Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big B’s Bothersome Blog

Amitabh Bachchan’s blog has a bug. And not article with technology yaar, it is a animal who’s actuality the bug and messing with the Big B.

Apparently, Amitji (that’s how best of his admirers alarm him on his blog) is agitated with a being (gender yet to be identified) who is consistently sending abhorrent and calumniating letters on Big B’s blog and has additionally gone to the admeasurement of spamming his adaptable inbox with ‘unprintable abuse’ messages.

Following all this, according to sources, Big B who treats his blog as a all-powerful belvedere to acquaint with his ‘extended family’ (his fans) has complained to the badge about this corrupt who has been sending aspersing messages.

The badge are said to be befitting an eye on the blog to clue the blogger. Though the Big B has alone accustomed a exact complaint he is yet to accord an official complaint. Once that is given, the badge will attending in to the amount seriously.

Lets achievement aggregate is peaceful to Big B and may he accept more good bodies blogging with him.