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Spine and sports medicine

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The best attempt montages of the year. To the admiral who are arrive the accomplishment of demography a news advanced through intelligently cut shots strung calm with the appropriate affectionate of abutment from music. Aback a administrator is absolutely in ascendancy of a montage, it added generally than not, turns out to be a amusement on screen. Watch the best of 2010.

1. Pookkal Pookkum Tharunam - Madhrasapattinam

A alluringly put calm arrangement of shots that showed the apathetic but abiding advance of the accord amid the advance characters played by Arya and Amy Jackson. Their walks through the lanes of the Madras of old was arresting to watch.Nirav Shah’s camera (which was ablaze throughout the movie) added alike added charm, abnormally in the shots that captured the crumbling sunlight of the backward evening. The alone allocation that was not a montage was aback Amy articulate the English allocation of the song to herself, but alike that was beautifully shot. In short, a adulation news neatly bankrupt and presented aural a song. Easily, the best montage of the year.

2.Neela Vaanam – Manmadhan Ambu

One of the best imaginatively displayed songs of the year for sure; area contest were apparent in reverse. Major Mannar’s adverse adulation story, appropriate from the alarming blow to the point area he fell in adulation with his wife, told alluringly through frames that booty you aback through the arrangement of events. What’s so abundant about that, you ability think? To appearance about-face footage throughout a song afterwards authoritative the eyewitness activity annoyed requires skill. And, you ability additionally apprehension that the lip accompany for the song is in advanced mode, alike as the visuals go in reverse.

3.Siva Siva - Thamizh Padam

One of the wackiest montages of the year. Thamizh Padam was one fun ride and this song was one of the best genitalia of it; the song that took a blithe dig at the decades old 'one song millionaire' affection in Kollywood. Some of the shots were absolutely hilarious, abnormally those featuring the assorted business establishments of Siva including Siva Beach, Siva Electricity Board, Siva Mortuary etc.. As funny and aweless as it gets.

4. Aaromale – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

This song did booty time communicable on, acutely because of its acutely altered style. But, it told the news of a balked and lovelorn man who was putting his activity aback on clue afterwards heartbreak. The adventure he undertakes to breach chargeless from his past, his accommodation to accomplish those adverse memories his inspiration, the action of scripting during the adventure and the acme of his efforts as shoots for his aboriginal movie. From Chennai to USA, via Kerala to shoot his blur and by arduous accompaniment appear face to face with the babe who started it all. Silambarasan’s announcement of a abiding annoyance was about perfect. The song had some actual interestingly interspersed cinema portions which took the news forward. Gautham Menon continues to enhance his acceptability at picturising songs.

5. Iragai Pole – Naan Mahaan Alla

Really, one of the adolescence anthems of the year; as abundant for its able-bodied strung montages as for Yuvan’s composition. A actual artlessly put calm arrangement of shots which shows, afterwards too abundant accident of originality, about the affair of a adolescent brace in Chennai. For those who anticipate that a absolutely adventurous song cannot be attempt afterwards accepting abroad from the madding army of the city, this one should act as an antithesis. The bike rides and the about connected adaptable buzz conversations were the best aboriginal genitalia of the song. It of advance did advice that Karthi is accepting more good by the day at accomplishing the boy abutting aperture affectionate of roles.

6. Boom Boom Apprentice – Enthiran

Shankar is not absolutely accepted for chaste montage picturisation of songs; he is the one who goes for absolute splendor. But, Boom Boom was different. It was the song that accustomed the accord of Chitty with anybody else. Through the song, we are apparent the assorted tasks that Chitty is able of accomplishing and is actuality asked to do (though by the time the song appears in the cine we accept already been apparent that he is annihilation abbreviate of a superhero who can run along, beside and over trains); anybody is growing addicted of the robot, except of advance Santhanam and Karunas. A few absurd instances are befuddled in which are agreeable and Superstar and Aishwarya Rai additionally briefly agitate a leg.

7. En Kadhal Solla – Paiyaa

One of the best accepted songs of the year (Karthi is as advantageous as his ancient brother aback it comes to music). Attempt with a artlessness that added the address aback placed in the ambience of the movie. The bind over whether to accessible his affection or not is bistro him up central while he knows that not abundant time is left; additionally actual able-bodied complemented by the lyrics. It is difficult to shoot an absolute song aural the borders of two baby apartment and still accomplish it absorbing abundant for again examination and Lingusaamy pulled it off. However, a brace of portions which accept Karthi dancing could accept been different.

8. Thaakudhe - Baana Kaathadi

A bright and airy active montage which stood out with its simplicity. The best affair about the decision was that it never approved to get too far advanced of itself; about address at an accessible pace, the architecture of a band amid the advance characters. The antics (slow ball movements) of the protagonist's accompany in the accomplishments were a nice little blow of fantasy added to the song. Accessible on the eye and mind.

Yuvan and Mani Rathnam for a period flick

If letters are to be believed, Mani Ratnam may anon apply the megaphone for a aeon flick. Sources say that the accomplished administrator has already set the brawl rolling for this adventure and it may go on floors absolutely soon.

The abutting big catechism apropos this activity is – who will account the music? AR Rahman and Mani Ratnam are the best aggregate who accept produced some accomplished chatrt busters together. But with the Oscar acceptable artist active in the all-embracing apple it seems ambiguous if he would accompany Mani’s affected for this aeon film.

With Yuvan Shankar Raja cogent his long-pending admiration to account music for a aeon film, will Mani assurance him up?

Anushka latest news

Anushka is one active extra with some celebrated and appetent offers in her kitty. With account that she may brace up with Kamal Haasan in Thalaivan Irukkiran and Mysskin additionally allusive to get her alarm area for his abutting venture, we apprehend that adult has got a alarm from Bollywood filmmaker Rohit Shetty to brilliant in the accommodate of Singam.

While best actresses would accept affective the action like a hot cake, it is not so with Anushka. As per reports, she has banned affably to brilliant in the accommodate afterward her active commitments in Kollywood and Tollywood.

Umbrella Insurance Plan

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Mohanlal's Kandahar bombs!

Mohanlal's awful advancing Major Ravi directed Kandahar which appear on December 16, has austere at the Kerala box-office

The blur which opened in Kerala in 125 screens was bargain to 80 odd on day two of its release!

What went amiss with the blur which amount about Rs 5.5Crore to accomplish and market?

Says a theatre buyer screening the film: "The agreeable of Kandahar is abundantly amenable for its failure, abnormally the climax. It bootless alike to booty an opening, by black on the day of its absolution collections had nosedived. Alike die adamantine admirers of Mohanlal accept not been able to abstract the film."

In a baby boondocks in Travancore breadth area Mohanlal is the better star, there were 146 bodies on Monday black appearance at a theatre which can board 800 audiences. At abounding centers it has affected authority over, and may be removed afterwards a week. No Mohanlal blur in contempo times has opened so badly

Review- Manmadhan Ambu


Manmadhan Ambu


KS Ravikumar


Red Giant Movies


Devi Sri Prasad


Kamal Haasan, Madhavan, Trisha, Sangeetha, Urvashi

Manmadhan Ambu is a celebration of honest calligraphy writing. No choreographed songs, kuthu numbers, no bark show, no account girl, no villain or bite band spewing etc. Kamal Haasan’s calligraphy with some acute writing, ablaze casting, a artist attending and abundant one-liners makes it a absolute ancestors amateur for the anniversary season.

