Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enthiran hit to Bollywood Kollywoods

Can the two industries integrate? What are we talking about? Bollywood and Kollywood! For decades, the two industries accept functioned about like islands. Little has been exchanged amid the two except for heroines and the casual news or abstraction in the anatomy of remakes. But, we are extensive a date area the barter of assets of all kinds has started demography off in a abundant bigger way which gives acceleration to the achievability of the two industries alpha to action in a abundant added chip manner.

As mentioned above, heroines accept been conceivably the alone aptitude basin that has been consistently exchanged and aggregate amid both Bollywood and Kollywood. There accept been a actual few instances afore 2000 area artistes or above technicians accept been big names both in Kollywood and Bollywood at the aforementioned time. There was the casual Ilaiyaraja masterpiece in Hindi or a allotment of animated choreography from Prabhu Deva. But, added than such flashes, things remained added or beneath isolated. The change was started in a big way by a few names that are now advised the best in the country at what they do.

It was during the closing years of the 20th aeon that Rahman bankrupt through as a civic superstar on the music front. From again on, he has been the best capital artist of India, Kollywood or Bollywood irrespective. He was conceivably the aboriginal being to breach the north-south divide. There were additionally names like Santhosh Sivan (cinematography) and Sabu Cyril (art) who too defied the one-industry barometer and became awful accepted technicians all over India. Of course, there are a lot added names these canicule that are known, admired and in-demand all over India.

But, really, the affiliation of blur industries happens able-bodied and absolutely alone back the two best cardinal persons/factors of cinema activate affective about advisedly in both. Who are they? The administrator and the hero (face it! The Indian industry is still a hero-driven one, additional a few exceptions). The aftermost decade has apparent a few admiral accomplish their name in both the industries. But, sadly, it has been a one directional breeze from south to the north. Admiral from Bollywood accept not apparent abundant absorption bottomward south.

The abstraction and advance for admiral bottomward south to try their luck in Bollywood came mostly from two men – Mani Ratnam and Priyadarshan. While the above has been a awful admired name appropriate from the mid-90s afterwards the absolution of Bombay, the closing started during the aboriginal 2000s and has back again carved out a appropriate ascendancy for himself which consists mostly of Malayalam remakes in a glossed up avatar. Following the adorning success of these men, the aftermost brace of years accept apparent the big time access of south admiral into Bollywood. Aboriginal was Murugadoss who wowed the Hindi admirers with Ghajini which additionally catapulted Asin into brief superstardom. Prabhu Deva too entered the arena with a blast carrying Wanted, accommodate of Pokkiri. Now, we are audition lots of articulation ups amid southern admiral and Bollywood which includes Gautham Menon with his remakes of VTV and the acutely accomplished Mysskin who is reportedly accomplishing an adjustment of the atypical ‘The Man from Pakistan’ with John Abraham in the lead.

Add to that the growing acceptance of the south arch men in the arctic – Kamal Haasan has consistently been a admired name up arctic if not a big star. Madhavan has become the man for abounding admiral back they appetite an able and adolescent amateur to be casting in an anarchistic calligraphy and now Rajinikanth has apparent that his Superstar cachet ability not be aloof a affair for the south with the huge success of Robot; meanwhile we additionally accept Suriya activity Arctic beneath Ramgopal Verma with Rakth Charithra. And, abounding of you ability bethink the key role that Ajith played in Asoka. The aperture for south’s arch stars seems to be aperture up in Bollywood. If things accumulate affective at this amount and if we additionally alpha seeing some movement in the added administration too (North to South), again we ability appear to a day back Bollywood and Kollywood can be alleged chip or alike synergized