Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Mani Benefits!!

A cine figure and civic accolade champ from South Indian cinema, Vikram couldn't accept asked for more. He earns the beaming acclaim of assuming Ash's bedmate in the Hindi adaptation of 'Raavan', besides essaying the titular role in the Tamil one, both helmed by Mani Ratnam…

His aquamarine dejected shirt is in bike with his temperament. Ultra Kool.

Vikram, a admired name in South Indian cinema aims to accumulate civic absorption with his assuming in Mani Ratnam's Hindi flick 'Raavan', wherein he shares awning amplitude with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Earlier, Vikram completed his graduation from the acclaimed Loyola College, Chennai, afterward it up with an MBA degree. The begat of amateur Vinod Raj, had additionally aggregate awning frames with his ancestor in a Tamil flick.

'Sethu', reworked in Hindi as 'Tere Naam' and 'Pithamagan' for which Vikram lassoed in the civic accolade for 'Best Actor' (2004), rank amid the added notable movies in his filmography, which includes several topline performances; a repertoire which has been adored with a cartload of honours, including three 'Filmfare' awards, Tamil Nadu State Blur awards, appropriate board awards and more…

Presenting, a allotment of the babble with the cocky effacing actor…

What is 'Raavan' all about?

'Raavan' is a actual admirable blur which took a lot of adamantine assignment from the accomplished crew, Mani Sir, Ash, Abhishek, me and everybody. It is a admirable accountable about three bodies and what they go through. It is about this actuality who kidnaps the added person's wife because of revenge. What happens afterwards is what the news is all about. Beera's appellation is Raavan and is played by Abhishek. Beera is addition who is actual restless, active and a beyond than activity character. Abhishek has played a actual absorbing role. Beera is addition who would be bedlam one minute and be angry, the abutting moment. Beera loves bodies and is actual rugged, as he is from the village. He is like a assemblage lord.

How would you call your appearance Dev in the film?

Dev, the appearance I play, is a badge cop. He is absolutely focussed and knows his job. He is additionally actual able-bodied planned, baleful and can be atrocious too to get his job done. There is Ragini who is Dev's wife who gets kidnapped. She is addition who aloof enjoys activity who brand to play, laugh, sing and ball with little children. She is a actual blessed go advantageous girl. Mani Sir has fabricated a blur which depicts the affections of the three characters, Beera, Dev and Ragini , and how the blueprint changes amid them. Once they are in the jungle, what happens to them… do they lose their identity? Does the backwoods alter their absoluteness or accomplish it added bright clear. Who succeeds, who fails, who dies and who lives? Mani Sir has fleshed out these three characters absolutely well.

How did you administer to acreage Dev's role in the Hindi version?

I am accomplishing the role of Beera that Abhishek Bachchan did in the Tamil version. Mani Sir was on the attending out for a hero to comedy Dev's role for the Hindi adaptation and he asked me if I would like to do it. I told him that I was actual anemic in Hindi. Mani Sir told me it's actual accessible and alike Ash (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) is accomplishing the Tamil version. So I anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction and I absitively to do it. It was actual absorbing to do both the roles. It is not my admission blur in Hindi as I accept already done 'Aparajit' earlier. Many bodies accept apparent and accepted my assignment in the film. And I'm abiding that back they see Dev in 'Raavan', they will like it too. It is a actual absorbing role because you accept Beera played by AB (Abhishek Bachchan) which is a actual able role and to antithesis that you accept Dev, on the added side.

Was it boxy arena Dev?

Playing Dev in the Hindi adaptation was actual interesting, but additionally difficult as my Hindi is actual weak. I was consistently thinking, God, how am I activity to do this? Initially, I was blessed as I anticipation addition abroad would be dubbing for me. But finally, Mani Sir came up to me and said that he capital me alone to dub the Hindi adaptation too, as the Tamil and Telugu dubbing had appear up actual well. He told me, 'Your articulation is actual altered and no one else's articulation would clothing you, so do it'. I was apprehensive how would I do it.

How did you administer it eventually?

I had the accessory director, Karan Kashyap who helped me in this and Karan was absolutely good. We did a lot of adamantine assignment accomplishing this because Hindi is a actual difficult accent for a South Indian because we don't accept a 'Kah' and 'Khh'. We aloof accept 'Ka' and 'Ga'. Hindi is actual circuitous for my South Indian tongue, but Karan was there… and with we formed absolutely adamantine on every dialogue. And now back some bodies who accept apparent the blur told me that 'Hindi bahut acchha hai', I acquainted actual happy. It is a acceptable feeling.

In allegory to 'Aparachit', how altered was the acquaintance of filming 'Raavan'?

'Aparachit' was a news of three altered characters and it was actual dramatic. I was alive from one to another. Here you had two altered roles and it was nice. Accomplishing one Mani Ratnam blur is a actual big thing. I got to do two Mani Ratnam films in two altered languages! Both these films accept shaped up absolutely able-bodied and now my achievement should be appreciated.

'Raavan' has affluence of cartel devil action. Which is the one achievement that you would adduce as the best risky?

I'd say the accomplished cine 'Raavan' was like accomplishing one big stunt. Everything was difficult because we were consistently wet, consistently in the Jungle, running, angry and falling. The best difficult arena is apparent in the trailer, back we abatement from the arch and there is a action alike as the arch is breaking! That was absolutely difficult because we absolutely bankrupt that bridge! There is a bead of about 3000 anxiety beneath and we could not accept a net or annihilation below. We aloof had a wire which captivated us and if that broke, we were dead!! That was a actual difficult action and I am not exaggerating, but afore every shot, back the action adept would say 'Ready', we would adjure to God and go advanced with the attempt because it was so risky. And I had to do it twice!! One with AB in the Hindi adaptation and additional time in the Tamil adaptation with Prithviraj.

You accept formed in the South and now in Bollywood too. What is the big aberration in alive in both?

Bollywood films acclimated to booty time. But nowadays I realised that best films are actuality fabricated actual bound and a lot of planning goes into it. The aberration appropriate now lies in the calligraphy writers. There are acceptable films and there are bad films, but in Bollywood you'll are authoritative such admirable films. Films like 'Rang De Basanti', 'Paa' or '3 Idiots' or 'Taare Zameen Par' and we admiration why can't we accomplish such films in the South? These are the affectionate of films that I would like to do. These calligraphy writers are absolutely accidental to acceptable cinema.

You've played the appearance of Beera in the Tamil adaptation and Dev in the Hindi version. Which one was added challenging?

Dev was added arduous because of the Hindi. As an actor, I would like to get into the appearance and absolutely apprentice the language. What was difficult in arena Dev's appearance was that whenever we attempt Dev, we attempt in one distinct booty with a two camera setup. So the accomplished arena was filmed in one shot! Abhishek's appearance of Beera is so able that to accumulate clip with him was actual demanding. Beera's appearance for the Tamil was additionally challenging, but to do Dev's character, be in the anatomy and actualize an appulse was added arduous for me as an actor.

You've played Aishwarya's bedmate in the Hindi version, with her absolute activity bedmate arena Beera. How would you call the allure amid Ash and you? How adequate were you in this equation?

Abhishek, Aishwarya and I were actual adequate with anniversary other, because Abhishek is a actual acceptable acquaintance of mine. While I was acting as her husband, AB who is the absolute bedmate off awning was there on the sets...and it was actual funny! But, afterwards a point, you are aloof accomplishing a role whether you are arena a husband, a defacer or a villain. You are aloof acting, so it absolutely didn't matter. AB is too able a actuality to let such affairs access him.