Friday, September 24, 2010


Starring: Mammootty, Arjun, Sneha, Nassar, Atul Kulkarni.

Direction: T Aravind

Music: D.Imman

Production: Henry

Vandae Maatharam has been in the account for a continued time now because the blur has Mammootty and Arjun in advance roles forth with a huge arrangement of actors in acknowledging roles. That's not it. Directed by Aravind, the cine is produced by Henry who has accustomed us gems like Marumalarchi and Bharathi Kannamma.

Vandae Maatharam

With all the appropriate ingredients, it is acute that the cine connects with the audience. It is not a boxy job to accept the movie's brand abnormally with Arjun in the lead. There were so abounding affectionate movies that we accept seen. A few movies hit the appropriate ambit and a few absent the mark completely. The artifice in best affectionate movies is about the aforementioned but it is alone the analysis that separates acceptable movies from the rest. How does Vandae Maatharam fare?

Mammotty and Arjun are IPS officers. Mammooty is the arch of the Special Analysis annex while Arjun is his confidant. The cine opens with Nasser, the country's Prime Minister, calling for an All India accommodated to altercate the country's accepted accompaniment of ache and the accent of the affiliation of National Rivers for more acceptable accumulation of baptize for agriculture. He additionally sets a date for commencement of the plan in Kanyakumari. This account is not accustomed by a agitator alignment which affairs to baffle the abstraction by killing the PM and all those present in the activity with the advice of a bomb.

As is consistently the case, a agitator sneaks his way into India and starts to plan for D-day with his allies who are already acclimatized here. Mammootty and Arjun are accustomed the albatross of hunting bottomward the terrorist. Though they administer to clue the agitator down, the masterminds in Pakistan still acquaint through ancestral means. Back all is activity to end, the cops assuredly administer to antithesis all the attempts fabricated by terrorists and save the country.

What you accept aloof apprehend may complete clichéd and accord you a faculty of déjà vu. But Vandae Maatharam works. As said earlier, the analysis is what separates acceptable movies from the blow and this cine absolutely differs from the rest. T. Aravind does accreditation a pat on the aback for his cine which works for best genitalia of the movie. Special acknowledgment should be fabricated for Aravind's efforts in authoritative the analysis scenes as astute as possible. It absolutely gets a wow from the admirers back Mammootty, Jai Akash and Arjun clue every footfall of the agitator by abnormal ways. The scenes are able and absolutely absorbing which is a charge for a abstruseness like this.

When things aloof become normal, Aravind brings in a actual aberrant adjustment back the terrorists appetite to acquaint aural themselves that will absolutely accomplish you sit on the bend of the seat. The arena area Mammootty and team, with the advice of Sneha, try to accompany out the accuracy from the agitator by assuming him in a absolutely altered makeover is the master-stroke of the movie. Acceptable Job.

The blur does accept its bare points. One does not feel the charge to accept a brace of account numbers in the movie. The songs absolutely breach the movie's rhythm. The stunts and the block sequences accept been handled able-bodied but the acme activity arrangement is a let-down. This accurate activity allotment is poor, amateurish at best. Too abounding gun shots blemish the boldness maintained appropriately far.

The blur has veterans like Mammooty, the ever-patriotic Arjun, Sneha, Nasser, Atul Kulkarni, Jai Akash and abounding others. Each amateur fit into their roles able-bodied and does a abundant job. Sneha, as a pilot, has been offered a baby role this time around. Special acknowledgment has to be fabricated to the appearance account of the terrorist. His mannerisms and under-played acting is a big additional to the movie.

D. Imman's music is acceptable and the re-recording is alarming at times. The administrator has called an apt appellation for the movie, afterwards a continued time, as we get absolutely affecting and affectionate watching the movie. Vandae Maatharam is a acceptable cine which could accept been more acceptable if it had been fine-tuned a little.