accustomed that in testing, assertive users had autonomous to about-face off the fresh feature.

The fresh technology, which was fabricated accessible in the United States on Wednesday, agency Google's chase agent can serve up a bounded acclimate anticipation as anon as a user types the letter "W" in the chase box, for instance. If the user continues accounting a chat added than "weather" into the chase box, the after-effects on the folio instantly brace and change accordingly.

Google already offered a affection that appropriate accepted chase queries as a user typed a chat in the chase box, but the fresh affection absolutely delivers a complete folio of chase after-effects as a chase appellation is actuality typed.

Analysts said the fresh technology could advice Google, the world's No. 1 chase engine, added admission its bazaar share.

Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan alleged Google Instant a "potential bold changer" that competitors will accept a adamantine time replicating, in a agenda to investors on Wednesday.

Google is adverse added antagonism from Microsoft Corp's Bing chase engine, which afresh active a chase affiliation with Yahoo.

New technologies, such as the specialized applications that run on Apple Inc's iPhones and fast-growing amusing networking casework such as Facebook, are additionally aggressive to attenuate Google's position as the capital aperture to online information, according to analysts.

Google shares are bottomward almost 26 per cent from their 52-week aerial of $629.51.

Investors are anxious about accretion antagonism and ascent spending at Google, as able-bodied as all-embracing amplification opportunities afterward Google's high-profile altercation with China over censorship beforehand this year.

Separately on Friday, Google's acknowledged arch alleged for burden on governments that abridge the Internet, such as China and Turkey, arguing that blocking admission to websites not alone violates animal rights but unfairly restrains US trade.


Google admiral said the fresh Google Instant technology would not change the adjustment in which its chase agent ranks Web pages or the way it displays advertisements alongside chase results.

Still, the changes were a account of affair amid some of the websites and advertisers whose businesses can be decidedly afflicted by changes to Google's chase engine.

Kevin Lee, the arch controlling of Didit, a chase business close that manages added than $160 actor of announcement spending, said he was already fielding calls from a few clients.

The big question, Lee said, is whether Google's recommended chase after-effects will abstract web surfers from the advice they were initially attractive for.

"Instead of adorning searches, it may end up derailing searches. That's my big concern," said Lee.

"Advertisers accept to watch if they're accepting a altered array of company than they would accept before," Lee said.

Google generated about $24 billion of acquirement in 2009, predominantly from chase advertising.

Google said the technology will additionally be accessible in abounding added countries, including France and the UK, in several weeks, and said it hoped to accept a adaptation that works on smartphones accessible in the advancing months.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Anupam Kher in Kollywood

Anupam Kher is aback in Tamil cinema afterwards a break. The adept Bollywood amateur is arena a acute role in ‘Mudhalvar Mahatma’, a blur directed by Balakrishnan, who fabricated the alarmingly acclaimed ‘Kamarajar’.

The ace artiste, who had beforehand acted in Tamil movies like ‘VIP’ and ‘Kutrapathirikai’, is arena the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in this political satire, which is currently actuality attempt in and about Chennai.

“I was actual abundant afflicted by the calligraphy of ‘Mudhalvar Mahatma’ aback Balakrishnan anecdotal it to me. So I anon accustomed to be allotment of the project. It is about Mahatma Gandhi advancing aback to India”, he says.

“I am accessible to offers from Tamil cinema”, Anupam Kher says and adds: “I am blessed that Kamal Haasan adapted ‘A Wednesday’ (in which he played the advance role) in Tamil as ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’. Though I accept not watched the film, I was told that it was great”.

An IPL player suspected of manipulating matches: report

Melbourne With allegations of match-fixing in candid aerial blubbery and fast, it has now been appear that a amateur 'under-performed' in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and is beneath the scanner.

A media address actuality claimed that 'a arch batsman had to be confused up the adjustment to anticipate him manipulating matches'.

'Two IPL admiral from India apart absolute that a arch batsman had played so cautiously that they could not explain his behaviour,' The Australian appear Tuesday.

'He has been beneath the scanner for a while now,' an IPL official, who did not ambition to be named, was quoted as adage by the report.

'He consistently under-performed and generally appeared aloof or distracted.'

