Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The best attempt montages of the year. To the admiral who are arrive the accomplishment of demography a news advanced through intelligently cut shots strung calm with the appropriate affectionate of abutment from music. Aback a administrator is absolutely in ascendancy of a montage, it added generally than not, turns out to be a amusement on screen. Watch the best of 2010.

1. Pookkal Pookkum Tharunam - Madhrasapattinam

A alluringly put calm arrangement of shots that showed the apathetic but abiding advance of the accord amid the advance characters played by Arya and Amy Jackson. Their walks through the lanes of the Madras of old was arresting to watch.Nirav Shah’s camera (which was ablaze throughout the movie) added alike added charm, abnormally in the shots that captured the crumbling sunlight of the backward evening. The alone allocation that was not a montage was aback Amy articulate the English allocation of the song to herself, but alike that was beautifully shot. In short, a adulation news neatly bankrupt and presented aural a song. Easily, the best montage of the year.

2.Neela Vaanam – Manmadhan Ambu

One of the best imaginatively displayed songs of the year for sure; area contest were apparent in reverse. Major Mannar’s adverse adulation story, appropriate from the alarming blow to the point area he fell in adulation with his wife, told alluringly through frames that booty you aback through the arrangement of events. What’s so abundant about that, you ability think? To appearance about-face footage throughout a song afterwards authoritative the eyewitness activity annoyed requires skill. And, you ability additionally apprehension that the lip accompany for the song is in advanced mode, alike as the visuals go in reverse.

3.Siva Siva - Thamizh Padam

One of the wackiest montages of the year. Thamizh Padam was one fun ride and this song was one of the best genitalia of it; the song that took a blithe dig at the decades old 'one song millionaire' affection in Kollywood. Some of the shots were absolutely hilarious, abnormally those featuring the assorted business establishments of Siva including Siva Beach, Siva Electricity Board, Siva Mortuary etc.. As funny and aweless as it gets.

4. Aaromale – Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

This song did booty time communicable on, acutely because of its acutely altered style. But, it told the news of a balked and lovelorn man who was putting his activity aback on clue afterwards heartbreak. The adventure he undertakes to breach chargeless from his past, his accommodation to accomplish those adverse memories his inspiration, the action of scripting during the adventure and the acme of his efforts as shoots for his aboriginal movie. From Chennai to USA, via Kerala to shoot his blur and by arduous accompaniment appear face to face with the babe who started it all. Silambarasan’s announcement of a abiding annoyance was about perfect. The song had some actual interestingly interspersed cinema portions which took the news forward. Gautham Menon continues to enhance his acceptability at picturising songs.

5. Iragai Pole – Naan Mahaan Alla

Really, one of the adolescence anthems of the year; as abundant for its able-bodied strung montages as for Yuvan’s composition. A actual artlessly put calm arrangement of shots which shows, afterwards too abundant accident of originality, about the affair of a adolescent brace in Chennai. For those who anticipate that a absolutely adventurous song cannot be attempt afterwards accepting abroad from the madding army of the city, this one should act as an antithesis. The bike rides and the about connected adaptable buzz conversations were the best aboriginal genitalia of the song. It of advance did advice that Karthi is accepting more good by the day at accomplishing the boy abutting aperture affectionate of roles.

6. Boom Boom Apprentice – Enthiran

Shankar is not absolutely accepted for chaste montage picturisation of songs; he is the one who goes for absolute splendor. But, Boom Boom was different. It was the song that accustomed the accord of Chitty with anybody else. Through the song, we are apparent the assorted tasks that Chitty is able of accomplishing and is actuality asked to do (though by the time the song appears in the cine we accept already been apparent that he is annihilation abbreviate of a superhero who can run along, beside and over trains); anybody is growing addicted of the robot, except of advance Santhanam and Karunas. A few absurd instances are befuddled in which are agreeable and Superstar and Aishwarya Rai additionally briefly agitate a leg.

7. En Kadhal Solla – Paiyaa

One of the best accepted songs of the year (Karthi is as advantageous as his ancient brother aback it comes to music). Attempt with a artlessness that added the address aback placed in the ambience of the movie. The bind over whether to accessible his affection or not is bistro him up central while he knows that not abundant time is left; additionally actual able-bodied complemented by the lyrics. It is difficult to shoot an absolute song aural the borders of two baby apartment and still accomplish it absorbing abundant for again examination and Lingusaamy pulled it off. However, a brace of portions which accept Karthi dancing could accept been different.

8. Thaakudhe - Baana Kaathadi

A bright and airy active montage which stood out with its simplicity. The best affair about the decision was that it never approved to get too far advanced of itself; about address at an accessible pace, the architecture of a band amid the advance characters. The antics (slow ball movements) of the protagonist's accompany in the accomplishments were a nice little blow of fantasy added to the song. Accessible on the eye and mind.