Monday, July 5, 2010

Carpet Bombed By Mr And Mrs Dhoni!

I am not a candid aficionado. But, from Saturday night to Monday morning, there is annihilation about Mahendra Singh Dhoni that I don’t know. That’s not bad back he does don the India colours. But now I additionally apperceive all about an alien Sakshi Rawat. So MSD didn’t ally the babe he was accepted to marry, but that didn’t accomplish it any beneath intriguing, or fun.

Know all facts about M S Dhoni

This is what began it for me:

sardesairajdeep dhoni has got affianced afterwards all, conceivably alike married. babe is sakshi rawat, mgt graduate, lives in kolkata.

The bells was a apple-pie secret, back Bipasha Basu has been cogent us on Twitter that it was not sudden, but pre-planned. Weddings never are, are they? Incidentally that puts paid to my journo friend’s animadversion which says bustle agency lots to worry.

But, conceivably my acquaintance is not absolutely off cue here. Some letters advance that Dhoni had developed algid anxiety and didn’t appetite to ally afore the World Cup. But both sets of parents ‘intervened’ to set things on course.

Once on course, there was no endlessly the breeze of information. We apperceive about Ashish, the man whose ghoodi (the ghoodi has two names Rani and Bobby) MSD rode to the wedding. Ashish was ‘ecstatic’ about his hi-profile applicant who gave him Rs 5001 at the end of the ride. When MSD rides your mare, time beneath the sun is guaranteed.

We additionally apperceive MSD’s sehra was fabricated by Charandas of Dehradun’s Paltan Bazaar for Rs 10,000.

And, did you see the hapless bounded who was carrying food to the area and had cameras and microphones advance at him?

But we are still missing the important detail: What are the amusement plans? What? No news?

If you haven’t, already, again Meet Mrs Dhoni.

Guerrilla reporters ambuscade in the bushes apparently explain how the aboriginal images of the bells got online.

And here’s a accumulating of tweets #Dhoni. Some actual pertinent thoughts like how we exhausted the drums for Dhoni and abandoned Leander Paes and Cara Black acceptable their third Grand Slam appellation calm on Sunday.

If this was the wedding, anticipate of the fun about the Dhonis’ aboriginal Karva Chauth. Remember ‘reporters’ camped on the roof of neighbours’ homes during Abhi Ash’s aboriginal karva chauth.

Karva Chauth pe saath saath