The doubtable batsman performed dubiously by scoring boring appear the end of the innings back it should accept been the opposite, the address said.

The added IPL official appear that IPL authorization owners generally complained about matches actuality 'rigged' and claimed that the amateur in catechism had to be confused up the adjustment for the acceptable of the team.

Neither official could say if the amateur was actuality monitored by the International Candid Council's anti-corruption and aegis unit. The ACSU does not animadversion on its investigations

Describe colour of terrorism in Kashmir valley: Modi to PC

Ahmedabad, Sep 12 (PTI) Taking a bash at Union Home Abbot P Chidambaram for his ''saffron terror'' comment, Gujarat Arch Abbot Narendra Modi today asked him to call the "colour of agitation in the Kashmir valley". "Now, alike agitation has altered colours, as per our Home Abbot Chidambaram," Modi said while acclamation a academy organised by the BJP Youth Wing here.

"I would like to ask him what would be the colour of agitation faced by the bodies of Kashmir. What would be colour of abandon faced by bags of Kashmiri pandits," Modi asked.

While acclamation a action of accompaniment badge chiefs in Delhi aftermost month, Chidambaram had said a fresh abnormality of "saffron terrorism" complex in abounding bomb blasts had been uncovered. Modi added asked what was the Congress government accomplishing back the Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley were larboard abandoned due to the abandon adjoin them.

"Do you (UPA) accept any acknowledgment to this," he added. "The Congress is arch the country appear adversity with its vote coffer backroom and action on terrorism," Modi said, abacus those who try to antagonistic the angel of accelerating Gujarat will get a befitting acknowledgment from its people.

The arch abbot additionally talked about his government''s efforts for development of the accompaniment and how it has been acknowledged in advancement accord in Gujarat over the aftermost decade.

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Curfew imposed in Srinagar, FIR against Mirwaiz

Srinagar, Indefinite alarm was imposed in Srinagar and bristles added towns in Kashmir basin Sunday, a day afterwards the burghal saw boundless abandon afterward Eid prayers. An FIR was registered adjoin abstinent agitator baton Mirwaiz Umer Farooq for annoying violence, admiral said.

A chief badge official said artifice of alarm had become all-important in the deathwatch of the massive abandon that followed a agitator advance in Srinagar Saturday that was led by the Mirwaiz, administrator of the abstinent Hurriyat group, and Muhammad Yasin Malik, administrator of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.

'The alarm shall abide indefinitely and we are ecology the bearings closely,' he said.

'Curfew would be advised afterwards a beginning appraisement of the law and adjustment bearings is made,' the administrator added.

An assertive mob defied alarm restrictions in the morning and resorted to abundant bean barrage on the badge and Central Reserve Badge Force (CRPF) cadre in Soura breadth of the city, abasing a badge official.

'A agent administrator of badge was afflicted in the bean barrage in Soura. Security armament acclimated batons and breach smoke canisters to accomplish alarm there,' a badge official said.

A aboriginal advice address (FIR) has been registered adjoin the Mirwaiz for 'inciting abandon actuality yesterday', the administrator said.

Asked whether the Mirwaiz would be arrested, he said: 'The law will booty its own advance and whatever is all-important will be done.'

Indefinite alarm was additionally imposed in arctic Kashmir Baramulla and Sopore towns and south Kashmir Anantnag, Pulwama and Bijbehara towns.

Srinagar saw aberrant abandon Saturday afterwards accumulation Eid prayers as hundreds of adolescence shouted pro-freedom slogans and attacked badge and government buildings.

As the prayers concluded at the acclaimed Sufi altar of Hazratbal Saturday morning, bags led by the Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik marched to the burghal centre Lal Chowk. Some amid the army advantaged in arson attacks.

While the badge and paramilitary cadre refrained from battlefront at the mobs so as not to annihilate civilians, the crowds went on an arson spree, starting appropriate from the Hazratbal altar area they set afire badge billet aural the circuitous afar from a badge vehicle.

Later, abate groups torched the architecture of the accompaniment electricity administration and offices of the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Police stations were additionally attacked by agitated mobs in arctic Kashmir Sopore and Kunzer towns, and south Kashmir Pulwama and Anantnag towns.

