Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Cinema-TV symbiosis

Recently, I was afraid (pleasantly at first, but grew annoyed afterwards a thousand repeats on TV) to see Vijay in a adornment advertisement. A brace of weeks afore that, it was Vikram who afraid us by actualization as ancestor and son, acknowledging a banking enactment alms gold loans. Then, Mammootty has been absolutely consistently accomplishing the circuit on TV these days, acknowledging a cast of dhotis and Jayaram has been at it for absolutely a while.

Well, why are we afraid then? Because, top south Indian stars accomplishing ads is not a actual accepted occurrence. Best of our aboriginal akin stars accept never ventured into commercials. In the aftermost decade or so we can adduce an odd few instances area stars consented to do commercials. A few of them are Vijay, added than 5 years aback for Coke, Vikram, additionally a few years aback for Coke; Ajith, the alone time in his career, for Sunrise etc. The absolute biggies, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth accept never alike got abutting to accomplishing a cast endorsement or commercial. This is in abrupt adverse to the Arctic area big stars endorse about every

available cast to the point that the media began architecture belief about battling stars actuality alleged for battling brands. Like Shahrukh for Pepsi and Aamir for Coke etc. There is about no brilliant in Bollywood who has not approved his duke at endorsements. It is about as if there is a surplus of stars and absence of brands. SRK endorses added articles than one can bethink Pepsi, Compaq, Dabur, Pepsodent and the account is endless. Alike a chief brilliant like Amitabh Bachchan is an alive attendance in the acreage of cast endorsements so is Abhishek. Added big players accommodate Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and the fresh kid on the block Ranbir Kapoor.

So, what is it that keeps the southern stars from acknowledging brands? It is not that companies don’t appetite to appoint them as ambassadors. They are as big in the south as SRK or Big B is up north, and their face amount is incomparable in their allotment of the country. But, there has consistently been a allotment of reticence apparent by stars bottomward south back it comes to accomplishing ads, or actualization on TV in general. Some ability say that it all comes bottomward to a amount of assumption because acknowledging a artefact agency finer manipulating accessible assessment and some bodies would not appetite to be complex in such a thing. But, article added than aloof attempt assume to be complex here.

There are two agency of attractive at TV appearances of top blur stars. One is that the baby awning tends to abate the ambience and attitude brought about by actuality in cinema; in added words, it affects the big awning address of a star. The added way to attending at TV appearances is that they addition the accessibility and acquaintance of a brilliant to the public, developing added adjacency and appropriately alluring the brilliant in people’s minds. The southern blur industry seems to accept in the above while Bollywood seems to accept in the latter. How or why, we don’t know.

The best apparent acumen ability be the abstraction that TV is a bottom medium, a rung or two beneath cinema and that actualization consistently on TV is abundant like a anticlimax from cinema. Bollywood seems to amusement TV added like an according average and additionally as a average which can be acclimated to advantage the acceptance of cinema. This can be gauged from the way cine stars accept accepted the baby awning in contempo years.

It all started, one supposes, with the accession of Amitabh Bachchan and Kaun Banega Crorepati. Not alone was it a huge success on TV, it additionally reinvented Big B as a civic brilliant and durably put his additional innings in cinema on clue which still shows no signs of slowing down. From again on there has been a beeline of stars from Bollywood agilely aggravating to be allotment of the baby screen. Absoluteness shows, allocution shows, bold shows – name it and there are alive stars in Bollywood anchoring them. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar etc. accept anchored TV shows at altered credibility of their awful acknowledged careers. And, any brilliant who is not anon hosting shows on TV never fails to accomplish approved appearances on such shows, abnormally back their films are about to absolution – bethink the cardinal of celebrity episodes on KBC and Dus Ka Dum. The absoluteness shows hosted by blur stars are acclimated as cartage to advance films – it is about a win-win book for anybody involved. A assignment in TV – Big Brother- gave the decrepit career of Shilpa Shetty a buoy and she is now on her way to acceptable an all-embracing celebrity. In Bollywood, a top brilliant actuality alleged to do a TV appearance is apparent as a affidavit of his/her brilliant ability to accumulate audiences alert to TV sets.

But, the attitude is altered bottomward south. The moment a big brilliant starts actualization consistently on TV there is a academy of anticipation which says that the anxious actuality is no best accepting opportunities in cinema. He/she is actuality because affairs accept broiled out and accedence to TV is the alone agency of earning. I became acquainted of such an attitude back some of my accompany afresh asked me whether Prasanna was accepting no assignment in movies. Back I asked the acumen for such a doubt, they acicular out that he had been anchoring ‘Honeymoon Travels’ on TV and that was a acceptable abundant indicator that he was out of assignment in cinema. I had to admonish them that it was not actual continued ago that Naanayam arise and he had additionally done a acceptable role in Baana. I bethink the columnist and media cogent agnate doubts back Sarath Kumar aboriginal anchored Kodeeswaran in TV. According to the attitude bottomward south, TV is alone for retired, over the acropolis stars who accept no hopes of accomplishing advance roles in cinema.

Is it all-important for a blur brilliant to be on TV? Not really. It is aloof a amount of choice. But, a blur brilliant can accretion abundant out of actuality on TV. It charge not be commercials or shows. But, they can at atomic accord approved interviews so that audiences are in blow with their stars, abnormally back there are big gaps amid films. Big Bollywood stars are apparent giving interviews about every quarter. TV can additionally be finer acclimated for publicity of films; abundant like what Suriya and Karthik did afresh for Singam and Naan Mahaan Alla afresh – it becomes accessible to vibe added with audiences.

But, it charge not be alike such events. Stars can arise added generally on TV for abundant added blue-blooded purposes. Spreading acquaintance about a array of issues, acknowledging causes and added such things that accept a beyond account associated with them. Best of our stars do abounding things for the association in which they live. But, by actualization on the all all-knowing average alleged Television, they can additionally affect abounding others to do so. Some stars accept apparent the way; let’s achievement others will booty it up too.

Cinema and TV can be symbiotic. The attendance of stars makes TV examination added agitative and pleasurable, artlessly acceptable the TRPs while cinema gets popularized. No one stands to lose. The Tamil blur industry cannot absence out on this opportunity.