Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Lamhaa' offers soft, soulful music

Film: 'Lamhaa'; Music Director: Mithoon; Lyricist: Sayeed Qadri and Amitabh Varma; Singers: Chinmayi, Arun Daga, Palash Sen, Mika Singh, Kshitij Tarey, Mohd Irfan and Mithoon; Rating: *** 1/2

Music artisan Mithoon, who has created music for actual few films like 'Bas Ek Pal' and 'Anwar', has appear out with an absorbing and hummable soundtrack in 'Lamhaa', a blur on Kashmir.

Directed by Rahul Dholakia and starring Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Kunal Kapoor, the anthology boasts of six originals.

It starts with 'Madno', a soft, adorable and abatement clue that brings advanced the complete of the santoor. The adventurous song has been crooned by Kshitij Tarey and Chinmayi. With basal orchestration, admirable melody and abundant vocals, the song does accomplish an impact.

'Madno' additionally has an alternating version, 'Saajnaa', area Kshitij's allocation has been replaced by Mika Singh. Mika in a apathetic song like this does appear as a surprise, but he aloof goes on to prove his versatility as he does complete amends to the track.

Apart from a few words that accept been afflicted from 'Madno', the song charcoal the same.

Next in bandage is 'Salaam Zindagi', which has Arun Daga and Mohd Irfan abaft the mike. The song starts with accouchement singing Kashmiri curve and afresh the singers access with Hindi lyrics. Saim Bhat has accounting the Kashmiri lyrics. The adorning clue is awful accordant and acutely likeable.

After a continued time, one gets to apprehend the articulation of Palash Sen, diva of pop bandage 'Euphoria', in a Bollywood blur with 'Main kaun hoon', a beautifully abiding track. Palash does able-bodied in the song that goes from low baritone to aerial pitch. The addictive music generates interest.

Then there is 'Zameen-o-aasmaa' articulate by Kshitij Tarey. It is an boilerplate clue back compared to the added songs in the album. It is added of a situational number.

Finally there is 'Rehmat zara', area artisan Mithoon takes allegation of the vocals too forth with Mohammad Irfan. The song has influences of bedrock and Sufi music. Mithoon belts out a acceptable clue again.

On the whole, the anthology has a able-bodied mix of songs that are soulful and entertaining. Also, Mithoon has done amends to the affair of the film.