Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Journey to the Heart of Tanjore

I was agitated away by the amazing serene adorableness of Tanjore as I entered the atelier sanctorum. It acquainted like actuality in a altered world, far from the maddening army – breadth for the aboriginal time, the accountability of circadian trifles larboard my thoughts. I wasn’t afraid about the account active away, but was bent up in adequate the moment, and capturing that baroque beauty.

Thanjavur is the hub of South Indian art and architectonics – a cradle of acculturation for abounding dynasties. It becoming name and acclaim during administration of the Chola dynasty. Best of the abundant Chola temples are recognised by UNESCO beneath Apple Heritage Monuments.

Tanjore is the anglicised adaptation of Thanjavur. There are altered explanations for how the abode got its name. ‘Thanjavur’ is either acquired from the asura Tanjan, who is believed to accept to accept been dead by the Hindu God Vishnu.

Tanjore is accepted as the “rice basin of Tamil Nadu” as the absolute breadth is amidst by rivers and blooming paddy fields. Some say the name is acquired from ‘Than-sei-oor’ which absolutely denotes a abode amidst by rivers and paddy fields.

Thanjavur is home to over 90 temples, anniversary for altered deities. There is an alluringly busy altar of Murugan which is visited by admirers above India as able-bodied as tourists from abroad.

The best arresting admiration abode is Brahadishwara Temple, which is believed to be congenital by Rajaraja Chola during the 11th century. Brahadishwara Temple comes beneath UNESCO’s Apple Heritage Sites.

Tanjore is acclaimed for its painting appearance accepted as Tanjore Painting which is accepted about the world. Instead of the bogus paint, the artists use accustomed colours to assignment on bottle or metal sheets, mainly depicting extracts from Hindu mythology.

The abode is resonating with art and music. Tiruvaiyaru, the abode breadth abundant artist Thyagaraja lived, is abutting to Tanjore. Musicians from all over the country appointment this abode to participate in the Thyagaraja Aradhana which is captivated annually.

Another specialty of Tanjore are the dolls. Whoever visits this abode is abiding to shop for these abundantly decked colourful bobble-headed dolls, which are kept as souvenirs.

The bean art aggressive from belief is addition specialty of this place. We can acquisition allegorical characters categorical in these ‘lifeless stones’, about as if they’re about to appear to life.

The Tanjore cottony sarees are acclaimed for gold adornment all over, ‘zari’, as it’s alleged in India. Their intricate designs and accomplishment accomplish them different and expensive.

As I absolved through the inscribed walls, I saw a grey-haired destitute. I admiration for how continued he has been there – may be continued abundant that he’ll leave abaft his body if he leaves those bashful corridors.

Evening approached, and I realised it was time to leave. Though its adorableness was above what the lens could capture, I was annoyed that I could admire those moments forever.

I witnessed the adorableness of the temple in the aboriginal hours, and was there till dusk. As black buried the place, there was a aberrant adorableness about it.