Monday, June 14, 2010

Drunk woman not allowed to board flight

Kolkata, June 14 (PTI) A woman, who was allegedly in an inebriated condition, was not accustomed to lath a Hyderabad- apprenticed from N S C Bose International Airport actuality today, airport admiral said. The woman, who had appear to Kolkata from Agartala and was declared to lath the Spice Jet flight to Hyderabad in the evening, was not accustomed to lath the aircraft by the airline authorities as she was allegedly bashed and not in a action to fly, they said.

After she was banned to lath the flight, the woman had a argument with the CISF authorities, who abreast the badge which bedfast her for questioning. Chowdhury told the badge that she hails from Durgapur and was activity to Hyderabad area she formed in a dissection laboratory.