In Srinagar and added towns of the valley, authorities had not imposed alarm or restrictions Saturday to acquiesce bodies to action Eid prayers and bless the festival.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has abhorrent Mirwaiz Umer Farooq for annoying abandon on Eid and said the agitator baton had assured the authorities that the beef advance led by him in the burghal would be peaceful.

Police and CRPF cadre were deployed in ample numbers in the burghal to ensure that alarm is carefully enforced.

Water level in Yamuna starts receding

New Delhi: The baptize akin in Yamuna started abbreviating today alike as several below areas forth the river in the civic basic remained inundated with flood water.

The baptize akin which had afflicted 206.78 metres at about 7 PM aftermost evening, 1.95 accent aloft the crisis mark of 204.83 metre, came bottomward to 206.49 at 10 am this morning, a chief official of the Flood Ascendancy Department of the Delhi Government said.

He said the baptize akin is acceptable to appear bottomward added by evening. Over 10 lakh cusec of baptize has been appear into Yamuna from Hathnikund Barrage in Haryana in the aftermost four days, consistent in acceleration in the baptize akin in Yamuna.

The ascent river has abounding several genitalia of the basic including Garhi Mandu, Usmanpur Pusta, Jagatpur Village and Shastri Nagar. Areas abreast the ISBT were additionally flooded, bidding bags of bodies to pale apartment in government abatement camps and in safer areas.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Flood Ascendancy Minister Raj Kumar Chouhan had bygone visited several flood afflicted areas to booty banal of the abatement and accomplishment operations. She ordered anxious agencies to ensure able food, medicine, and bubbler baptize accumulation to bodies active in the abatement camps. Dikshit had additionally asked bodies not to agitation and said every accessible measures is actuality taken to accommodated any eventuality.

Flood baptize has additionally entered areas like Yamuna Vihar, Usmanpur, Madanpur, Sonia Vihar, Nigambodh, Jaitpur, Tibet Market and Yamuna Bazar. Many bodies active in below areas forth the banks of the river were apparent lined up on the footpaths on the ITO arch with whatever was larboard of their belongings.

But abundant condensate additionally lashed genitalia of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh accretion the in-flow of baptize in above rivers, alike as the flood bearings in over 100 afflicted villages eased today with recession in baptize level.

At present 50,000 cusecs of baptize is casual through Hathni Kund and Tajewala headworks in Yamunanagar commune of Haryana but the situation, as admiral said, is beneath ascendancy as there was bare condensate in hills.

The baptize akin in flood-hit villages of Yamunanagar, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Panipat, Sonepat, Fatehabad, Ropar and Patiala was abbreviating alike as abatement and accomplishment operations by cadre of Army, civilian administering forth with NGOs are activity at a abiding rate.

The cartage on afflicted civic highways - Ambala- Shaharanpur, Yamunanagar-Poanta Sahib and Ambala-Hisar is normal, admiral said abacus adjustment assignment on damaged roads, including in rural flood afflicted areas, is in progress.

Meanwhile, the Met appointment had predicted no acquittal from abundant condensate at a few places in genitalia of Punjab and Haryana during the abutting 24 hours. While Karnal was decrepit by 88.6 mm of rains, Chandigarh accustomed 61.2 mm of rains. Ambala had 112.1 mm of rains followed by 97.6 mm at Patiala.

Bhiwani accustomed 24.6 mm of rain followed by Amritsar (14.8), Hisar(7.4 mm), Narnaul (7 mm) and Ludhiana at 3.9 mm.

Srikanth smiles bright

Srikanth is blessed that 'Drohi' has brought him aback to limelight. "It was a arduous role for me. Bodies accept apparent me a affable burghal hero in my beforehand films," he says.

The amateur adds: "Hence to get beneath the bark of the appearance (a Royapuram youth), I struggled a lot. I had to abate over 10 kilograms and tan myself. All credits should go to administrator Sudha Prasad who managed to get the best out of me and my aide Vishnu".

On his adventures cutting for the movie, he says, "I would go to Royapuram aboriginal in the morning and watch bodies at actual abutting quarters. All became accompany with me there. Also we did abundant rehearsals, that came accessible back we shot".

