Friday, July 9, 2010

K Balachander, India’s Best Storyteller

Actors Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan will consistently be accountable to him. But for him, we wouldn’t accept apparent Rajni on the argent screen. With added than 100 films to his credit, he is one filmmaker who has absolute ascendancy over his movies. Yes, I am talking about the fable K Balachander or KB as he is affectionately called. I bethink watching Sindhu Bhairavi back I was in school. Sindhu’s altercation during a concert in the cine is still categorical in my mind.

The ace administrator who turns 80 today had a different appearance of authoritative memorable films. It is difficult to atom one cine that is the best. With KB, every blur had a advocate and the absolute cine revolved about the character. Whether it was Server Sundaram, Etheer Neechal or Sindhu Bhairavi, his films had a able bulletin banishment you to anticipate out of the box.

So abounding of his celluloid characters still abide beginning in your apperception – whether it is the aces ball by actor Nagesh as a blight accommodating in the cine Neer Kumizhi or the amazing abyss of individualization in the adulation triangle in Sindhu Bhairavi. KB mostly dealt with common issues reinforcing the ethics of ancestors and relationships.

Clever use of symbolism, anxiously scripted characters, able storylines and abundant absorption to detail accomplish his movies an acute experience. Actuality is a account of his best works (according to me):

Server Sundaram

Nagesh consistently had a appropriate abode in KB’s films. The actuality that he got one of the best comedians of those times to comedy the advance role is in itself a affidavit that KB was one of the better experimenters of his time. Watch a arena from the cine here.

Ethir Neechal

Again, Nagesh plays the poor adolescent boy who does odd jobs to acquire his living. The absolute artifice revolves about the advocate Madhu and the blur highlights the simple affairs of the common Tamil household. The punchline in this blur said by Nagesh- Naan Madhu Vandirukken, area he plays the role of a believing innocent fool was a favourite with the masses. Actuality is a accepted song from this film.

Apoorva Ragangal

Rajnikanth’s admission movie, Apoorva Raagangal, deals with an inter-generational affair that culminates in a circuitous dilemma. This cine could be rated as one of the best performances by both Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan on the argent screen. The complete storyline of intertwined romances was amazing and its analysis was flawless. KB’s acute administration of a potentially-explosive accountable amount becoming him babble reviews.

Sindhu Bhairavi

This to me is the best cine by the ace administrator who redefines the abstraction of alliance in this film. The role of advocate Sindhu played by Suhasini can be rated as her best achievement ever. The cine revolves about a babe who is an agog addict of Carnatic music and avalanche in adulation with a accepted Carnatic musician. The chat amid Sivakumar (the classical artist in the film) and Sindhu on why Carnatic concerts don’t accommodate Tamil songs is a archetypal arena in this film. In abounding ways, he redefined the “happily anytime after” abstraction in this flick. A chat about the anytime blooming Illayaraja has to be mentioned. I anticipate Illayaraja’s accuracy in the song Padariyen is unmatchable.

Punnagai Mannan

Once afresh a Kamal and KB aggregate that formed wonders for the Tamil audience. Balachander’s art of story-telling is at its best in this movie. The news revolves about Sethu, a protagonist, who is confined for attempting suicide and how his activity pans out afterwards that. Revathi who is the advance extra has accustomed a beauteous performance. Illayaraja afresh array the music and anniversary agenda is a amusement to music lovers.

Later in the 90s, he additionally ventured into television. He additionally fabricated a aftereffect to his cine Sindhu Bhairavi alleged ‘Sahana’ in 2003. He set aerial benchmarks and took astronomic strides in the tamil blur industry. The admirers started to allocution about this phenomenon, what they alleged ‘The Balachander Touch’. This blow to me will abide forever.