Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Court Report to Nayan & Prabu

It is agitation time for Nayanthara and Prabhu Deva. The acknowledged altercate amid the two and Prabhu Deva's wife Ramlat is able-bodied known. The Cloister had beforehand ordered Nayan and Prabhu Deva to arise today (October 19, 2010) afterwards Ramlat filed a address adjoin divorce. But none of them appeared at 11:30 AM, the time back the cloister took up the case. Noting this, the Cloister has ordered amendment to be beatific to both the actors.

The Cloister has additionally brash the 'Nadigar Sangam' to accelerate a arouse to Nayanthara as she has not been traceable for some time now. It has added said that Nayan and Prabhu Deva charge arise afore the board on November 23, 2010 back the case is taken up again.