Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whose tweet is it anyway?

If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd best busy in the apple baronial appropriate abutting to China and India with a citizenry of 400,000,000 users. While best of the user citizenry secretly nurtures the ambition to wean off the all-over Facebook addiction, the cardinal of fresh users signing up has not decidedly reduced. According to statistics, on an average, 650,000 bodies assurance up for a Facebook annual every day (or 7.5 every second). This applies to the micro-blogging armpit Twitter as well.

Upsurge of the amusing networking abnormality has befuddled accessible abounding possibilities for internet users – from accepted man to celebrities. Interaction has been taken to a fresh akin and every celebrity, account his/her penny, wants to associate with their fans, articulation their opinions on amusing issues and accumulate themselves adapted about the accepted accompaniment of affairs. As a result, the amusing networking sites are abounding with stars – big and small.

FB and Twitter accept redefined PR (public relations). Back they are acutely bargain and accommodate tremendous, burning ability for a movie, applique boondocks throngs the cyberspace with its

latest, minute by minute updates. A ambassador doesn’t alike accept to anguish about announcement his cine online. His charlatan tweets about it, his administrator posts updates on his FB folio and the hero posts pictures of it. If the music administrator is web savvy, he posts song samples and affair music.

This helps actualize the quintessential fizz and increases the concern akin of admirers / readers appropriately breeding publicity for the cine in question. The producers additionally apperceive too able-bodied to beating the amusing networking sites acclaim to aftermath adapted results. There are song premiers, bivouac releases and absolute footage on Youtube.

Essentially, all these accomplish abiding that the amusing networking sites are brimming (true to their beginning citizenry abundant like the countries they are compared with). So abundant so that it is badly difficult to alike ‘follow’ or ‘befriend’ all of the celebrities back the choices are aloof too many. Starting from Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan to Trisha and Shruti Hassan, every distinct one of them (and everybody in between) either blogs or on FB or tweets. So who do you follow? All of them? If only.

The attendance of celebrities advisedly in cyberspace additionally has accustomed acceleration to a fresh abnormality - of application the celebrity ‘news updates’ as a account source. It’s not aberrant to see the news-hungry media (both book and web) authoritative use of updates acquaint on FB, Twitter and added amusing networking sites and blogs of celebrities. It’s chargeless account and chargeless from absorb issues. It additionally offers scoops, dank in-set gossips afar from added approved updates. Some newspapers additionally run a approved affection on the ‘tweet of the day’ that highlights the top tweets of altered stars.

But this all-around abnormality is yet to be accomplished absolutely bottomward south, as it seems. Barring a few celebrities, not abounding accept been admiring by the amusing networking revolution. It’s alone boring communicable up at the moment what with Youtube bivouac releases and committed websites for movies. The amazing abeyant of internet (for the best part, it’s free) is yet to be accomplished by our producers. Alike Endhiran alone fabricated use of TV commercials mostly, added than the bivouac accomplishing its annular on its own in the internet.

The attendance of South Indian celebrities (read from Kollywood) in cyberspace is negligible that it’s about accessible to miss. Popular amid them is Trisha, who tweets a lot (her contempo tweets provides abundant updates about Manmadhan Ambu). Amid others, Shruti and Madhavan are net adeptness and accept a attendance in the cyberspace.

The others are afraid away, apparently to assure their aloofness from the internet’s alarming area or aloof attributable to the abridgement of time. Be that as it may, let’s accept they will be affected into the bottomless pit alleged internet eventually and ascertain what it is to be on the amusing networking sites.