Monday, September 13, 2010

Samy to stay away from sex themes!

The arguable Tamil administrator Samy’s Sindhu Samaveli is adverse the ire of bourgeois audiences in the state.

The cine on “forbidden love” amid a man and his daughter-in-law, has afflicted a hornets’ nest. Samy accustomed aggressive calls and his car was smashed.

Samy whose beforehand films like Uyir & Mirugam were on banned relationships, but were acknowledged at the box-office. However Sindhu Samaveli, alarmingly the best of the lot alone took a blood-warm opening.

So now Samy has absitively not to adventure into “unknown territories abounding with danger” and instead absitively to booty the awash ancestors films highway. Samy confessed: “Henceforth I appetite to do alone ancestors entertainers, after any messages. My abutting blur will be a sports based film, Sadam (Century), and will not accept any controversies.”