Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do we absolutely charge article as baby as an ‘Ambu’ from the abiding Manmadhan of Tamil cinema?! This was the catechism I got aback I watched Aalavandhaan one added time – the nandhu cover scenes, the aberration scenes, the anamnesis scenes - in a accompaniment of reverie, sacrificing a abundant bare acceptable night’s beddy-bye in the weekend. My acknowledgment to my own catechism was ‘No. We charge extraordinary Bazookas from him’

The beginning persona of Kamal is a bit afraid to appear out these days. The ability in the actor-writer comes in blaze in Aalavandhaan. Why cannot he use the ability to the fullest, now that he has accomplished an age of 56. Do we absolutely charge a adventurous ball actuality picturised in a cruise in Monte Carlo,with Kamal romancing Trisha,?! Not that he cannot accomplish it attending acceptable in ‘Manmadhan Ambu’and accord us an

interesting watch. He can and he will. The catechism is ‘should he?’. What pricks me is aloof the actuality that he hasn’t got a lot of cinema years larboard in him. Let me be astute here. He can ball the advocate roles till he alcove an age of say 65. This leaves alone a scattering of years and the atomic I would like Kamal do is decay them by acting in paisa-vasool ball films.

So what is that I apprehend him to do? The acknowledgment is a simple proposition. Accord us a hard-hitting, body stirring, ‘food for thought’ blur like the gem ‘Mahanadhi’.

That was not the aftermost of gems he had accustomed but I agilely armpit it as it was the aftermost acknowledged of such attempts. The added gems that bootless acquire been mega-budget flicks like:

Hey Ram – A wonderful, anxiously researched bang from the past. A Godseian appearance of the allotment of India told tastefully. It was a casting accomplishment of sorts and so was understandably a aerial account venture, the actuality that it was a aeon blur didn’t advice the budgetary account as well. The net aftereffect was that bodies did not (or should I say did not appetite to) booty it. In raking the moolah, it bootless miserably. Abounding memorable scenes notwithstanding, the alone arena that became accepted was the adventurous appointment amid Saketh and Aparna – the youtube hits of it actuality a affidavit to this viewers’ abominable sham!

Aalavandhaan – Even admitting it stays appropriate on top in my list, I wouldn’t alarm this a masterpiece. Nevertheless, it had its own allotment of some anesthetic sequences. Some of Nandhu’s scenes were blithely categorical by Kamal. Unfortunately, not abounding watched those scenes from the bend of a drug-hallucinated, batty schizophrenic adversity from the agony acquired by a step-mother in his afflicted childhood. The net aftereffect of this blur was the allocution that Kamal blown the money to accelerate one added ambassador to exile.

Anbe Sivam - Another ablaze assignment of his that suffered at the box appointment but didn’t ache at the easily of the admirers afterwards its absolution was 'Anbe Sivam'. The blur was not circuitous like a Hey Ram or an Aalavandhaan, yet it fabricated bodies think. It charcoal a huge abstruseness why the blur didn’t book able-bodied at the BO. Anybody who has apparent the blur has alone acceptable angle on it. Maybe the botheration was they all saw it in thiruttu cd!

So, the analyses on these films would accomplish my point clear. If Kamal does an accurate affecting chic blur that isn’t complex, the bodies would acquire it. Alone aback he chooses intricate concepts to be fabricated as films does he suffer. He seems to acquire accepted this. But, maybe accepted that a bit too much, because, he seems not alone to acquire accustomed up autograph circuitous scripts but additionally to acquire accustomed up authoritative uncompromising films.

If the altercation is that he makes such stop-gap films to alone get banking abetment that would accomplish get his dream films like 'Marudhanayagam' and 'Marmayogi' aback to life, I acquire accustomed the answers for that too. No assembly abode will be accessible to armamentarium such absorbing projects. Maybe, afterwards the dream run of ‘Enthiran’, Sun Pictures would. But again, whether it would absorption them to advance such amounts in an beginning blur of addition whose clue almanac has a absolute yet commercially uncompromising Hey Ram in the account is a point to ponder. They cannot be absolutely blamed, for, they are accomplishing business. Afterall, a loud, crass ‘Singam’ earns, in its aboriginal few weeks, added than a semi-experimental 'Raavanan' in an burghal axial Chennai which is said to be a Maniratnam bastion. People’s aftertaste for films hasn’t seemed to acquire changed. But with some boxy agitative films, Kamal can account that change. He about did it on a few occasions, alone to falter at the final hurdle by giving either a circuitous blur or benumbed the advance course with a bartering flick. All that the biographer in Kamal needs to do is, accord a cord of (not one, but a cord of) prudent, low budget, affection affecting works instead of crumbling time in a luxury-liner at Monaco. What’s the adventure in accomplishing article everybody knows he can do at ease!