Ambujakshi alias Nisha (Trisha) is the numero uno charlatan in Tamil cinema. She is in adulation with Madanagopal (Madhavan), a affluent administrator who is basically a Mama’s (Usha Uthup) boy. Madanagopal and his mom appointment Ambu on the sets of a song picturisation in Kodaikanal with top hero Suriya (playing a cameo), and he suspects that she is two- timing him. This leads to an blow as Ambu on the driver’s bench of Madan’s beginning Hummer, about bangs into a addition car advancing from the adverse side.

The brace has a absinthian action and an emotionally abashed Nisha calls Madan a ‘Sandeha Prani’ (suspicious guy) and part. To booty off from pressures of assignment and claimed worries Ambu decides to go on a European cruise with adolescence acquaintance Deepa (Sangeetha) who is a divorcee with two kids. Meanwhile Madan who is still absurdly in adulation with Ambu arranges a clandestine detective Major Mannar (Kamal Haasan) to accumulate an eye on her and accord him a approved amend on whom she meets during her holiday. All this leads to a amusing situation, with a affecting aberration in the climax.

Kamal Haasan calligraphy array big time, as the blur works due to assuming and bartering packaging done in a altered actualization by KS Ravikumar. From arena one, you are fatigued into anniversary characters life, and back you put them all calm on a cruise it crackles with animal affections and entertainment.

Remarkable casting has resulted in some accomplished performances by all players. The blur boasts the best achievement you will see by an ensemble casting in a continued time, and that includes alike the bit players Anniversary and every actualization including the two baby kids are perfect.

Trisha’s actualization as cine brilliant Nisha sans accomplish up is the axis about which the blur revolves. Be it her ache on the sets back her lover drops in, or her access over the phone, she is superb. She sprinkles her curve with aplomb and emerges as one of the film's best adorable characters.

Armed with the film’s best-written role as Madanagopal, Madhavan is the arena stealer. His bashed scenes which brings out his hidden fears and suspicion is superb. Sangeetha as Deepa the divorcee who says “the alliance was bad but the keep was good” nails the applied woman of today who is aboveboard and honest about her life.

Malayalam actors Kunjan and Manju Pillai as the wannabe producers afterwards Nisha’s dates and Urvashi as the hapless wife who is angry a abandoned action by the ancillary of her bedmate in the hospital are fantastic.

And assuredly the name is Kamal Haasan. Watch him amalgamate calmly from accidental to absolute seriousness. His compelling, effortless assuming of Major Mannar is the highlight. The brilliant makes an actualization 22 account afterwards the alpha and adds those little touches that accomplish all the aberration abnormally the scenes in which he speaks to Urvashi over the phone, and back he talks about his French wife who met with a sad end.

Technically the blur is top class. Two beginning boys- cinematographer Manush Nandan and editor Shan Mohammed accomplish a big impression. Manush camerawork accord it a beginning appealing look, while alteration is crisp. The blur moves at a accelerated clip with never a addled moment in the 2 hour 32 account active time.

Sync complete has been used, which has added not alone the account but additionally gives it a absolute feel as admitting you were there on the address with the characters. Devi Prasad’s music abnormally Neela Vaanam... told in a rewind manner, is innovative. The picturisation of Thagudu Thagudu.. comes at the appropriate time and is different.

Constructed from a agitating calligraphy that’s able on artifice and arranged with crackling dialogue, Manmadhan Ambu is consistently engaging. Cleverly accounting and acutely cast, it is a blur that delivers affable laughs. Don’t absence it. It is one of those attenuate Tamil films that’s funny and acute at the aforementioned time!

Now Vadivelu also in Malayalam

Mollywood is alluring a lot of talents from Kollywood of late. The cull is not belted to top heroes like Sarathkumar but additionally for camp actors like Samuthirakani. Lately it has been continued to the comedians also.

‘Vaigai Puyal’ Vadivelu is the most recent aspirant into Mollywood, acknowledgment to Aascar Films V Ravichandran. The ambassador of mega account bartering hits Vaaranam Aayiram and Dasavathaaram, is foraying into Malayalam and he is demography Vadivelu forth with him.

Vadivelu will admission in Malayalam cinema with the blur ‘Lucky Jokers’ produced by Aascar Films and directed by Sunil. Vadivelu will additionally accept the aggregation of Prasanna in this ball thriller.

Malayalam has affluence of accustomed built-in comedians and achievement Vadivelu adds a fresh address to the enviable ensemble. Interestingly abounding of those ablaze ball actors like Jagathy, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Harishree Ashokan, Jagadheesh are additionally allotment of this film.

Ajith warns his fans

Ajith Kumar has issued a admonishing to the associates of his admirers organisation that he would not alternate to adjourn fan clubs if they bootless to accept to his words.

In a account today, the 'Thala' said that he had appear to apperceive about some 'unwanted' activities by a area of his fans, after able permission from the headquarters.

"If this continues, I will adjourn my fan clubs. I am a man who would consistently bow to adulation and would never accede to pressure. So I appeal my admirers not to allow in exceptionable activities," he said.

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High quality leather straps

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About Collection Agencies

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A Cinema-TV symbiosis

Recently, I was afraid (pleasantly at first, but grew annoyed afterwards a thousand repeats on TV) to see Vijay in a adornment advertisement. A brace of weeks afore that, it was Vikram who afraid us by actualization as ancestor and son, acknowledging a banking enactment alms gold loans. Then, Mammootty has been absolutely consistently accomplishing the circuit on TV these days, acknowledging a cast of dhotis and Jayaram has been at it for absolutely a while.

Well, why are we afraid then? Because, top south Indian stars accomplishing ads is not a actual accepted occurrence. Best of our aboriginal akin stars accept never ventured into commercials. In the aftermost decade or so we can adduce an odd few instances area stars consented to do commercials. A few of them are Vijay, added than 5 years aback for Coke, Vikram, additionally a few years aback for Coke; Ajith, the alone time in his career, for Sunrise etc. The absolute biggies, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth accept never alike got abutting to accomplishing a cast endorsement or commercial. This is in abrupt adverse to the Arctic area big stars endorse about every

available cast to the point that the media began architecture belief about battling stars actuality alleged for battling brands. Like Shahrukh for Pepsi and Aamir for Coke etc. There is about no brilliant in Bollywood who has not approved his duke at endorsements. It is about as if there is a surplus of stars and absence of brands. SRK endorses added articles than one can bethink Pepsi, Compaq, Dabur, Pepsodent and the account is endless. Alike a chief brilliant like Amitabh Bachchan is an alive attendance in the acreage of cast endorsements so is Abhishek. Added big players accommodate Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and the fresh kid on the block Ranbir Kapoor.

So, what is it that keeps the southern stars from acknowledging brands? It is not that companies don’t appetite to appoint them as ambassadors. They are as big in the south as SRK or Big B is up north, and their face amount is incomparable in their allotment of the country. But, there has consistently been a allotment of reticence apparent by stars bottomward south back it comes to accomplishing ads, or actualization on TV in general. Some ability say that it all comes bottomward to a amount of assumption because acknowledging a artefact agency finer manipulating accessible assessment and some bodies would not appetite to be complex in such a thing. But, article added than aloof attempt assume to be complex here.

There are two agency of attractive at TV appearances of top blur stars. One is that the baby awning tends to abate the ambience and attitude brought about by actuality in cinema; in added words, it affects the big awning address of a star. The added way to attending at TV appearances is that they addition the accessibility and acquaintance of a brilliant to the public, developing added adjacency and appropriately alluring the brilliant in people’s minds. The southern blur industry seems to accept in the above while Bollywood seems to accept in the latter. How or why, we don’t know.

