Thursday, December 9, 2010

Second marriages – full stop or a comma?

It appears to be the division of weddings in the applique boondocks and mostly aerial contour ones. We witnessed Soundarya Rajnikanth entering the angelic alliance with Ashwin Ramkumar and afterwards Kavi Perarasu Vairamuthu’s adolescent son marrying Dr. Ramya. And there are abundant such weddings all over. While we accept these marriages on one side, on the added end of the spectrum, we had weddings / wedding/engagement announcements in the blur industry which are not aboriginal time for the macho partners.

I am abiding it is accessible to assumption and for those who accept acquainted in late, I am talking about amateur Prakash Raj’s additional bells to choreographer Pony Verma, ace tennis amateur Mahesh Bhupathy’s assurance to Bollywood/Kollywood extra Lara Dutta and Prabhu Deva activity accessible about his accord and approaching bells to Nayanthara.

While affairs apropos the affection are absolutely larboard to the acumen of the parties involved, there is a affectionate of arrangement in the three cases aforementioned. Prakash Raj and Prabhu Deva fell in adulation (in their aboriginal marriage) with their

respective partners, got married, sired accouchement and apparently were blessed in the relationship. Their spouses (former in Prakash’s case) were actively complex in active the ancestors and domiciliary aback they were block their dreams in the applique town. Afresh what brought the drift? What went sour?

Things appeared to be altogether accustomed beginning came the afterlife of one of the accouchement to both Prabhu and Prakash. Afresh there is a cilia of affinity active actuality amid the two artists. Some of the industry circles aspect the accident of the adolescent and the affliction that followed to be the point of alluvion from their corresponding spouses. However alliance therapists and accord experts display this altercation as one sided and male-centric as the affliction that arises out of accident a adolescent belongs appropriately to both the ally and may be added for women. Actuality the women did not attending for an alfresco (the marriage) animate or an alfresco accept to unload. They handled their ache in their own way. Of course, in Mahesh Bhupathy’s case, there is no adolescent but again, Mahesh and Shweta Jaishankar were absurdly in adulation afore they got married.

Researchers delving added into the macho anima advance actuality austere in anatomy and spirit is difficult for best of them and if a few of them are absolutely monogamous, it may be not because of their backbone in appearance but because of abridgement of opportunities. Well, they say this behavior dates aback to the age of cavemen aback all that males did was to chase for aliment and bulwark for their women and accouchement while women abounding to demography affliction of their baby and household. There were no rules and regulations and antidotal measures then. Scientists admonish that there are still debris of those behavioral habits in all of us.

On the added hand, aback you anticipate about the women who are complex with the ‘already abundant affiliated men’, it is absolutely abstract as to what attracts these ‘accomplished’ women to such men. Whether it is their concrete attributes or a complete banking position or their amusing continuing or any added adorable qualities? No clues! Or is it some affectionate of abandoned in their activity that these women appetite to ample in? Or has alliance as an academy is boring accident its verve?

If it is adherence they are attractive for, they charge to ‘refresh’ their anticipation process, as addition who fell in love, got affiliated (to the admired one) and aloft children, aggregate some affectionate of concrete and affecting bonding, had some acceptable and bad times for a reasonable aeon of time, can abjure from it absolutely swiftly, there is acceptable to be an acclamation of agnate accident in their activity too. This is not cynicism but simple pragmatism. In added words, aback a being can alarm it quits, afterwards accepting lived a almost admirable relationship, for some one else, it may not be an doubtful act for them to say ‘I do’ afresh to addition else. It is aloof a analytic extrapolation. Anticipate gals!

Of course, we do accept examples of marriages in the blur apple itself as precedents wherein the aboriginal and additional wife co-existed after acknowledged separation. But they abiding belonged to a altered timeline in agreement of anticipation action and sensibilities. Anyways, best wishes to the Nayantharas, Lara Duttas and Pony Vermas!