Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kangy Busts Scalpel Saga!

Kangna Ranaut is quite, absolutely amused. Tattle over her added accompanying assets (ahem) and fuller lips, accept about affected Kangy to acknowledge to the comment fizz with a believable explanation.

Reportedly, Kangy has been asserting to the book association that her added ample anatomy is courtesy… a weight accretion of seven kgs; a accomplishment she's expressly… captivated about!

Declares Kangy in a abridged chat, "Not alone my breasts, but my all-embracing anatomy has expanded. I do plan to lose the weight, best bodies accept been complimenting me on my weight gain."

Adds she, "But I do feel that it does accomplish me attending older. Though secretly, I do like myself this way and accept not started activity to the gym or accomplishing yoga. On screen, my alveolate cheeks attending fuller and better, afterwards the weight gain." Weighty matters, eh?