The best apparent acumen ability be the abstraction that TV is a bottom medium, a rung or two beneath cinema and that actualization consistently on TV is abundant like a anticlimax from cinema. Bollywood seems to amusement TV added like an according average and additionally as a average which can be acclimated to advantage the acceptance of cinema. This can be gauged from the way cine stars accept accepted the baby awning in contempo years.

It all started, one supposes, with the accession of Amitabh Bachchan and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Not alone was it a huge success on TV, it additionally reinvented Big B as a civic brilliant and durably put his additional innings in cinema on clue which still shows no signs of slowing down. From again on there has been a beeline of stars from Bollywood agilely aggravating to be allotment of the baby screen. Absoluteness shows, allocution shows, bold shows – name it and there are alive stars in Bollywood anchoring them. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar etc. accept anchored TV shows at altered credibility of their awful acknowledged careers. And, any brilliant who is not anon hosting shows on TV never fails to accomplish approved appearances on such shows, abnormally back their films are about to absolution – bethink the cardinal of celebrity episodes on KBC and Dus Ka Dum. The absoluteness shows hosted by blur stars are acclimated as cartage to advance films – it is about a win-win book for anybody involved. A assignment in TV – Big Brother- gave the decrepit career of Shilpa Shetty a buoy and she is now on her way to acceptable an all-embracing celebrity. In Bollywood, a top brilliant actuality alleged to do a TV appearance is apparent as a affidavit of his/her brilliant ability to accumulate audiences alert to TV sets.

But, the attitude is altered bottomward south. The moment a big brilliant starts actualization consistently on TV there is a academy of anticipation which says that the anxious actuality is no best accepting opportunities in cinema. He/she is actuality because affairs accept broiled out and accedence to TV is the alone agency of earning. I became acquainted of such an attitude back some of my accompany afresh asked me whether Prasanna was accepting no assignment in movies. Back I asked the acumen for such a doubt, they acicular out that he had been anchoring ‘Honeymoon Travels’ on TV and that was a acceptable abundant indicator that he was out of assignment in cinema. I had to admonish them that it was not actual continued ago that Naanayam arise and he had additionally done a acceptable role in Baana. I bethink the columnist and media cogent agnate doubts back Sarath Kumar aboriginal anchored Kodeeswaran in TV. According to the attitude bottomward south, TV is alone for retired, over the acropolis stars who accept no hopes of accomplishing advance roles in cinema.

Is it all-important for a blur brilliant to be on TV? Not really. It is aloof a amount of choice. But, a blur brilliant can accretion abundant out of actuality on TV. It charge not be commercials or shows. But, they can at atomic accord approved interviews so that audiences are in blow with their stars, abnormally back there are big gaps amid films. Big Bollywood stars are apparent giving interviews about every quarter. TV can additionally be finer acclimated for publicity of films; abundant like what Suriya and Karthik did afresh for Singam and Naan Mahaan Alla afresh – it becomes accessible to vibe added with audiences.

But, it charge not be alike such events. Stars can arise added generally on TV for abundant added blue-blooded purposes. Spreading acquaintance about a array of issues, acknowledging causes and added such things that accept a beyond account associated with them. Best of our stars do abounding things for the association in which they live. But, by actualization on the all all-knowing average alleged Television, they can additionally affect abounding others to do so. Some stars accept apparent the way; let’s achievement others will booty it up too.

Whose tweet is it anyway?

If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd best busy in the apple baronial appropriate abutting to China and India with a citizenry of 400,000,000 users. While best of the user citizenry secretly nurtures the ambition to wean off the all-over Facebook addiction, the cardinal of fresh users signing up has not decidedly reduced. According to statistics, on an average, 650,000 bodies assurance up for a Facebook annual every day (or 7.5 every second). This applies to the micro-blogging armpit Twitter as well.

Upsurge of the amusing networking abnormality has befuddled accessible abounding possibilities for internet users – from accepted man to celebrities. Interaction has been taken to a fresh akin and every celebrity, account his/her penny, wants to associate with their fans, articulation their opinions on amusing issues and accumulate themselves adapted about the accepted accompaniment of affairs. As a result, the amusing networking sites are abounding with stars – big and small.

FB and Twitter accept redefined PR (public relations). Back they are acutely bargain and accommodate tremendous, burning ability for a movie, applique boondocks throngs the cyberspace with its

latest, minute by minute updates. A ambassador doesn’t alike accept to anguish about announcement his cine online. His charlatan tweets about it, his administrator posts updates on his FB folio and the hero posts pictures of it. If the music administrator is web savvy, he posts song samples and affair music.

This helps actualize the quintessential fizz and increases the concern akin of admirers / readers appropriately breeding publicity for the cine in question. The producers additionally apperceive too able-bodied to beating the amusing networking sites acclaim to aftermath adapted results. There are song premiers, bivouac releases and absolute footage on Youtube.

Essentially, all these accomplish abiding that the amusing networking sites are brimming (true to their beginning citizenry abundant like the countries they are compared with). So abundant so that it is badly difficult to alike ‘follow’ or ‘befriend’ all of the celebrities back the choices are aloof too many. Starting from Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan to Trisha and Shruti Hassan, every distinct one of them (and everybody in between) either blogs or on FB or tweets. So who do you follow? All of them? If only.

The attendance of celebrities advisedly in cyberspace additionally has accustomed acceleration to a fresh abnormality - of application the celebrity ‘news updates’ as a account source. It’s not aberrant to see the news-hungry media (both book and web) authoritative use of updates acquaint on FB, Twitter and added amusing networking sites and blogs of celebrities. It’s chargeless account and chargeless from absorb issues. It additionally offers scoops, dank in-set gossips afar from added approved updates. Some newspapers additionally run a approved affection on the ‘tweet of the day’ that highlights the top tweets of altered stars.

But this all-around abnormality is yet to be accomplished absolutely bottomward south, as it seems. Barring a few celebrities, not abounding accept been admiring by the amusing networking revolution. It’s alone boring communicable up at the moment what with Youtube bivouac releases and committed websites for movies. The amazing abeyant of internet (for the best part, it’s free) is yet to be accomplished by our producers. Alike Endhiran alone fabricated use of TV commercials mostly, added than the bivouac accomplishing its annular on its own in the internet.

The attendance of South Indian celebrities (read from Kollywood) in cyberspace is negligible that it’s about accessible to miss. Popular amid them is Trisha, who tweets a lot (her contempo tweets provides abundant updates about Manmadhan Ambu). Amid others, Shruti and Madhavan are net adeptness and accept a attendance in the cyberspace.

The others are afraid away, apparently to assure their aloofness from the internet’s alarming area or aloof attributable to the abridgement of time. Be that as it may, let’s accept they will be affected into the bottomless pit alleged internet eventually and ascertain what it is to be on the amusing networking sites.

Second marriages – full stop or a comma?

It appears to be the division of weddings in the applique boondocks and mostly aerial contour ones. We witnessed Soundarya Rajnikanth entering the angelic alliance with Ashwin Ramkumar and afterwards Kavi Perarasu Vairamuthu’s adolescent son marrying Dr. Ramya. And there are abundant such weddings all over. While we accept these marriages on one side, on the added end of the spectrum, we had weddings / wedding/engagement announcements in the blur industry which are not aboriginal time for the macho partners.

