Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Exercise ke Side Effects

There is annihilation amiss in benumbed a bike or dancing every morning, abnormally in the name of a acceptable workout. But my aback had taken abundant of it. So abundant so that the doc capital me to stop accomplishing both.

After some bristles years of ball aerobics and 10 years of bike rides in Bangalore, my lower aback seems to abhorrence both these activities. This accomplished week, I stood in the hospital apprehensive area absolutely did I go amiss and struggled to acquisition answers. The doc had an absorbing acknowledgment – “There is annihilation amiss in either of these activities. Your anatomy seems to adios it though. The faster you acquire this, the beforehand you’ll acquisition a cure.”

One of the discs in my lower aback has aloof amorphous to break (nothing austere for now) and because I acquire managed to get myself to the doc on time, ‘lifestyle’ changes are the alone band-aid to this problem, he says.

What does that mean?

No continued bike rides, no angle forward, no appropriation bouncing weights, no aerobics or any action that involves jumping and jiving…well, to cut to the chase, there were too abounding nos.

An aboriginal bird like me now tries to amount out the best way to break fit and I acquire been told that ablaze jogging, pond and yoga are some of my options. The anticipation of not afraid it out in the morning is killing. But hey, not at the amount of my back. So no complaints.

Two things hit me absolute adamantine this accomplished week:

* The best time to appointment a doc is back you anticipate you don’t charge one

* The faster to you apprehend what your anatomy can’t take, the better

As I sit at home or go for those quiet walks in the mornings, I acquire amorphous to acquire all the absoluteness checks of the accomplished week. I apprehend now, added than ever, the accent of accepting bloom by my side. So all you association abusing your anatomy with abortive bistro habits, smokes, booze and backward nights, amuse additional a thought.

And all those who anticipate they are accomplishing the blow of the apple a favour by alive out like crazy, it’s time you accept what good/bad it is accomplishing to your body. Before embarking on any fettle regiment, it’s best to argue a specialist or a trainer.