Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review- Manmadhan Ambu


Manmadhan Ambu


KS Ravikumar


Red Giant Movies


Devi Sri Prasad


Kamal Haasan, Madhavan, Trisha, Sangeetha, Urvashi

Manmadhan Ambu is a celebration of honest calligraphy writing. No choreographed songs, kuthu numbers, no bark show, no account girl, no villain or bite band spewing etc. Kamal Haasan’s calligraphy with some acute writing, ablaze casting, a artist attending and abundant one-liners makes it a absolute ancestors amateur for the anniversary season.

Ambujakshi alias Nisha (Trisha) is the numero uno charlatan in Tamil cinema. She is in adulation with Madanagopal (Madhavan), a affluent administrator who is basically a Mama’s (Usha Uthup) boy. Madanagopal and his mom appointment Ambu on the sets of a song picturisation in Kodaikanal with top hero Suriya (playing a cameo), and he suspects that she is two- timing him. This leads to an blow as Ambu on the driver’s bench of Madan’s beginning Hummer, about bangs into a addition car advancing from the adverse side.

The brace has a absinthian action and an emotionally abashed Nisha calls Madan a ‘Sandeha Prani’ (suspicious guy) and part. To booty off from pressures of assignment and claimed worries Ambu decides to go on a European cruise with adolescence acquaintance Deepa (Sangeetha) who is a divorcee with two kids. Meanwhile Madan who is still absurdly in adulation with Ambu arranges a clandestine detective Major Mannar (Kamal Haasan) to accumulate an eye on her and accord him a approved amend on whom she meets during her holiday. All this leads to a amusing situation, with a affecting aberration in the climax.

Kamal Haasan calligraphy array big time, as the blur works due to assuming and bartering packaging done in a altered actualization by KS Ravikumar. From arena one, you are fatigued into anniversary characters life, and back you put them all calm on a cruise it crackles with animal affections and entertainment.

Remarkable casting has resulted in some accomplished performances by all players. The blur boasts the best achievement you will see by an ensemble casting in a continued time, and that includes alike the bit players Anniversary and every actualization including the two baby kids are perfect.

Trisha’s actualization as cine brilliant Nisha sans accomplish up is the axis about which the blur revolves. Be it her ache on the sets back her lover drops in, or her access over the phone, she is superb. She sprinkles her curve with aplomb and emerges as one of the film's best adorable characters.

Armed with the film’s best-written role as Madanagopal, Madhavan is the arena stealer. His bashed scenes which brings out his hidden fears and suspicion is superb. Sangeetha as Deepa the divorcee who says “the alliance was bad but the keep was good” nails the applied woman of today who is aboveboard and honest about her life.

Malayalam actors Kunjan and Manju Pillai as the wannabe producers afterwards Nisha’s dates and Urvashi as the hapless wife who is angry a abandoned action by the ancillary of her bedmate in the hospital are fantastic.

And assuredly the name is Kamal Haasan. Watch him amalgamate calmly from accidental to absolute seriousness. His compelling, effortless assuming of Major Mannar is the highlight. The brilliant makes an actualization 22 account afterwards the alpha and adds those little touches that accomplish all the aberration abnormally the scenes in which he speaks to Urvashi over the phone, and back he talks about his French wife who met with a sad end.

Technically the blur is top class. Two beginning boys- cinematographer Manush Nandan and editor Shan Mohammed accomplish a big impression. Manush camerawork accord it a beginning appealing look, while alteration is crisp. The blur moves at a accelerated clip with never a addled moment in the 2 hour 32 account active time.

Sync complete has been used, which has added not alone the account but additionally gives it a absolute feel as admitting you were there on the address with the characters. Devi Prasad’s music abnormally Neela Vaanam... told in a rewind manner, is innovative. The picturisation of Thagudu Thagudu.. comes at the appropriate time and is different.

Constructed from a agitating calligraphy that’s able on artifice and arranged with crackling dialogue, Manmadhan Ambu is consistently engaging. Cleverly accounting and acutely cast, it is a blur that delivers affable laughs. Don’t absence it. It is one of those attenuate Tamil films that’s funny and acute at the aforementioned time!