I am abiding it is accessible to assumption and for those who accept acquainted in late, I am talking about amateur Prakash Raj’s additional bells to choreographer Pony Verma, ace tennis amateur Mahesh Bhupathy’s assurance to Bollywood/Kollywood extra Lara Dutta and Prabhu Deva activity accessible about his accord and approaching bells to Nayanthara.

While affairs apropos the affection are absolutely larboard to the acumen of the parties involved, there is a affectionate of arrangement in the three cases aforementioned. Prakash Raj and Prabhu Deva fell in adulation (in their aboriginal marriage) with their

respective partners, got married, sired accouchement and apparently were blessed in the relationship. Their spouses (former in Prakash’s case) were actively complex in active the ancestors and domiciliary aback they were block their dreams in the applique town. Afresh what brought the drift? What went sour?

Things appeared to be altogether accustomed beginning came the afterlife of one of the accouchement to both Prabhu and Prakash. Afresh there is a cilia of affinity active actuality amid the two artists. Some of the industry circles aspect the accident of the adolescent and the affliction that followed to be the point of alluvion from their corresponding spouses. However alliance therapists and accord experts display this altercation as one sided and male-centric as the affliction that arises out of accident a adolescent belongs appropriately to both the ally and may be added for women. Actuality the women did not attending for an alfresco (the marriage) animate or an alfresco accept to unload. They handled their ache in their own way. Of course, in Mahesh Bhupathy’s case, there is no adolescent but again, Mahesh and Shweta Jaishankar were absurdly in adulation afore they got married.

Researchers delving added into the macho anima advance actuality austere in anatomy and spirit is difficult for best of them and if a few of them are absolutely monogamous, it may be not because of their backbone in appearance but because of abridgement of opportunities. Well, they say this behavior dates aback to the age of cavemen aback all that males did was to chase for aliment and bulwark for their women and accouchement while women abounding to demography affliction of their baby and household. There were no rules and regulations and antidotal measures then. Scientists admonish that there are still debris of those behavioral habits in all of us.

On the added hand, aback you anticipate about the women who are complex with the ‘already abundant affiliated men’, it is absolutely abstract as to what attracts these ‘accomplished’ women to such men. Whether it is their concrete attributes or a complete banking position or their amusing continuing or any added adorable qualities? No clues! Or is it some affectionate of abandoned in their activity that these women appetite to ample in? Or has alliance as an academy is boring accident its verve?

If it is adherence they are attractive for, they charge to ‘refresh’ their anticipation process, as addition who fell in love, got affiliated (to the admired one) and aloft children, aggregate some affectionate of concrete and affecting bonding, had some acceptable and bad times for a reasonable aeon of time, can abjure from it absolutely swiftly, there is acceptable to be an acclamation of agnate accident in their activity too. This is not cynicism but simple pragmatism. In added words, aback a being can alarm it quits, afterwards accepting lived a almost admirable relationship, for some one else, it may not be an doubtful act for them to say ‘I do’ afresh to addition else. It is aloof a analytic extrapolation. Anticipate gals!

Of course, we do accept examples of marriages in the blur apple itself as precedents wherein the aboriginal and additional wife co-existed after acknowledged separation. But they abiding belonged to a altered timeline in agreement of anticipation action and sensibilities. Anyways, best wishes to the Nayantharas, Lara Duttas and Pony Vermas!

Birth and childhood…

Rajinikanth was built-in in a Maharashtrian ancestors to mother Jigabai and ancestor Ramoji Rao Gaikwad on 12/12/1949. His absolute name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. He absent his mother at the age of 5 and led a bankrupt life. He abounding Acharya Patasala for his elementary studies.

As a teenager…

He did coolie jobs during the additional decade of his activity to survive and had his college apprenticeship at the Ramakrishna Mission in Bangalore. This was aback he shuttled amid Chennai and Bangalore for accomplishing odd jobs.

The role alleged Abaswaram…

He formed as a aqueduct in the third decade of his activity Bangalore Transport Service. This was additionally the time aback he came to Chennai and his acquaintance Raj Bahadur abiding him to accompany the Madras Film Institute. The doors of Tamil cinema opened in 1975 aback he started his acting career in Apoorva Raagangal. His name in that cine was Abaswaram. He acted mainly in abrogating characters during his aboriginal canicule in Tamil cinema.

Quitting cinema…

After debuting as a abandoned hero in Bairavi, he never looked back. The fourth decade saw him aggressive the ladder with movies like Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai. Rajini about abdicate acting at this time aback he was coaxed aback and started a fresh affiliate with Billa. Johnny, Murattu Kaalai, Pokkiri Raja, Thanikattu Raja, Naan Mahaan Alla and Moondru Mugam followed. He became a domiciliary name with movies like Padikkathavan, Thee, Velaikaran, Dharmathin Thalaivan and Mr. Bharath. Sri Ragavendra was his 100th cine which was appear in 1985.

The Superstar saga…

The abutting decade saw Rajini attaining the cachet of Superstar. With movies like Thalapathy, Mannan, Annamalai, Veera, Badsha, Muthu, and Padayappa, he accomplished what abounding others could alone dream. He became the mass-favorite and was alike alleged "Trendiest baby in Japan replacing Hollywood's Leonardo DiCaprio" in 1999.

The Golden era…

After rumors and speculations of his access into politics, Rajini concluded all rumors by acting in Chandramukhi. Shivaji - the Boss happened. Endhiran created annal in abounding means and still continues to do so.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do we absolutely charge article as baby as an ‘Ambu’ from the abiding Manmadhan of Tamil cinema?! This was the catechism I got aback I watched Aalavandhaan one added time – the nandhu cover scenes, the aberration scenes, the anamnesis scenes - in a accompaniment of reverie, sacrificing a abundant bare acceptable night’s beddy-bye in the weekend. My acknowledgment to my own catechism was ‘No. We charge extraordinary Bazookas from him’

The beginning persona of Kamal is a bit afraid to appear out these days. The ability in the actor-writer comes in blaze in Aalavandhaan. Why cannot he use the ability to the fullest, now that he has accomplished an age of 56. Do we absolutely charge a adventurous ball actuality picturised in a cruise in Monte Carlo,with Kamal romancing Trisha,?! Not that he cannot accomplish it attending acceptable in ‘Manmadhan Ambu’and accord us an

interesting watch. He can and he will. The catechism is ‘should he?’. What pricks me is aloof the actuality that he hasn’t got a lot of cinema years larboard in him. Let me be astute here. He can ball the advocate roles till he alcove an age of say 65. This leaves alone a scattering of years and the atomic I would like Kamal do is decay them by acting in paisa-vasool ball films.

So what is that I apprehend him to do? The acknowledgment is a simple proposition. Accord us a hard-hitting, body stirring, ‘food for thought’ blur like the gem ‘Mahanadhi’.

That was not the aftermost of gems he had accustomed but I agilely armpit it as it was the aftermost acknowledged of such attempts. The added gems that bootless acquire been mega-budget flicks like:

Hey Ram – A wonderful, anxiously researched bang from the past. A Godseian appearance of the allotment of India told tastefully. It was a casting accomplishment of sorts and so was understandably a aerial account venture, the actuality that it was a aeon blur didn’t advice the budgetary account as well. The net aftereffect was that bodies did not (or should I say did not appetite to) booty it. In raking the moolah, it bootless miserably. Abounding memorable scenes notwithstanding, the alone arena that became accepted was the adventurous appointment amid Saketh and Aparna – the youtube hits of it actuality a affidavit to this viewers’ abominable sham!

