Monday, June 14, 2010

Aishwarya: I don't cheat

She did it, but after prompting. Aishwarya Rai will be apparent in the Hindi as able-bodied as Tamil versions of 'Raavan' that is absolution Friday, but says she didn't use any bidding for either and relied on anamnesis for her dialogues in both the languages. 'I can't booty prompting. Aboriginal of all, I don't apperceive the art of addition captivation a placard and me account it,' Aishwarya, 36, told IANS in an absolute interview. (Text : IANS)

Aishwarya plays the changeable advocate in both versions of Mani Ratnam's much-awaited cine that is blue-blooded 'Raavan' in Hindi and 'Raavanan' in Tamil. For the Hindi version, she has teamed up with southern brilliant Vikram, who plays her husband, and her absolute activity accomplice Abhishek, who is apparent as her tormentor.

Is your Tamil as acceptable as Hindi? 'No, no it was memorising and delivering. But if you accumulate it in advanced of me, I would be able to aces it up and do it again,' she said. Asked whether she could accord according activity to both the Tamil and Hindi versions of the film, Aishwarya said: 'As an amateur I accept approved giving as much, if not more, back I am alive in the Tamil adaptation because I would not appetite to be accused of aggravating to accord added to one accent than the other. Both were appropriately important to me as I accept absolutely formed on two films.'

The above adorableness queen says admitting she and Abhishek don't booty their claimed accord to the sets of a movie, their accustomed allure reflects on camera. 'We, of course, abstracted our claimed activity in advanced of the camera. But back Abhishek and me are affected together, you artlessly see the connection. Even if it was addition Hindi actor, may be you would see a added accustomed affiliation than you would see amid Vikram and me but that is not because of annihilation abroad but apparently the acquaintance of seeing bodies together.'

Talking about Vikram, she said: 'Vikram and I were beginning to anniversary other. After accomplishing 'Iruvar', a lot of films in the south were offered to me with a lot of altered actors, him included. My schedules didn't acquiesce me to do south films. I am accomplishing two films this year, 'Raavan' and 'Endhiran'.

'Vikram is chief to both Abhishek and me in agreement of experience. Having said that, what's admirable about alive with Mani is that all the actors who appear to the table are actually like acceptance who are alive for the aboriginal time. So no one got bottomward to recognise anyone's advantage or acquaintance or acquaintance or claimed accord like Abhishek and me.'

In the Tamil version, Vikram is arena the adversary Beera, while Prithviraj will be apparent as Aishwarya's cop husband. 'Mani would consistently go with the Hindi adaptation first. The adorableness of cinema or acquaintance we already accept has congenital an adeptness to aback carriage us into a alleged about beginning Tamil film.

Vikram had brought his best to the ahead after this acceptance that Abhishek has aloof done it afore him. As he is additionally arena Dev (her husband) in the Hindi version, Mani never brought these two capacity (Beera in Tamil and Dev in Hindi) at the aforementioned time, except one action arena area Vikram didn't accept to about-face amid Dev and Beera.

Prithviraj has done a actual admirable job as Dev in the Tamil version. Specially because Vikram is a Tamil-speaking amateur who has done Hindi, Prithviraj, a Malayalam-speaking actor, has done Tamil; so we accept all challenged ourselves above the barometer and absolutely formed adamantine to accomplish this film.' But she banned to acknowledgment who's more good as Beera - Abhishek or Vikram!