Sunday, September 5, 2010

Storage works

Increase in population increases the demand for space to store our house hold and business properties .Self storage system is a consistent solution to this problem which makes the people to store their valuable properties according to their needs with safety and security. is a new built architecture replaces the inconsistencies in the previous method of packing and moving .it reduces the cost and risk associate with packing and moving to farther areas.
Storage works now introduces a new scheme of free move in truck and one month free rental for your business and domestic properties.
Inspires of your time need we can protect your properties with the aid of most recent innovative techniques like
• 24 hours video surveillance to monitor your valuable properties
• Secure pin pad access favors to find out who is coming in and going out.
• Temperature control unit ensures the further safety of your delicate properties.
• Remote control key fob access makes the entry of only permitted people
• Online payment and account access makes you to register conveniently from home.
The storage units are available according to your requirements ranging in size a hall closet, a small and large walking closet, a large bedroom.

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