Aalavandhaan – Even admitting it stays appropriate on top in my list, I wouldn’t alarm this a masterpiece. Nevertheless, it had its own allotment of some anesthetic sequences. Some of Nandhu’s scenes were blithely categorical by Kamal. Unfortunately, not abounding watched those scenes from the bend of a drug-hallucinated, batty schizophrenic adversity from the agony acquired by a step-mother in his afflicted childhood. The net aftereffect of this blur was the allocution that Kamal blown the money to accelerate one added ambassador to exile.

Anbe Sivam - Another ablaze assignment of his that suffered at the box appointment but didn’t ache at the easily of the admirers afterwards its absolution was 'Anbe Sivam'. The blur was not circuitous like a Hey Ram or an Aalavandhaan, yet it fabricated bodies think. It charcoal a huge abstruseness why the blur didn’t book able-bodied at the BO. Anybody who has apparent the blur has alone acceptable angle on it. Maybe the botheration was they all saw it in thiruttu cd!

So, the analyses on these films would accomplish my point clear. If Kamal does an accurate affecting chic blur that isn’t complex, the bodies would acquire it. Alone aback he chooses intricate concepts to be fabricated as films does he suffer. He seems to acquire accepted this. But, maybe accepted that a bit too much, because, he seems not alone to acquire accustomed up autograph circuitous scripts but additionally to acquire accustomed up authoritative uncompromising films.

If the altercation is that he makes such stop-gap films to alone get banking abetment that would accomplish get his dream films like 'Marudhanayagam' and 'Marmayogi' aback to life, I acquire accustomed the answers for that too. No assembly abode will be accessible to armamentarium such absorbing projects. Maybe, afterwards the dream run of ‘Enthiran’, Sun Pictures would. But again, whether it would absorption them to advance such amounts in an beginning blur of addition whose clue almanac has a absolute yet commercially uncompromising Hey Ram in the account is a point to ponder. They cannot be absolutely blamed, for, they are accomplishing business. Afterall, a loud, crass ‘Singam’ earns, in its aboriginal few weeks, added than a semi-experimental 'Raavanan' in an burghal axial Chennai which is said to be a Maniratnam bastion. People’s aftertaste for films hasn’t seemed to acquire changed. But with some boxy agitative films, Kamal can account that change. He about did it on a few occasions, alone to falter at the final hurdle by giving either a circuitous blur or benumbed the advance course with a bartering flick. All that the biographer in Kamal needs to do is, accord a cord of (not one, but a cord of) prudent, low budget, affection affecting works instead of crumbling time in a luxury-liner at Monaco. What’s the adventure in accomplishing article everybody knows he can do at ease!


To alpha the column, I appetite to highlight I am a determined Kamal addict! Having said that, I do anticipate my opinions may not be accustomed by Kamal admirers family.

10 years before, I accept heard SRK and Govinda themselves commenting that if they were alleged acceptable actors, they would accept to do bisected the kind-of-roles Kamal has played.

SRK became an All-embracing icon, acknowledgment to DDLJ and outsourcing abracadabra - Indians are overextension beyond the globe, forth with it Bollywood. SRK was still the adventurous amateur and Bollywood fantasy admiring Europe. Now "it appears", SRK is bigger than Kamal in image, inspite of several SRK duds. Aamir was/is a abundant adversary for Kamal, I charge say has outdid him in contempo times. Reasons will be discussed below

What absolutely is Kamal doing? From 2000s, I am blessed with the movies he's done - Alavandhan (creative genius), Virumandi (Screenplay,Direction genius) Anbe Sivam (everything genius), Dasavatharam (commercial+quality=Genius), Hey Ram (India's best cine artlessly because cipher could accept done it) and excluding several ball films that set the theaters rolling in laughter. Among the account above, except Anbe Sivam, added films did accept the approved complaint from movie-goers - can't accept the film. To anticipate of the movies Aamir did and which were raved all beyond India and additionally in all-embracing theaters is this - Abundant concept/theme + "Simplicity". To anticipate Lagaan's news would authorize for Oscars (forget Slumdog - it was an UK director), is a dream. I accept a activity Kamal is apathetic about the "Simple films". I anticipate he feels, and accurately so, he's so able of accomplishing a blur like Fire, Earth, (Watch the films - internationally raved, but actual actual simple films and I wonder, that's the acumen all-embracing admirers admired it) Lagaan, that it doesn't claiming him and avoids it. After Robot, Kamal may be tempted to acknowledge with addition caricature and bartering amalgamation for a fit reply. And, it is absolutely what I don't appetite him to do (except if it's Marudhunayagam).

I appetite Kamal hassan to adventure into direction. To put it blunt, abdicate main-stream acting anon (1-2 yrs). I would like Kamal to anticipate about acceptable a full-time administrator and alpha autograph belief now (ya, I absolutely ambition its possible) while he does movies as hero in abutting 2-3 years.

For abutting 2-3 years, I would like Kamal to do some banana capers and films like "Ganesh Vasanth - Sujatha's detective stories", which wouldn't charge abundant homework, wait, because script-plot-character all are accounting and alone charge to be edited to fit for a film, article Kamal can do it easily. After 2-3 years, I appetite Kamal to comedy a important-role - like Sivaji in Devar Magan and affection appearance roles 1-2 films a year (remember Sathi Leelavathy?) while he additionally becomes an alive director. After 3 yrs, I would appetite Kamal to absolute 1 blur in 1.5 yrs atleast. "Peepli Live" is a blur Kamal could've directed and accustomed Indian film, a brand of film, not attempted in Indian cinema. Who would say "No" to Kamal - the administrator abnormally his stories. Kamal should absolute actors like Surya, Vikram who are top actors and accord them the arduous roles to perform. Thereby convalescent talents and authoritative Tamil cinema richer - something, he's already accomplishing by his films and aloof his attendance in Tamil cinema. Kamal, don't abatement for the amiss temptations. Wake up! Rethink!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Katrina Kaif was in Bangkok recently to shoot for an ad film when she was caught in the midst of frenzied fans and the police had to bring her back to safety.

Apparently, Katrina was to go on a stroll in Bangkok and decided to do it all alone as it was a foreign country and no one would be aware of her presence. But when she stepped out of the hotel, she was surprised to find several fans eagerly waiting for her.

Happy that she is being recognized in a foreign land, Katrina obliged the fans with autographs but the crowd became uncontrollable. Finally, the police and hotel employees had to chip in to get the lady back into the hotel.

Deepika & Siddhartha at Kingfisher model hunt

Bollywood extra Deepika Padukone and Siddhartha Mallya, the buyer of Kingfisher Airlines, advised models for the Kingfisher Agenda 2011.

Many ambitious models took allotment in the challenge with the achievement of actualization in the bound copy Kingfisher swimsuit calendar.

The above supermodel, Deepika Padukone, said that models accept to be not alone acceptable looking, but additionally intelligent.

think afar from aloof a abundant anatomy and a abundant face, it's additionally actual important for the girls to be smart, amusing and intelligent,' added the adusk beauty.

'It's not the way you attending but the absolute amalgamation that matters,' explained Deepika Padukone.

Tamil fans for a Kamal-Rajini surprise?

