Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best business plan

Hi Friends the good Opportunity for Business Planning . The finance comprises of business, private and public. Finance is nothing but saving money and lending money and it mainly deals with money, time and risk. Normally people deposit their money in the bank and bank will lend the money to the outside people with some interests and also provides equity, mutual funds, etc.

business finance starts with assets. The assets finance helps to rent or lease of a material instead of buying it. This helps our business cash flow. The growth finance helps to help fund its development. We have to be budgeted the business and its cost. Based on that we can acquire short term or long term bank loans. Equity Finance plays a vital role and it’s a way of giving some percentage of it in returns for investment. The investors believe that we have a potential growth in the business. So Ventures firms looks to buy a stake in our business.Business funding comes from friends or family or banks, etc.