Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hearing for Joseph McVey, begin at airport with gun during President Barack Obama's appointment to Asheville, postponed

ASHEVILLE — McVey audition adjourned until August

The Ohio man arrested with a loaded blaster at Asheville Regional Airport as Admiral Barack Obama was abrogation on Air Force One had a cloister actualization adjourned that had been appointed for Thursday.

An advocate for Joseph Sean McVey, 23, of Coshocton, Ohio, requested the continuance, Assistant District Advocate Heather Payne said.

The audition was rescheduled for Aug. 24 in Buncombe County District Court, she said. McVey is chargeless on a $100,000 bond.

Police arrested McVey at the airport April 25 and answerable him with activity armed to the alarm of the public, a abomination that carries a best book of 120 days.

McVey told badge he was anchored abreast a aboideau at the end of the terminal that led to the aerodrome as Air Force One was taxiing because he capital to see the president.

Police started analytic him afterwards acquainted the car's Ohio authorization bowl and equipment, including a agenda dashboard camera and assorted antennas. He got out of the car talking on a handheld radio affiliated to a alien earpiece and cutting a sidearm, according to police.