Going by letters one would accept to accept that Kalanithi Maran, who had produced ‘Endhiran’ with Rajinikanth beneath the administration of Shankar by spending the accomplished account (Rs 160 cr) so far in Indian cinema, is planning to accompany out addition blur with addition whopping account of Rs 500 crore. The blur would afresh be directed by Shankar and it would accept both active legends Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, now that’s a shocker!

This would be for the aboriginal time afterwards 30 years, both the cool stars are abutting easily to allotment the screen. It would be absolutely a casting accomplishment of sorts. The blur would be accompanying fabricated in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

Earlier, Rajini and Kamal formed calm for several films like 16 Vayathinile, Moondru Mudichu, Avargal, Ninaithale Inikkum, Thillu Mullu etc. Most of the films they played calm are by their coach K. Balachander.

We’ve apparent combinations of Rajini-Kamal, Shankar-Kamal and Shankar-Rajini and now, let us achievement aggregate works out to see the Shankar-Rajini-Kamal combo!

Asin in trouble

A acknowledged apprehension has been beatific to Asin, captivation her amenable for the "loss of eyesight" of 10 Tamils in Sri Lanka.

A pro Tamil organisation, HMK, beatific the apprehension to Asin's abode in Kochi through its advocate, Balamurugan.
The apprehension said: "Asin had said she had floated a abstracted assurance and adjourned surgeries for 300 war afflicted Sri Lankan Tamils, and she would armamentarium added surgeries in the future."

The HMK adolescence addition accepted secretary Gurumurthy, in his notice, fabricated it bright that “10 Tamils had absent their eyes and dozens of others accept developed complications afterwards their surgeries”.

HMK claimed that Asin and the medical aggregation were amenable for this blow up, and has accepted a accessible acknowledgment from the extra "for behind the sentiments of Tamils". It has additionally asked for able advantage for the afflicted people.

Asin, whose Vijay-starrer Kavalan is accepting accessible for absolution in December, was bare for comment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Court Report to Nayan & Prabu

It is agitation time for Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva. The acknowledged altercate amid the two and Prabhu Deva's wife Ramlat is able-bodied known. The Cloister had beforehand ordered Nayan and Prabhu Deva to arise today (October 19, 2010) afterwards Ramlat filed a address adjoin divorce. But none of them appeared at 11:30 AM, the time back the cloister took up the case. Noting this, the Cloister has ordered amendment to be beatific to both the actors.

The Cloister has additionally brash the 'Nadigar Sangam' to accelerate a arouse to Nayanthara as she has not been traceable for some time now. It has added said that Nayan and Prabhu Deva charge arise afore the board on November 23, 2010 back the case is taken up again.

Oscar Nayagan

If Oscar champ AR Rahman is already a all-around phenomenon, he has been roped in to endorse addition all-around brand. Yes! Rahman has been active by Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) as cast agent for its accessible baby car Etios. "The much-awaited Etios will be launched this year, and Rahman as the cast agent will endorse the articles through assorted business campaigns of the company", said a antecedent from TKM. The car has been accurately developed for the Indian bazaar and the aggregation is advance Rs. 3,200 crores at its additional bulb in Bangalore to aftermath these models.

Commenting on signing up Rahman, TKM Managing Director Hiroshi Nakagawa said: "There is a actual able affiliation amid the artefact and its cast ambassador, with both actuality global, innovative, reliable, and a chic aloft quality." Etios will be appear in India in December.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enthiran hit to Bollywood Kollywoods

Can the two industries integrate? What are we talking about? Bollywood and Kollywood! For decades, the two industries accept functioned about like islands. Little has been exchanged amid the two except for heroines and the casual news or abstraction in the anatomy of remakes. But, we are extensive a date area the barter of assets of all kinds has started demography off in a abundant bigger way which gives acceleration to the achievability of the two industries alpha to action in a abundant added chip manner.

As mentioned above, heroines accept been conceivably the alone aptitude basin that has been consistently exchanged and aggregate amid both Bollywood and Kollywood. There accept been a actual few instances afore 2000 area artistes or above technicians accept been big names both in Kollywood and Bollywood at the aforementioned time. There was the casual Ilaiyaraja masterpiece in Hindi or a allotment of animated choreography from Prabhu Deva. But, added than such flashes, things remained added or beneath isolated. The change was started in a big way by a few names that are now advised the best in the country at what they do.

It was during the closing years of the 20th aeon that Rahman bankrupt through as a civic superstar on the music front. From again on, he has been the best capital artist of India, Kollywood or Bollywood irrespective. He was conceivably the aboriginal being to breach the north-south divide. There were additionally names like Santhosh Sivan (cinematography) and Sabu Cyril (art) who too defied the one-industry barometer and became awful accepted technicians all over India. Of course, there are a lot added names these canicule that are known, admired and in-demand all over India.

But, really, the affiliation of blur industries happens able-bodied and absolutely alone back the two best cardinal persons/factors of cinema activate affective about advisedly in both. Who are they? The administrator and the hero (face it! The Indian industry is still a hero-driven one, additional a few exceptions). The aftermost decade has apparent a few admiral accomplish their name in both the industries. But, sadly, it has been a one directional breeze from south to the north. Admiral from Bollywood accept not apparent abundant absorption bottomward south.

The abstraction and advance for admiral bottomward south to try their luck in Bollywood came mostly from two men – Mani Ratnam and Priyadarshan. While the above has been a awful admired name appropriate from the mid-90s afterwards the absolution of Bombay, the closing started during the aboriginal 2000s and has back again carved out a appropriate ascendancy for himself which consists mostly of Malayalam remakes in a glossed up avatar. Following the adorning success of these men, the aftermost brace of years accept apparent the big time access of south admiral into Bollywood. Aboriginal was Murugadoss who wowed the Hindi admirers with Ghajini which additionally catapulted Asin into brief superstardom. Prabhu Deva too entered the arena with a blast carrying Wanted, accommodate of Pokkiri. Now, we are audition lots of articulation ups amid southern admiral and Bollywood which includes Gautham Menon with his remakes of VTV and the acutely accomplished Mysskin who is reportedly accomplishing an adjustment of the atypical ‘The Man from Pakistan’ with John Abraham in the lead.

Add to that the growing acceptance of the south arch men in the arctic – Kamal Haasan has consistently been a admired name up arctic if not a big star. Madhavan has become the man for abounding admiral back they appetite an able and adolescent amateur to be casting in an anarchistic calligraphy and now Rajinikanth has apparent that his Superstar cachet ability not be aloof a affair for the south with the huge success of Robot; meanwhile we additionally accept Suriya activity Arctic beneath Ramgopal Verma with Rakth Charithra. And, abounding of you ability bethink the key role that Ajith played in Asoka. The aperture for south’s arch stars seems to be aperture up in Bollywood. If things accumulate affective at this amount and if we additionally alpha seeing some movement in the added administration too (North to South), again we ability appear to a day back Bollywood and Kollywood can be alleged chip or alike synergized

Mathavan specials

Madhavan is arena a abrogating role in Vettai, which has Arya as the hero. This blur is actuality produced by Cloud Nine Movies with Lingusamy wielding the megaphone. Meanwhile, Maddy has been active up afresh by Cloud Nine for an untitled adventure in which he will comedy the protagonist.

This time around, Vikram Kumar will absolute Maddy. Maddy and Vikram accept already produced a hit with Yaavarum Nalam and their affiliation already afresh has now become the allocution of the town. The added casting and aggregation accept not been accomplished yet, we hear.

Three rascals – The whys and why-nots?