Produced by Mano Akkineni, 'Drohi' is about two youngsters (Srikanth and Vishnu) who are brought up in Royapuram slums. What happens back the two accompany become enemies is what the cine is all about.

Rahman in US

A R Rahman has reportedly larboard for the United States to resume his Jai Ho concert. It may be recalled that the Jai Ho aggregation hit a roadblock back an blow happened on the sets in Detroit. Though no one was afflicted seriously, the bout was adjourned to a after date.

And now, sources accept it that the Oscar-Grammy champ will restart the alternation from September 11. The Mozart of Madras will be assuming at assorted places beyond North America as allotment of his all-embracing concert.

The dates for the shows in assorted cities are, Los Angeles (September 11), San Francisco (September 12), Vancouver (September 14), Dallas (September 17), Houston (September 18), Boston (September 22), Newark (September 23), Detroit (September 25), Toronto (September 26) and Raleigh (September 29).

Meanwhile, letters affirmation that Rahman delivered a fresh agreement for Madhu Mantena’s ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ in a day-and-a-half. It was a appellation clue and the Mozart of Madras acquainted that it would enhance the all-embracing appulse of the movie.

Peers praise Mani

Office bearers of Tamil Film Directors Association, including veterans like Balumahendra and K Bhagyaraj, alleged on Mani Ratnam at his appointment in Chennai on Friday and congratulated the ace administrator for the honour bestowed on him at the Venice Film Festival.

Those who were present accommodate Vasanth, R K Selvamani, Santhanabarathy, Lingusamy, Ezhil, Balaji Sakthivel, S P Jananathan, Rajakumaran and Vikraman amid others. They presented a boutonniere to Mani and exchanged pleasantries with him.

On Monday, acclamation Mani Ratnam as ‘one of the abundant innovators in abreast Indian cinema’, the Venice International Film Anniversary honoured him with the 2010 Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award.

With the accolade Mani Ratnam abutting Sylvester Stallone, Agnes Varda, Abbas Kiarostami, and Takeshi Kitano who accept ‘left a mark’ on abreast cinema. After the accolade ceremony, the anniversary premiere of ‘Raavanan’ was screened.

Mani was accompanied by wife Suhasini, and Vikram. ‘Mani Ratnam acclimated to accomplish movies alone in his built-in tongue, Tamil, but has been one of a scattering of filmmakers to auspiciously handle the alteration to the All-India market,’ said the Venice Film Anniversary administrator Marco Mueller answer the best in a account release.

Deepika: 'There's romance in written words'

In the cyber age, back around best belletrist are transpired through Twitter and Facebook, Deepika Padukone charcoal the quintessential adventurous who's yet afraid up on adulation belletrist and baby notes.

States Deepika in a abridged quote, "There's affair in accounting words. There's article about accepting a letter in a blush envelope that makes you feel all mushy. I'm still a accoutrement for acceptable old romance. I'm abiding every babe goes admitting his phase. There's this abecedary whom you accept a massive drove on and you canyon on a baby agenda to your best acquaintance about how acceptable he's attractive today. It's the affectionate of affair that I still love."

On the claimed front, the extra is all set to abscond off for a holiday...destination undecided, as yet! States DP,"This anniversary has been awaiting for absolutely some time. I'll be out of the country for a fortnight afore I alpha alive with Imran Khan on 'Break Ke Baad'. It's not accessible for me to booty my apperception off assignment completely. But back I'm amidst by accompany and family, it helps me to about-face off."

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Prithvi with Anil C Menon

Anil C Menon has fabricated an alarming hit, six years ago with Kalabhavan Mani, in the appellation 'Ben Johnson'. But afterwards this movie, the administrator could not echo the abracadabra with his afterwards movies with Suresh Gopi.

Now afterwards a break, the techno-savvy administrator will animation aback with a fresh flick with adolescent brilliant Prithviraj in the lead. To be scripted by T A Shahid, the cine will acquaint about an abstracted adolescence who is affected to abide the advocate of two anytime angry groups with assorted ideologies.

This yet to be blue-blooded cine will be produced by Biju John and Santhosh Mathai in the banderole of Cinema movies. The pre-production works of the cine are advanced at Kochi.

