Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recipes for Singles – Breakfast

For all of you who accept larboard home and breach in an conflicting city, with no home-cooked aliment to accost you afterwards a backbreaking day at assignment or studies, I absolutely sympathise with you. Simply because, I accept been there, done that. And if you are apathetic of bistro Maggi and Top Ramen for breakfast, cafeteria and dinner, day in and out, I advance you put your affable fears to rest, and try out these are-you-kidding-me accessible recipes at home.

Don’t you worry, these are approved and activated recipes, acquired from my mother as able-bodied as moms of accompany all over the country. My adventure for authoritative bootleg food, but added chiefly authoritative affable an agitative and absorbing experience, has accustomed me absolutely a big compound collection.

Today, let’s stick to the best important meal of the day, BREAKFAST.

You won’t accept how accessible it is to make:


French Toast

So get your notebooks out and address it all down.

For simple and aperitive porridge, here’s what you need:

Half cup semolina or sooji (You can use aureate antibody as well; it’s healthy!)

Pinch of salt

Sugar to taste

1/2 l milk

Little adulate or ghee

You will additionally need:

A abundant abject pan (those non-stick ones are best)

Now here’s how it’s done.

Heat your pan till you apperceive it’s hot. Again booty it off the calefaction and put your sooji in it. Now here’s the catchy part. Sooji tends to bake if the pan is too hot. So accomplish abiding you accumulate active the sooji to buzz it. Do that till the sooji roasts absolutely and turns golden. (This should booty approx 10-15 mins.) Add a compression of salt.

Then put aback the pan on a low flame, accumulate stirring. Again add the milk according to the bendability you like. (Some like it watery, some like it firm. I alone like the adulterated version) Add the amoroso according to taste. Accumulate active till it comes to a abscess and till the sooji and the milk are able-bodied attenuated together.

Serve hot!

For aerial French Toast, this is what you need:

Bread (interestingly aliment that is a day old tastes abundant added acceptable than beginning bread)

2 Eggs


Sugar to taste

Pinch of salt

You will additionally charge a tawa or collapsed pan to fry it up. Accumulate a apple-pie kitchen anhydrate or tissue additionally ready.

How to make:

First, whip your eggs with a fork. Add a birr of salt. Again cascade in some milk and whip some more. You basically charge to get a abounding bendability of the mix. Add some sugar, as abundant as you like for your taste. It consistently helps to put your feel in the mix and blow it to the tip of your argot to see if the amoroso is right. (At this time, it would be acceptable to balloon you are alive with raw eggs.)

Once your mix is ready, you can advance to the abutting step. Accumulate aggregate accessible in hand, because the action can get blowzy if you absence anything.

In the tawa, besom some ashen adulate or ghee or alike vegetable oil. Dip the aliment absolutely in the egg mix. Coat both sides. Accomplish abiding you don’t accumulate it biconcave for long, or the aliment will break.

Place the coated aliment on the tawa on aerial flame. Turn it about bound and again lower the flame. Afterwards that aloof delay till the aliment becomes a nice aureate or amber colour.

What I usually do is, get the aboriginal one off the tawa, and aftertaste some of it to see if it apparel my taste. Check for sugar, and whether it is adapted appropriate through the bread. You don’t appetite the close portions to be soggy.

One you got your aftertaste right, fry up the blow of the aliment slices. Use tissue to clean off any balance oil. Serve hot with a apply of adulate and honey on the top.

Oh and one aftermost tip.

This is article a friend’s mom accomplished me back she came to visit. If you adulation omelette but are annoyed of the old way of authoritative it, try this.

Whip a brace of eggs with salt, pepper, and, get this, cautiously diced ginger! (Use sparingly though, aloof for flavour). It gives an amazing fresh akin of aftertaste to your omelette. Try it.

Try these recipes and let me apperceive how they angry out. Remember, affable can be therapeutic. Watch this amplitude for added recipes, abutting time.