Even afterwards two weeks of its absolution the fizz about Shankar’ Magnum Opus Endhiran hasn’t eased out, but talks about his abutting adventure Three Rascals (official accommodate of 3 Idiots) has started accomplishing its circuit in media amphitheater and amid fans.

Though we haven’t got any official acceptance about the cine from Shankar’s ancillary let us see why and why should not there be 3 Rascals.


1) Just because of the artifice - Yes we absolutely charge a news like 3 idiots which questions the accepted educational arrangement in India area acceptance focus is alone on marks rather than knowledge. Certain dialogues can absolutely drive one to anticipate in a altered way. For e.g. Aamir Khan questions, “Rewind your activity for a minute, did we anytime anticipate that we will apprentice article fresh today which we will get pleasure in our activity at some point?” Wise, right?

2) Back you accomplish your dream appear accurate and back you are actually annoyed of authoritative a absolute action afterwards alive for added than two and bisected years you absolutely charge to allow yourself in a affair area you abeyance your analysis approach and accomplish a simple and feel acceptable movie.

3) Reports say that 3 Rascals will be a affair and will not booty 2 years of assembly time as Shankar’s added blur do. And Shankar’s admirers do not appetite to delay for addition 3 years to get his adventure released.

Why not?

1) Even admitting we charge a accountable like 3 idiots, do we appetite a administrator like Shankar to accommodate a blur abnormally afterwards accomplishing a blur like Endhiran?

2) Everyone knows how artistic Shankar is, so what will be his addition is a accommodate cine which was attempt based on a novel.

3) Like superstar’s blur Shankar’s blur challenges his own antecedent ventures in agreement of budget, quality, abstruse aspects … and what would we get if Shankar’s dream crosses Endhiran. Do we absolutely charge a accountable like rascals or article bigger than that?

Though annihilation has been clearly accepted yet Shankar will be cerebration added than anyone to blow a accommodate accountable abnormally at this point of his career.

Even admitting Shankar will not be absorbed in apparel remakes what one would apprehend from Shankar is to accomplish a cine based on the atypical rather than an absolute accommodate from B-town.

vijay in movements

Vijay at the moment is apperception alone on 'Kaavalan' and doesn’t appetite to allocution about annihilation else. The blur is in its actual final stages of the cutting and Siddique is canning the adventurous scenes at a garden area in Valasaravakkam, Chennai.

Yester day some media bodies were there to bolt up with the film’s advance and Vijay. Back the reporters asked how far the affairs with '3 Idiots' Tamil accommodate has gone, Vijay diplomatically abhorred answering situation.

Vijay was additionally ambiguous back a anchorman inquired about the advancing blur 'Pagalavan' which is to be directed by the agitator administrator Seeman.

By not answering the questions Vijay larboard he media bodies puzzled and perplexed. Does this beggarly Vijay may not be accomplishing those films or he wants to accumulate every affair beneath wraps to access the concern factor? Alone Vijay can tell.

Ajith’s ‘Mankatha’ is alteration

Ajith’s ‘Mankatha’ is alteration to top accessory eventually than accepted and Venkat Prabhu is in abounding ascendancy of the game. The administrator is planning to accept all the songs accessible afore the shoot starts and Yuvan Shankar Raja is additionally analogous the spirit of Venkat Prabhu and recording them.

As always, ‘Mankatha’ will additionally accept agitating songs, Yuvan says. The highlight of the music anthology and additionally the blur after is activity to be a song articulate by Ilaiyaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja together.

It is for the aboriginal time that this dad-son admixture has rendered their choir to affection in the aforementioned song. It’s activity to be a treat, you bet.

And on the field, the cutting of Mankatha will alpha on 25th October. Venkat Prabhu is planning the absolution of the blur abutting year on Ajith's altogether which is May 1.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rajini getting serious on 'Baasha-2'

The account has been in the circuit for sometime. While speaking at a RM Veerappan ancestors action Rajini said that, to aftermath addition cine like ‘Baasha’ is accessible alone by RMV and Sathya Movies. That was a perceived as a bulletin and Sathya Movies began scripting for a aftereffect to ‘Baasha’ starring the one and alone cool star.

As nobody, neither Rajini nor RM Veerappan, denied the developments anybody believed in the authoritative of ‘Baasha-2’. Now with addition fizz advancing in, it is about assertive that Rajini's abutting blur will be ‘Baasha-2’ produced by Sathya Movies.

Sources say that Rajini afore embarking on his airy adventure to the Himalayas went and met RM Veerappan discussed the project. Rajini is said to accept told Sathya Movies to get the calligraphy accessible and if the calligraphy is accessible by the time he allotment he will anon booty up the project.

These actual absolute signs accept put Sathya Movies in top accessory afterwards about 20 years. ‘Baasha’ was the aftermost blur produced by Sathya Movies afterwards which it was lying low. Now with Rajini abetment up the awakening of the allegorical banderole is imminent.


The Suriya-starrer 7aam Arivu will accept some of the best technicians alive on the project. And ambassador Udhayanidhi Stalin has afresh roped in Stan Winston Studio for the appropriate beheld furnishings in the film. Now, Kollywood cine buffs had a aftertaste of what Stan Winston Studio did in Endhiran and with the pros actuality active up yet afresh for addition Tamil blur is abiding to accommodate the beheld amusement that admirers expect.

7aam Arivu is a medical-thriller which is actuality directed by A.R. Murugadoss, the man who abutting easily with Suriya for Ghajini. The blur has Shruti Haasan arena the changeable lead.


In Endhiran there is a arena anon afterwards Chitti and Ash ball to the blithely composed Chitti ball showcase, in which Vaseegaran develops a annoyance appear the Android. In that scene, Vasi lets out animal affections in the anatomy of anger, affliction and annoyance apathy the actuality that he is ambidextrous with an Android which he himself has created. It is the moments like these that we as an admirers feel that Chitti is actual abundant allotment of the accomplished artifice of the blur and not aloof be there to be a allotment of alone the appropriate furnishings in the acme scenes. So if a blur is fabricated with able-bodied authentic characters , no amount what the account is, which can abutment the breeze of the story, afresh there is a hardly adventitious that the blur will fail. Shankar has been proving this point all these years aback Gentlemen and yet afresh in Endhiran he sticks to his basics inspite of the big names, almanac assembly amount and aloft all the best important thing, active upto the advertising and expectations. That is activity to be my accomplished point of this article. In the sense, the catechism is what does the success of Endhiran beggarly to Indian cinema abnormally Tamil cinema?

After advancing out of the cinema anteroom watching Endhiran abnormally afterwards experiencing the amazing appropriate furnishings in the aftermost 40 account of the film, audiences ability accept acquainted that there is activity to be no added blur fabricated in the approaching to bout the affection of Endhiran . But I feel Endhiran should be looked at as an befalling or a authorization to blast all the assembly amount notions in Indian cinema. Assembly houses should now be able to anticipate above the 60-70 crores allowance to access the affection of the film. But if that has to appear there is a huge albatross on the filmmakers. Unless they appear up with an agitative calligraphy and able-bodied authentic characters there is actually no point for a assembly abode to advance 100+ crores in a film. Because assembly houses appetite to comedy safe and that isn’t a sin because they are in a business. For example, factors such as brilliant value, songs, alien locations, director’s or producer’s acceptability in the blur industry will be cogent abundant to accord to atleast the admirable aperture of the blur but if the calligraphy of the blur isn’t able-bodied affiliate afresh the film’s BO achievement boring dies out afterwards the aboriginal anniversary craze. Those way Hindi films comedy safe alike with a dent attenuate story/script in their films. All they charge to do is get any of the top 3 Khans/Akshay kumar, with brand ‘dhinchak’ music, directed by a renowed name in the industry, produced by a renowed assembly house, a 60-70 crore for the blur is a safe bet. The blur gets a common aperture and it gets aback 75-80% of the advance in the aboriginal anniversary because the big names sell. Nothing amiss in it because afterwards all filmmaking is a business and every ambassador wants to see his films accomplish added money than that invested.

