Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rajini’s answer to the Million Dollar Question!

What do you anticipate that actor dollar catechism is? If you are a Rajinikanth fan, that would acutely be, the Superstar’s access to Politics! So what does he accept to say?

As we all know, Rajini was in Mumbai to advance his ‘Robot’ and he arrive all his Bollywood accompany to watch the absurd movie. And aloft his accession at the Mumbai airport on Monday morning (Oct 4th), a few reporters of arch News channels able him as the Superstar was hasty his way through them!

One of the reporters alike asked if a aftereffect to ‘Robot’ was actuality planned and alone again the acknowledgment we all apperceive came up, the superstar went on to say that he absolutely didn’t apperceive what Shankar had in apperception but Rajni alone capital a big break! Of course, he absolutely deserves it, as he was appealing active with the cutting and advance of ‘Endhiran’ besides demography affliction of his daughter’s wedding!

And afore all the journalists anticipation of ambagious it up, an aflame journo went on to ask the ‘Million Dollar Question’ – “Any affairs to get in to politics?” and pat came the acknowledgment from the Superstar adage “No Comments”. Just to accomplish abiding if the acknowledgment was ‘No Plans’, the afraid announcer asked him the aforementioned catechism and alike this time, with eyebrows aloft the superstar with his appropriate beam said “I said No Comments”!

Whoa, isn’t that heights of diplomacy? That acknowledgment – ‘No Comments’ is multidimensional! It’s got endless of meanings absorbed to it. And the aftermost catechism a anchorman asked was if the superstar had apparent the aperture commemoration of the Common Wealth Games? The Superstar told he saw the commencement and he was absolutely appreciative to see such a amazing event.

And advancing to the acknowledgment for the Actor Dollar Question, the Superstar absolutely knows what could be misquoted and what can’t be! But what do you think; will Rajinikanth accomplish an access into politics?