Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oviya Critical Mollywood

One of the beginning faces in Tamil cinema, Oviya, the beginning charlatan who hit big with the blur 'Kalavani' is from Kerala. But the extra seems to accept no abundant account about films from Kerala. “Malayalam films are absolutely arid with asleep scripts, mostly advised for chief actors. They don't assume to accept account to acquaint beginning faces”, comments the extra on an interview.

The extra is additionally of the assessment that the industry gives account alone to chief artistes. “Only in Tamil films, you get to watch films fabricated in assorted backdrops and with arduous scripts”, opines Oviya.

The opinions aired by the adolescent extra are not aberrant or out of context, if you analysis the affection of abounding contempo Mollywood movies. It seems that it is aerial time for Malayalam filmmakers to accomplish alive movies that can change the assessment of alike these adolescent stars.