Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enthiran- A super opening!

Rajinikanth’s Enthiran has taken a cool aperture on day one worldwide. The blur took a 100 percent aperture from Gurgaon multiplexes in Harayana to Nagercovil. In across markets it sizzled.

Enthiran has taken the best anytime paid previews in UK and US, on Thursday night afore the collections of any Hindi films in 2010. In Mumbai the blur has taken aerial opening. The Telugu adaptation has additionally been declared a hit.

In Tamil Nadu, Enthiran has taken the best anytime distinct day aperture for any blur in history, while in Kerala from 128 screens the blur has opened bigger than a Mohanlal or Mammootty film.

The North Indian media has gone crazy about Rajinikanth. All account channels like, NDTV, Times Now, CNN IBN and Headlines Today conducted bisected an hour “Robot-Special” with their ball editors aerial in from Delhi and Mumbai to abduction the Rajinikanth phenomena in Chennai on absolution day.

Never afore in history has a dubbed blur Robot, got so abounding stars in the agitated reviews actualization in print, television and internet in the North Indian media. Please agenda in the accomplished these actual aforementioned North journalists and media houses could never abdomen the success of south Indian films. In actuality abounding channels went to the acute of trashing Ranbir Kapoor’s Anjaane Anjaani and praising Robot to the skies.