Saturday, October 30, 2010


To alpha the column, I appetite to highlight I am a determined Kamal addict! Having said that, I do anticipate my opinions may not be accustomed by Kamal admirers family.

10 years before, I accept heard SRK and Govinda themselves commenting that if they were alleged acceptable actors, they would accept to do bisected the kind-of-roles Kamal has played.

SRK became an All-embracing icon, acknowledgment to DDLJ and outsourcing abracadabra - Indians are overextension beyond the globe, forth with it Bollywood. SRK was still the adventurous amateur and Bollywood fantasy admiring Europe. Now "it appears", SRK is bigger than Kamal in image, inspite of several SRK duds. Aamir was/is a abundant adversary for Kamal, I charge say has outdid him in contempo times. Reasons will be discussed below

What absolutely is Kamal doing? From 2000s, I am blessed with the movies he's done - Alavandhan (creative genius), Virumandi (Screenplay,Direction genius) Anbe Sivam (everything genius), Dasavatharam (commercial+quality=Genius), Hey Ram (India's best cine artlessly because cipher could accept done it) and excluding several ball films that set the theaters rolling in laughter. Among the account above, except Anbe Sivam, added films did accept the approved complaint from movie-goers - can't accept the film. To anticipate of the movies Aamir did and which were raved all beyond India and additionally in all-embracing theaters is this - Abundant concept/theme + "Simplicity". To anticipate Lagaan's news would authorize for Oscars (forget Slumdog - it was an UK director), is a dream. I accept a activity Kamal is apathetic about the "Simple films". I anticipate he feels, and accurately so, he's so able of accomplishing a blur like Fire, Earth, (Watch the films - internationally raved, but actual actual simple films and I wonder, that's the acumen all-embracing admirers admired it) Lagaan, that it doesn't claiming him and avoids it. After Robot, Kamal may be tempted to acknowledge with addition caricature and bartering amalgamation for a fit reply. And, it is absolutely what I don't appetite him to do (except if it's Marudhunayagam).

I appetite Kamal hassan to adventure into direction. To put it blunt, abdicate main-stream acting anon (1-2 yrs). I would like Kamal to anticipate about acceptable a full-time administrator and alpha autograph belief now (ya, I absolutely ambition its possible) while he does movies as hero in abutting 2-3 years.

For abutting 2-3 years, I would like Kamal to do some banana capers and films like "Ganesh Vasanth - Sujatha's detective stories", which wouldn't charge abundant homework, wait, because script-plot-character all are accounting and alone charge to be edited to fit for a film, article Kamal can do it easily. After 2-3 years, I appetite Kamal to comedy a important-role - like Sivaji in Devar Magan and affection appearance roles 1-2 films a year (remember Sathi Leelavathy?) while he additionally becomes an alive director. After 3 yrs, I would appetite Kamal to absolute 1 blur in 1.5 yrs atleast. "Peepli Live" is a blur Kamal could've directed and accustomed Indian film, a brand of film, not attempted in Indian cinema. Who would say "No" to Kamal - the administrator abnormally his stories. Kamal should absolute actors like Surya, Vikram who are top actors and accord them the arduous roles to perform. Thereby convalescent talents and authoritative Tamil cinema richer - something, he's already accomplishing by his films and aloof his attendance in Tamil cinema. Kamal, don't abatement for the amiss temptations. Wake up! Rethink!