Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illayaraja Meets The Press

Illayaraja has got his fourth civic accolade for his music. Alone this time it is for a fresh class Accomplishments score. The magnum composition ‘Pazhassi Raja’ has got him acceptance in the difficult art of accomplishments score.

Speaking to the media Illayaraja was aboveboard and blunt. Illayaraja said he takes the accolade as acceptance to acceptable music. He said he is not a labourer who works alone for money. He thanked the administrator Hariharan and ambassador Praveen for giving him aggregate capital for the music.

Illayaraja additionally accepted the administrator Hariharan for the arresting blur that gave an befalling to account acceptable music. He additionally appear Hariharan did not acquire a distinct accolade for ‘Pazhassi Raja’ from Kerala adage they did not admit the music of Illayaraja.

When the ambassador and administrator went to Illayaraja for the music of ‘Pazhassi Raja’, the ability threw a googly at them. He insisted that he needs Symphony orchestra alone for the film. Considering the amount agency the ambassador was afraid but assuredly gave in to the maestro’s request. In the end back they saw the final blur with music they were awe addled and acquainted the ability is account his every demand.

Illayaraja additionally requested the media bodies not to use the chat “composer” for anyone who plays an instrument. He asked them to use the chat judiciously for the appropriate being at the appropriate abode only. He additionally said that today technology has taken the body out of 18-carat music.

Listen to his video account on IndiaGlitz