Friday, September 10, 2010

Rajini offers prayers at Tirupathi

Super Brilliant Rajinikanth with his ancestors offered prayers at Tirupathi, the acclaimed acropolis temple of Lord Venkateswara yesterday.

The cool brilliant and his ancestors came to Tirupathi aftermost night and backward for a while at the Padmavathi bedfellow house. Lather him with his wife Latha and the anew affiliated Soundarya and Ashwin went to the temple and offered prayers.

Speaking to media there Rajini said that he has appear to Tirupathi to acknowledge the Lord for the blessed alliance of his daughter. He additionally said he prayed to Venkateshwara for the success of his magnum composition 'Endhiran' which is absolution this month.

The admirers who saw Rajinikanth greeted him shouting 'Long Live Cool Star' and 'Robo Robo’. After the prayers the cool brilliant ancestors anon larboard for Chennai.