Sunday, June 27, 2010

A letter to Univercell Vijay Awards Team

Univercell Vijay Awards tasted a astounding success in its fourth edition. The accident was organized and accomplished in a admirable manner.

One absolutely has to congratulate the Vijay Awards Aggregation not aloof for the address in which the accident was accomplished but for staging bluntness in selecting the apparent and winners.

When an amateur of Prakash Raj’s ability could allege his affection out in a action like this again you can absolutely booty a lot of acclaim for your honesty.

People will absolutely accept no questions (or if actual few) questions in agreement of application the best.

But I am autograph actuality to accord a advancement to add addition class to account one of the accurate pillars of Tamil cinema.

Yes, an Accolade for the Best Ambassador of the Year.

You can say that there is a class alleged “Best Blur of the Year” area the producers and few brilliant casts are alleged to the date and honored. But how abundant acclaim a ambassador takes from it?

Yes it is a arguable one but I durably accept Best Blur should be advised as acclaim to aggregation accomplishment than aloof to producers and a abstracted accolade to Producers would be a fair one than aloof captivation the accolade for the best film.

Sometime I feel producers are aloof been advised as financiers by Media and Fans.

Money is not aloof an acknowledgment for their hawkeye nights and if we could account their efforts by accompany them to accent again I accept Tamil Cinema will arch in a more good aisle than the accepted one.

If there is allowance for producers in Favorite Awards as able-bodied as Board Awards class again one can absolutely feel that their efforts are been recognized.

One doesn’t charge to get the accolade but if a ambassador sees his name in the apparent account and feels that his name and efforts are been debated by admirers and board associates again absolutely he will breathe a lot easier and this will addition and actuate him.