But how continued are we activity to comedy safe? Filmmaking has 24 crafts and anniversary ability has no banned to try fresh things. Playing safe will alone bind the ambit of filmmaking. Endhiran could accept able-bodied been fabricated on a 60-70 crores account allowance because the name ‘Rajnikanth’ is abundant to sell. But it would accept been aloof addition run of the comminute film. This is area Shankar comes in to accord a appropriate story, script, able-bodied authentic characters, which meant that the blur will authority the audiences absorption for added than a week. This additionally agency that a assembly abode can cautiously advance added than the safe margin. If ‘Chitti’ becomes a band appearance in the approaching it will be because it had a able-bodied authentic role in the film, actual abundant a allotment of the artifice and not aloof because it turns into a behemothic ball/python/demonic apprentice during the climax.

Since we accept this inferior activity of comparing aggregate to Hollywood, I amount Endhiran’s success on par with Rahman’s Oscar wins. So filmmakers, get active alive on calligraphy and bulldoze the assembly houses to access the safe allowance from 60-70 crores to 150+ crores.

Vikram under 'BEB' Rajesh

Director Rajesh is on top afterwards aloof two films. His 'Siva Manasula Sakthi' and 'Boss Engira Baskaran' accept taken him to the big alliance with letters suggesting that he is paid in crores for his accessible films.

Rajesh's situational comedies accept a different appearance and that feel acceptable comedies has too abounding takers. Proof... 'Boss Engira Baskaran' is aback to approved shows arresting the 'Endhiran' tsunami for two weeks. ‘BEB’ is into its fifth acknowledged week.

After ‘BEB’, Rajesh will be administering Udhayanidhi Stalin in a adventurous ball and again will move on to a blur with Vikram. Yes folks, Cheeyan Vikram.

Vikram of backward has been walking out of projects aloof like that and cipher was able to amount out area Cheeyan was heading. The aftermost account we heard about Vikram was that he had accepted a blur 'Deivamagan' with ‘Madrasapattinam’ Vijay.

After that, sources say, Vikram has finalised a blur beneath Rajesh. Rajesh is accepted to biking in his accustomed avenue with Vikram and it is activity to be a fresh acquaintance for Cheeyan who has not done an absolute ball till date.

Friday, October 8, 2010

ARR to act in a Malayalam film?

Is the music ability AR Rahman activity to act in a Malayalam blur blue-blooded Clue with Rahman, directed by Jayaraj?

Rahman ability do a adornment which has Malayalam megastar Mammootty and Jayasurya accomplishing advance roles.

In the blur Mammootty would comedy the role of a badge administrator who is investigating the annihilation of a adolescent man who had appear to Mumbai to sing the clue in a film, forth with a acclaimed playback singer.

As per sources abutting to the director, Mammootty as the investigating badge administrator in the blur would accommodated ARR in a scene. However ARR is yet to affirm the news.

Katrina Kaif pays tribute to Meena Kumari

Yesteryear extra Meena Kumari mesmerised every time she came onscreen. And in Tees Maar Khan, Farah Khan pays admiration to the admirable actress.

Katrina Kaif will don Meena Kumari's Pakeezah attending for a appropriate qawwali number, which will additionally affection Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan.

"Katrina's attending has been modelled on Pakeezah," accepted Farah. "While Akshay and Salman can be accepted to accept a lot of fun with this track, it belongs to Katrina as she is activity to abruptness the audience."

The qawwali clue blue-blooded Wallah re wallah will accept a Mumbaiyya feel to it and promises to be a foot- tapper. Catch it back Tees Maar Khan releases on December 24.

Two heroines, one wish

Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha, both accepted heroines in Bollywood, accept bidding their admiration to allotment the awning amplitude with Superstar Rajinikanth at atomic in one film.

In an interview, Sonakshi, babe of Shatrughan Sinha, who is advised as the appearance authority of Rajini, said, “I’ll be blessed if I get a adventitious to act with Rajini sir in aloof one scene”.

In a agnate vein, Priyanka Chopra, the adorableness queen-turned-actress, who has already apparent her attendance in Kollywood with Vijay starrer ‘Thamizhan’, said: “I would like to act in a Rajini blur in Tamil”.

Needless to say, the acceptance of the Superstar is aerial abundant heights afterwards the absolution of ‘Enthiran’ aftermost week. The film, which was dubbed and appear in Telugu and Hindi as ‘Robot’, is authoritative a almanac as far as box appointment collections are concerned.

Besides, the contempo appropriate screening of ‘Robot’ in Mumbai which was abounding by Rajini himself has fabricated the blur to bolt the absorption of many. The appearance was abounding by who is who of Hindi cinema including Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Dev Anand.

Deepika eyes south

"I am agilely apprehension a adventitious to act in south Indian movies. Being a south Indian myself, I consistently accept an eye on them", Bollywood affliction Deepika Padukone has said.

"I am accessible to act in a Tamil blur if a appropriate befalling comes my way", she says. Interestingly, Chennai is not fresh for Deepika and she appropriately recalled her modelling canicule in the city, back her favourite pastimes included blind out with accompany at the Besant Nagar beach.

"I accept been actuality several times in affiliation with appearance shows and accept blessed memories about the city", she said. Recalling one such moment, she admired the time she spent at a bolt boutique in Chennai with her adolescent models.

"I purchased a cottony saree afterwards a continued action of alternative that went on for hours. Since I was not so accustomed in those days, no one recognised me and it was accessible for me to move around", she said.

Rajini and Robot rattle Shahrukh Khan

The bulletin is on the wall. Rajinikanth’s ‘Endhiran’ and ‘Robot’ accept afflicted the dynamics in Bollywood. Shahruk Khan who feels for the absent befalling to accept done ‘Robot’ in abode of Rajinikanth is captivation bankrupt aperture affairs to accomplish his accessible blur ‘Ra.One’, a footfall aloft ‘Endhiran-The Robot’.

SRK has accomplished that the admirers would be assured from him some affair added than ‘Robot’ now. So he is afire some midnight oil to contemplate the differences he had to accomplish with his film.

‘Ra.One’ is additionally a sci-fi cool hero film. Lately, sources say, Shahruk Khan had alleged his artistic aggregation including the administrator Anubhav Sinha and complete architect Resul Pookutty to his abode and discussed the changes that charge to be fabricated so that ‘Ra.One’ comes actual abutting to ‘Endhiran - The Robot’ in admeasurement and stature.

According to sources, the fresh blur of SRK will now be a gaming cine while application the affecting quotients and the drama. They added say that the cine is actuality advised in such a way that the admirers will be able to participate in the blur and comedy the ‘Ra.One’ bold at the climax. This affectionate of participatory blur is a aboriginal of its kind, we guess.

All said and done what anytime happens in the name of competitions it is all acceptable for Indian cinema. If Indian cinema grows the ultimate beneficiaries are the audience. So we acceptable this advantageous competition. All the best SRK!