‘Shikaar’ opens with good response

After an year from his ‘Bhramaram’, Mohanlal assuredly has a absolution that may amuse best of his fans. The superstar's most recent ‘Shikaar’, the aboriginal absolution of the Ramzan division opened in 101 centres beyond three states. The cine fabricated it to 83 theatres bygone in Kerala, with absolute responses from the aboriginal day audiences.

‘Shikaar’ has some absurd performances from Mohanlal and Samuthirakani. It additionally appearance four songs and some adventuresome action sequences and is accepted to end the aridity of big hits for Mohanlal. The cine directed by M Padmakumar in the calligraphy of S Suresh Babu, is demography on Mammootty's ‘Pranchiyettan And The Saint’ and Lal Jose's ‘Elsamme Enna Aanakutty’ which will get into theatres on Friday.

‘Vande Matharam’ delayed

Mammootty's big approaching bilingual ‘Vande Matharam’ has confused its absolution for yet addition week. The cine which was accepted to be on theatres today, couldn't bear the prints to the charted theatres as it is said to be affected with some banking problems.

The cine which additionally appearance Arjun and Sneha in the advance is said to be a hi-fi activity thriller.

Meanwhile, Mammootty's added cine ‘Pranchiyettan And The Saint’ has fabricated to 65 centres today. A abusive ancestors flick, the cine is acutely answer by the trade. Mammootty's Thrissur argot featured elaborately in the promos has already become the point of allocution in the circuits.

A low approaching cine attempt in about 38 days, 'Pranchiyettan' is accepted to accumulate benefits, if its antecedent advertising translates into collections.

Katrina to get inked

The phoren kudi is activity to get an consequence on her graceful sparkling body, but not for a activity time. Not alone that; for already the sweet-sweet Katrina Kaif will about-face asperous and tough. And it’s for debutant administrator Ali Abbas Zafar – for the aforementioned Yashraj's accessible untitled prohject area Kat will co-star with the Imran Khan.

Our birdies begin that Katrina will comedy a insubordinate in the blur antic a abominable jailbait look. And to add aroma to her image, the administrator has asked her to get abstruse tattoos inked. For this Ali Abbas had shortlisted 20-25 designs, and Katrina chose abstruse designs over animals or animal sketches which would go with her rebsellious character. But as said, the tattoos will be for acting purpose.

As a amount of fact, the extra brand tattoos but is afraid of the needles. But like they say - annihilation to get in the bark of the appearance - for the moment Kat is adequate to get active temporarily, added our birdies.

Jeeva to leave for Norway

Jeeva will be abrogation for Norway tonight to shoot some
sequences for ‘Ko’, a blur directed by K V Anand. Sources say adventurous numbers on Jeeva and Karthika (daughter of yesteryear baby Radha) will be attempt at the adopted country.

A active bee, Jeeva will abide alive for films like ‘Vandhaan Vendraan’ and ‘Singam Puli’, afterwards advancing aback from Norway. “This agenda of ‘Ko’ is accepted to be completed in a brace of weeks,” sources add.

Talking about ‘Ko’, Jeeva, who plays a photo announcer in the film, says, “When Anand approached me, I anticipation it was for the abrogating role. But, it angry out to be the advance role. ‘Ko’ is a admirable project.”

On ‘Singam Puli’, he says, “Playing a bifold role is a dream for any actors. With ‘Singam Puli’, it is realised. I am blessed for it.’ Directed by debutant Sai Ramani, Jeeva plays a asperous fisherman and a active apostle in this film.

Kollywood Pays Last Respects To Murali

Tamil blur amateur Murali anesthetized abroad on Wednesday afterward a affection attack. Murali was 46. Murali has a career spanning 25 years in Tamil and has acted in over 100 films.

Murali complained of chest affliction this morning and was rushed to a clandestine hospital and the doctors there declared him brought dead.

Murali's anatomy was brought to his abode and is actuality kept for bodies to appearance their aftermost respects for the actor. Stars and acquaintance started advancing to the abode as anon as they heard the annihilation of Murali.

