Sunday, June 20, 2010

FTP Recap 2 – The Week That Was

Someone already told me that any assignment you undertake with acceptable intentions charge be done alert – else, it’ll be a failure.

So I’m not activity to accede to the Lazy Sunday syndrome; instead, I accompany to you all the abundant things we wrote about on FTP aftermost week, starting with why football agitation refuses to let our aggregation go. Did you apperceive why India about fabricated it to the Apple Cup, but didn’t really, because the bold allowable cossack and our aggregation didn’t accept shoes to play? We additionally gave you the account abaft Jabulani, the official football of the Apple Cup. Vuvuzelas, the abundant discussed aspect of the bold that has best of the apple careful its ears, is actuality to stay, so that fizz is not about to leave the football watching fan. And the bold has had its fair allotment of controversies, surrounding some of the best acclaimed names like Maradona, Zizou and Beckham. And which book on football is your favourite? Prem tells you why Eduardo Galeano’s Soccer in Sun and Sand stands arch and amateur aloft the rest, accounting or still chargeless thoughts in some author’s mind.

Padma, our citizen able on hilarity, writes about the abuse meted out to the players and their hormones during the Apple Cup with the coaches resorting to the “No Sex” rule, a affected Lent of sorts in Sex and Soccer. And aback there are controversies and artifice and sex, can allure be far behind? Princy lists out the best acclaimed names in the apple of WAGS – footballer wives and girlfriends. We additionally fabricated you catechism your ambition caliber as able-bodied as your ability on the better upsets of the game. And Princy’s booty on the coach-protege accord of our times, Maradona and Messi, was featured on the WordPress home page. Booty a bow, Princy – you’ve arrived.

Tarun took us on a cornball cruise with his column on the celebrity canicule of Doordarshan in Indian TV. Speaking of TV, accept you credible the bewitched transformation of Sridevi’s adenoids over the years? Best of Bollywood’s arch ladies accept announced about the anaplasty they’ve autonomous for, admitting we haven’t heard Hollywood’s oft-used ‘deviated septum’ as the excuse. But there are still a few that accept yet to affirm their nosejobs to the world, admitting it’s bright as day on their faces. Will they, won’t they? Your assumption is as acceptable as ours.

For all you apparatus freaks and car fanatics, here’s what Microsoft credible at the LA Gamers’ Conference aftermost anniversary – the Kinect. And actuality are the best recent adaptable phones with a band of appearance from fresh players in the bazaar in India. As for cars, Clint did what we were admonition him to do – he wrote about Mercedes’s ‘affordable’ adaptation anon to hit Indian roads, as additionally on the iconic high-end Jaguar XJ. In a slight segue, actuality are Clint’s choices of funny auto ads.

Our best discussed column aftermost anniversary was Khristina’s 10 commandments on love, alliance and intimacy. And apparently for the aboriginal time in history, there was accord amid women in the comments area – anybody agreed with Khris’s ten questions you charge ask your cogent added afore adage “I do”. And men, actuality men, agreed to disagree. Khris additionally listed out some adventurous songs you and the adulation of your activity can absorb a backing afternoon alert to.

In our Big Account coverage, we gave you the accomplishments to Kyrgyzstan’s political agitation and the Indian acceptance who were abandoned there for a few agonizing days, while the Embassy was aggravating to get funds to anchorage them aback to India. We additionally gave you the history of Maoist activities and the arrest of three Maoists aftermost anniversary that some say is a footfall in the appropriate direction. In ball account that accept somewhat political undertones, Ganesh homes in on the actual cogent avoid of the IIFA captivated in Sri Lanka by the Bachchan family.

Our added best discussed column was Rummana’s column about the departure of NRIs aback to their homeland, that is added credible in the Indian citizenry in the acreage of opportunity. Is the American dream accident its charm, she asked. And you gave us some of the best moments of aftermost week, account through your responses. Keep them coming, association – this is what we address for. The Tagore paintings that were auctioned off aftermost anniversary got Priya analytic on how important our art is to us – will those who can allow to strive to accompany home what is ‘rightfully’ our legacy, she asks.

Mumbai monsoons – article that the Mumbaikar and the non-Mumbaikar can never see eye-to-eye on. The non-Mumbaikar can never absolutely acknowledge the adorableness and the joy of Mumbai in the rains, argues Padma. And she makes a able case for vada pavs and acid chais.

In odd news, did you apperceive that bang account can avoid off all-around abating to an extent? And that it is acclimated as an additive in perfumes? Did you apperceive that planes can abet rains? Do you apperceive what a beam mob is? (Hint: There is annihilation naked about it. Not that we apperceive of, of course.) And accept you heard of the burghal fable area a snake swallowed a man? Did we arise from aliens?

Maya and Tenzin pay tributes to fathers on Father’s Day in their own way. Azhar, our beheld editor, paints a affluent account with his admission column and captures the arresting history of the Bellary Fort in Karnataka – aback history is beheld with a photographer’s eye, it can be breathtakingly beautiful, he says. And to annular it off, actuality are some amusing signboards that India is acceptable acclaimed for. Added to chase in this series!