Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Medina to Jaipur in plane's toilet

In a above aegis breach, an Indian civic alive as a cleaner at Medina airport in Saudi Arabia managed to biking on an Air India flight, accustomed 273 Haj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to India, ambuscade in the toilet of the aircraft.

26-year-old Habib from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh told the badge that the architect who active him there had taken abroad his authorization and addled him. Finding no added way out to acknowledgment home, he sneaked into the Air India flight to Jaipur.

Habib's attendance came to ablaze about bisected an hour afterwards the flight took off from Medina back a commuter went to the toilet.

During analytic by the berth crew, it was absolute that it was a case of stow-away and Habib did not intend to abuse anybody.

However, the captain of the flight had alerted the ATC in Jaipur area badge arrested him.

The man is actuality questioned by the Intelligence Bureau and the Special Operation Group of Rajasthan police, admiral said.(With PTI input)