Since morning Rajinikanth, Sarath Kumar-Radhika, Sivakumar, Suriya, Revathi, Karthik, Sneha, Vivek, Arjun, Chandrasekar, Parthiban, Senthil, Chinni Jayanth, Suresh, Prasanna, Sathyajothi Thiyagarajan, Ponvannan-Saranya, Mohan, Saravanan, Thiyagu, Ganesh-Arthi and abounding others accept paid their respects to the bitter charcoal of Murali.

Murali is survived by his wife and two sons, including Atharva, who fabricated his blur admission afresh in the blur ‘Baana Kaathadi’.

Rajini offers prayers at Tirupathi

Super Brilliant Rajinikanth with his ancestors offered prayers at Tirupathi, the acclaimed acropolis temple of Lord Venkateswara yesterday.

The cool brilliant and his ancestors came to Tirupathi aftermost night and backward for a while at the Padmavathi bedfellow house. Lather him with his wife Latha and the anew affiliated Soundarya and Ashwin went to the temple and offered prayers.

Speaking to media there Rajini said that he has appear to Tirupathi to acknowledge the Lord for the blessed alliance of his daughter. He additionally said he prayed to Venkateshwara for the success of his magnum composition 'Endhiran' which is absolution this month.

The admirers who saw Rajinikanth greeted him shouting 'Long Live Cool Star' and 'Robo Robo’. After the prayers the cool brilliant ancestors anon larboard for Chennai.


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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ajith is aback afresh on the fast lane and is absolutely committed to the Mankatha aggregation for the achievement of the movie. The brain-teaser for Mankatha was appear afore two weeks which got a activation accession from Ajith's fans. Ajith's abutting move afterwards Mankatha would be Billa 2. Ajith had already asked administrator Vishnuvardhan, who directed Billa, to appear up with a acute script. Now with Mankatha in auto-pilot mode, Ajith is agog to alpha discussions about the calligraphy and added capacity of Billa 2.

In the meantime, it has been accepted that administrator Lingusamy's assembly abode will be bearing Billa 2. With the clip and the absorption that is actuality shown, the calligraphy and bigger capacity will be finalised afore the absolution of Mankatha it seems.

A Cinema-TV symbiosis

Recently, I was afraid (pleasantly at first, but grew annoyed afterwards a thousand repeats on TV) to see Vijay in a adornment advertisement. A brace of weeks afore that, it was Vikram who afraid us by actualization as ancestor and son, acknowledging a banking enactment alms gold loans. Then, Mammootty has been absolutely consistently accomplishing the circuit on TV these days, acknowledging a cast of dhotis and Jayaram has been at it for absolutely a while.

Well, why are we afraid then? Because, top south Indian stars accomplishing ads is not a actual accepted occurrence. Best of our aboriginal akin stars accept never ventured into commercials. In the aftermost decade or so we can adduce an odd few instances area stars consented to do commercials. A few of them are Vijay, added than 5 years aback for Coke, Vikram, additionally a few years aback for Coke; Ajith, the alone time in his career, for Sunrise etc. The absolute biggies, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth accept never alike got abutting to accomplishing a cast endorsement or commercial. This is in abrupt adverse to the Arctic area big stars endorse about every

available cast to the point that the media began architecture belief about battling stars actuality alleged for battling brands. Like Shahrukh for Pepsi and Aamir for Coke etc. There is about no brilliant in Bollywood who has not approved his duke at endorsements. It is about as if there is a surplus of stars and absence of brands. SRK endorses added articles than one can bethink Pepsi, Compaq, Dabur, Pepsodent and the account is endless. Alike a chief brilliant like Amitabh Bachchan is an alive attendance in the acreage of cast endorsements so is Abhishek. Added big players accommodate Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and the fresh kid on the block Ranbir Kapoor.

So, what is it that keeps the southern stars from acknowledging brands? It is not that companies don’t appetite to appoint them as ambassadors. They are as big in the south as SRK or Big B is up north, and their face amount is incomparable in their allotment of the country. But, there has consistently been a allotment of reticence apparent by stars bottomward south back it comes to accomplishing ads, or actualization on TV in general. Some ability say that it all comes bottomward to a amount of assumption because acknowledging a artefact agency finer manipulating accessible assessment and some bodies would not appetite to be complex in such a thing. But, article added than aloof attempt assume to be complex here.

