Saturday, June 19, 2010

Induce Rains With Planes

Ever apparent annihilation like this before? (Image credit:

In a fresh revelation, the US National Centermost for Atmospheric Analysis had said that beneath the appropriate conditions, commuter jets, in accurate during take-offs or landings, can ‘punch’ holes into clouds to abet rains or snowflakes, agnate to the cloud-seeding effect.

The abnormality was aboriginal noticed back Andy Heymsfield, a scientist at the US center, who was aboard a analysis alike back it accidentally punched a aperture into a cloud, west of the Denver Airport in 2007. Later, based on the accessory images and alarm readings, it was assured that this flight had absolutely induced odd-shaped snowflakes into the city. Subsequent abstracts conducted additionally showed agnate results. Take a attending at some hole-punch clouds (for continued it was affected to be the assignment of aliens)

Heymsfield goes on to say that the ideal altitude for such as occurrence, accommodate the billow band actuality at a subfreezing temperature (below -15 bulk Celsius) and accepting an up-slope of winter winds. Such altitude are added accepted in the Pacific Northwest and Western Europe.

Before this disclosure, acclimate modification abstracts accept continued existed, admitting the capability of the cloud-seeding action charcoal a affair of debate.

What is cloud-seeding?

Cloud-seeding is a adjustment of alteration the bulk of precipitation from clouds by about dispersing argent dioxide, dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), salts or added substances.

Has India anytime approved to artificially abet rain?

Yes, we have. According to this HT report, Mumbai Corporation did attack to artificially abet rain aftermost year by admixture sodium iodide over the Tansa and Modak Sagar lakes, but it didn’t assignment then.

Which countries are into cloud-seeding?

Many countries are, in accurate those from the Middle-East. The region, which not often assemblage rainfall, accept had their governments advance heavily into assorted cloud-seeding analysis programmes. As per The National report, the government programme in the UAE owns two planes accustomed acute accessories that releases a admixture of salts such as potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and baby amounts of magnesium. This ensures that the aerosol became so abundant that they abatement as rain.

Does this action accept an appulse on the environment?

Well, in this news by ABC News, the Fresh South Wales government in actuality affairs to access cloud-seeding as after-effects from such programmes over the aftermost 6 years announce snowfalls accept added by 14 per cent after adverse ecology impacts.

Is it additionally accessible to anticipate rain application the aforementioned method?

The Chinese, who are experts in the art of ‘weather modification’, had allegedly acclimated a address they had baffled to not abet but to allay clouds during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. According to this address by the LA Times, the Chinese meteorologists had been practicing their ‘rain mitigation’ techniques back 2006.

Whether one may like it or not, the world’s artificially inducing rains – a abnormality which abounding scientists accept could break baptize problems and alike abate the access of the monsoons. The government here, ability appetite to attending at this added keenly.

Also, the abutting time addition mentions that you brought the rain along, you apperceive what could accept happened