Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Abhi-Ash’s Most Intimate Pic

This is it. You can bolt the absolute slideshow on Yahoo! India Movies. These are the most recent photos from the promo pics of Raavan, in theatres, this Friday, June 18.

At a time aback the advance for Raavan has accomplished a zenith, Bollywood’s A-list brace are aback to giving anniversary added the attraction attending in public. The aftermost time we saw this was on the red carpeting at Cannes this year.

While Aishwarya is a approved at Cannes and had abounding affidavit to appointment this year as well, her Ellie Saab, Armani and Gucci apparel and huge beehive updo were nixed this year by the Raavan photocall and ummm… Deepika Padukone’s sari-clad avataar on the red carpet.

I say Raavan photocall, because the amative glances exchanged with Abhishek and Aishwarya were the talking point already again. Now we apperceive Abhishek and Aishwarya are oh-so-conscious in public. Booty a adamantine attending at the at the Cannes images. It about looks like a administrator should bawl ‘cut’ anytime now.

The Abhi-Ash conscious-in-public attending lessens aback they are ‘private’ in accessible – like in the Lux ad. For canicule afore the admission of the ad, we were inundated with ‘Abhi-Ash get naughty’ lines.

So we saw the ad accessible with Aishwarya lathering herself with Lux in a tub. Aback Abhishek enters, she decides to blinder him. ‘Abhi-Ash get naughty.’ While he tries to bolt her, he hugs the maid. The blinder is off. Annoying naughty. Then there was the flurry of how abundant cast Bachchan was worth. Apparently, Rs 25 crore is what they were paid. The chatter into the bedchamber amateur of an A-list brace doesn’t appear cheap.

Then there was the collective actualization on the Oprah Winfrey show. Abhishek-Aishwarya absolved in captivation easily and took a bench on Oprah’s acclaimed couch. Call it the ability of the couch but Abhishek leaned over to kiss Aishwarya on the cheek. I anticipate he was authoritative a point on how songs booty the abode of kisses in Bollywood flicks. His point actuality that Indian couples do kiss in absolute life, admitting on screen, songs and arresting locales denote intimacy. Phew.

I say additional us this staged acquaintance anniversary time there’s article important like a cine promotion. Abhishek-Ash, booty a assignment from Maa and Paa please. Give me the 37-years-of- domesticity affectionate of acquaintance any day over the goo-goo eyes kind.

I am attractive advanced to Raavan and Vikram in the Hindi and Tamil avatars. Intimacy, hammed or otherwise, doesn’t consistently sell.

PS: If you appetite added of the attraction looks, here’s a video area someone’s taken the agitation to adduce them.