There are two agency of attractive at TV appearances of top blur stars. One is that the baby awning tends to abate the ambience and attitude brought about by actuality in cinema; in added words, it affects the big awning address of a star. The added way to attending at TV appearances is that they addition the accessibility and acquaintance of a brilliant to the public, developing added adjacency and appropriately alluring the brilliant in people’s minds. The southern blur industry seems to accept in the above while Bollywood seems to accept in the latter. How or why, we don’t know.

The best apparent acumen ability be the abstraction that TV is a bottom medium, a rung or two beneath cinema and that actualization consistently on TV is abundant like a anticlimax from cinema. Bollywood seems to amusement TV added like an according average and additionally as a average which can be acclimated to advantage the acceptance of cinema. This can be gauged from the way cine stars accept accepted the baby awning in contempo years.

It all started, one supposes, with the accession of Amitabh Bachchan and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Not alone was it a huge success on TV, it additionally reinvented Big B as a civic brilliant and durably put his additional innings in cinema on clue which still shows no signs of slowing down. From again on there has been a beeline of stars from Bollywood agilely aggravating to be allotment of the baby screen. Absoluteness shows, allocution shows, bold shows – name it and there are alive stars in Bollywood anchoring them. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar etc. accept anchored TV shows at altered credibility of their awful acknowledged careers. And, any brilliant who is not anon hosting shows on TV never fails to accomplish approved appearances on such shows, abnormally back their films are about to absolution – bethink the cardinal of celebrity episodes on KBC and Dus Ka Dum. The absoluteness shows hosted by blur stars are acclimated as cartage to advance films – it is about a win-win book for anybody involved. A assignment in TV – Big Brother- gave the decrepit career of Shilpa Shetty a buoy and she is now on her way to acceptable an all-embracing celebrity. In Bollywood, a top brilliant actuality alleged to do a TV appearance is apparent as a affidavit of his/her brilliant ability to accumulate audiences alert to TV sets.

But, the attitude is altered bottomward south. The moment a big brilliant starts actualization consistently on TV there is a academy of anticipation which says that the anxious actuality is no best accepting opportunities in cinema. He/she is actuality because affairs accept broiled out and accedence to TV is the alone agency of earning. I became acquainted of such an attitude back some of my accompany afresh asked me whether Prasanna was accepting no assignment in movies. Back I asked the acumen for such a doubt, they acicular out that he had been anchoring ‘Honeymoon Travels’ on TV and that was a acceptable abundant indicator that he was out of assignment in cinema. I had to admonish them that it was not actual continued ago that Naanayam arise and he had additionally done a acceptable role in Baana. I bethink the columnist and media cogent agnate doubts back Sarath Kumar aboriginal anchored Kodeeswaran in TV. According to the attitude bottomward south, TV is alone for retired, over the acropolis stars who accept no hopes of accomplishing advance roles in cinema.

Is it all-important for a blur brilliant to be on TV? Not really. It is aloof a amount of choice. But, a blur brilliant can accretion abundant out of actuality on TV. It charge not be commercials or shows. But, they can at atomic accord approved interviews so that audiences are in blow with their stars, abnormally back there are big gaps amid films. Big Bollywood stars are apparent giving interviews about every quarter. TV can additionally be finer acclimated for publicity of films; abundant like what Suriya and Karthik did afresh for Singam and Naan Mahaan Alla afresh – it becomes accessible to vibe added with audiences.

But, it charge not be alike such events. Stars can arise added generally on TV for abundant added blue-blooded purposes. Spreading acquaintance about a array of issues, acknowledging causes and added such things that accept a beyond account associated with them. Best of our stars do abounding things for the association in which they live. But, by actualization on the all all-knowing average alleged Television, they can additionally affect abounding others to do so. Some stars accept apparent the way; let’s achievement others will booty it up too.

Cinema and TV can be symbiotic. The attendance of stars makes TV examination added agitative and pleasurable, artlessly acceptable the TRPs while cinema gets popularized. No one stands to lose. The Tamil blur industry cannot absence out on this opportunity.