Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oprah Winfrey affected in vote-rigging scandal

Melbourne, June 27 (ANI): Oprah Winfrey, accepted for advertisement others' scandals, is now affected in a vote-rigging aspersion in her chase for the abutting abundant TV star.

The talk-show queen's website is accused of acclimation after-effects adjoin a disabled adversary in a antagonism to acquisition the abutting abundant TV star.

People are alienated for a adventitious at their own appearance on Oprah's fresh TV arrangement - and the front-runners are an African-American changeable called Dr Phyllis and a adolescent disabled man, Zach Anner.

Anner's video access is affecting and funny, and at aftermost attending had racked up an absorbing 4,942,500 votes, but that still places him additional to Phyllis, who has 5,070,848 votes.

However, voters on Winfrey's website affirmation Anner's vote absolute has been abbreviating while Phyllis's has been accretion exponentially.

They accept claimed that Anner had been arch afore Phyllis aback accrued 300,000 votes and overtook Anner in the amount of 20 minutes.

"I voted for Zach and he did not get one! WHY? I anticipate article is amiss with the voting arrangement as my vote did not get counted. WE LOVE YOU ZACH!" the Herald Sun quoted one black Anner fan as saying.

"My votes aren't assuming up either. But they do whenever I vote on anyone else's," wrote accession fan.

However, not anybody is adjoin Oprah-bashing, as one adherent wrote: "The Oprah I apperceive is such an overwhelmingly compassionate person, continuing for the benefits, broad-mindedness and altruism brought to us."

"Oprah would never let (that appear to) accession as accomplished and aggressive as Zach. In addition, she would never let the befalling canyon to accord a wheelchair-fixed being an audience," added the fan.