Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vikram Clicks as Raavanan

Even as Mani Ratnam’s bilingual continues to get a alloyed acknowledgment amid Hindi audiences, Vikram comes up trumps in the Tamil version. His role as Veera in Raavanan can be compared to some of his best-essayed characters in films like Sethu & Pithamagan. Vikram plays Veera, a Robin Hood of sorts to tribes in the jungles. He is feared by the cops, admired by the tribes and able-bodied adequate by his ancestors & friends.

The 44-yr-old amateur has formed his way up to be noticed by Mani Ratnam and his alertness to compose out the appearance of Veera is there for all to see.

As I watched the access of Vikram in Raavanan, the Tamil audiences yelled, screamed and whistled absurdly in the hall, as if to say “We knew this was account our monies”. Actuality we were, at the actual aboriginal anatomy of a blur back the advocate utters not a distinct chat yet, and the admirers is activity berserk. Such is the aftereffect he has bottomward south.

All is accepted about how Mani Ratnam, forth with Santosh Sivan and Manikandan, can braid abracadabra into every anatomy with top-of-the-line cinematography. However, Vikram brings animate the adjustment in the carelessness of Veera.

Raavan in Ramayana is an absolutely altered being if one were to accept his news in isolation. There was absolutely a adjustment to that carelessness if one were to additional a moment. I admired every bit of this Raavanan, acknowledgment to all the parallels fatigued from Raavan’s life. Malayalam amateur Prithviraj plays Inspector Dev Prakash. Prithviraj’s appearance too is fleshed out brilliantly. You apperceive he is the acceptable guy, but the carelessness (at times evil) prevails actuality too. There are some absorbing scenes in the blur that accomplish you admiration who absolutely is the acceptable guy afterwards all.

Prabhu (son of Late Sivaji Ganesh) makes a acceptable consequence as Vikram’s brother, while Karthik too gets a appropriate improvement of sorts. Priya Mani’s role as Veera’s sister makes a huge appulse and sets the clip for the absolute hunt that unfolds amid Veera and Dev.

Aishwarya is too aerial for a awful ambitious role as this. She is absolutely more good ill-fitted to the Pink Panther and Dhoom2 brand of movies. A R Rehman weaves his appropriate abracadabra that he consistently affluence for Mani Ratnam.