Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three rascals – The whys and why-nots?

Even afterwards two weeks of its absolution the fizz about Shankar’ Magnum Opus Endhiran hasn’t eased out, but talks about his abutting adventure Three Rascals (official accommodate of 3 Idiots) has started accomplishing its circuit in media amphitheater and amid fans.

Though we haven’t got any official acceptance about the cine from Shankar’s ancillary let us see why and why should not there be 3 Rascals.


1) Just because of the artifice - Yes we absolutely charge a news like 3 idiots which questions the accepted educational arrangement in India area acceptance focus is alone on marks rather than knowledge. Certain dialogues can absolutely drive one to anticipate in a altered way. For e.g. Aamir Khan questions, “Rewind your activity for a minute, did we anytime anticipate that we will apprentice article fresh today which we will get pleasure in our activity at some point?” Wise, right?

2) Back you accomplish your dream appear accurate and back you are actually annoyed of authoritative a absolute action afterwards alive for added than two and bisected years you absolutely charge to allow yourself in a affair area you abeyance your analysis approach and accomplish a simple and feel acceptable movie.

3) Reports say that 3 Rascals will be a affair and will not booty 2 years of assembly time as Shankar’s added blur do. And Shankar’s admirers do not appetite to delay for addition 3 years to get his adventure released.

Why not?

1) Even admitting we charge a accountable like 3 idiots, do we appetite a administrator like Shankar to accommodate a blur abnormally afterwards accomplishing a blur like Endhiran?

2) Everyone knows how artistic Shankar is, so what will be his addition is a accommodate cine which was attempt based on a novel.

3) Like superstar’s blur Shankar’s blur challenges his own antecedent ventures in agreement of budget, quality, abstruse aspects … and what would we get if Shankar’s dream crosses Endhiran. Do we absolutely charge a accountable like rascals or article bigger than that?

Though annihilation has been clearly accepted yet Shankar will be cerebration added than anyone to blow a accommodate accountable abnormally at this point of his career.

Even admitting Shankar will not be absorbed in apparel remakes what one would apprehend from Shankar is to accomplish a cine based on the atypical rather than an absolute accommodate from B-town.