Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aamir avoids meeting SRK

Aamir Khan, who is on a adorning bacchanalia these days, afresh did article which was annihilation beneath than a surprise. The actor, who met best of his amateur accompany while on his contempo appointment to UK, chose to abstain affair Shahrukh Khan abundant to the abruptness of everyone.

According to sources, Aamir was in UK in affiliation with his blur PEEPLI LIVE. The superstar met his bollywood colleagues who were additionally in London but backward abroad from affair SRK who was additionally there.

Though, there has been no algid war amid SRK and Aamir, but Aamir's most recent action has aloft a few eyebrows. Now, we admiration if all is able-bodied amid the two ascendant Khans.