Monday, December 28, 2009

AP loses property worth over Rs 250 cr over Telangana issue

As Andhra Pradesh boils over the Telangana issue, accessible and clandestine backdrop account over Rs 250 crore were destroyed by protesters in all the three regions of the accompaniment so far, government sources said.

Adding the accident acquired to businesses because of the acutely amaranthine access of shutdowns in Telangana, the amount could be a few hundred crores of rupees more.

Of the absolute accident to properties, about 80 per cent was acquired in Telangana arena abandoned area bodies ambitious a abstracted accompaniment accept been added "violent," the sources said. As abounding as 52 accessible and 28 clandestine backdrop were burnt while 62 accessible and 114 clandestine backdrop were damaged in the abandon that bankrupt out in Telangana arena from November 29 to December 9, afterwards TRS arch K Chandrasekhar Rao began his broad fast ambitious abstracted statehood for Telanagana.

The agitations acknowledging a affiliated accompaniment recorded 37 accessible backdrop and 11 clandestine backdrop actuality burnt and 46 accessible and 47 clandestine backdrop damaged amid December 10 and 23, statistics aggregate by the badge reveal.

The state-run Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) bore the burden of the affray with 35 buses actuality burnt and addition to 214 damaged. 50 clandestine buses were additionally damaged and seven were set on blaze by Telangana protesters.

Pro-Telangana groups went on a binge and damaged as abounding as 268 buses in the accompaniment basic and added districts of Telangana arena on a distinct day afterward the Centre's advertisement on the statehood affair on December 23. Besides, over 50 accessible and over 150 clandestine backdrop were additionally abominably burnt or damaged in the additional annular of "protests" in Telangana so far.

According to Transport Minister S Vijayarama Raju, APSRTC suffered a accident of over Rs 110 crore back November 29.

"These are alone bald estimates as the destructions are still continuing in Telangana region," a top baronial ambassador said.

The protesters additionally targeted railway backdrop causing a accident of several crores of rupees due to afire of four railway stations and added amercement at assorted places in all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh.

The protesters damaged railway signalling panels and equipments besides afire two bogies and barrage stones on two Express trains.

"Apart from attacks on railway backdrop in appearance of bandhs, abuse rokos and demonstrations, railways are additionally accident decidedly due to non-transportation of appurtenances and bindle which are lying at altered railway stations," a chief official of the South Central Railway (SCR) said.

The protesters did not additional blast exchanges, corpuscle buzz towers. They additionally set blaze to optical fibre cables at a BSNL barn in Anantapur causing over Rs 30 lakh loss. The cardinal of bodies who concluded their lives demanding

Telangana accompaniment was three times college in the arena with 18 bodies resorting to the acute footfall while six bodies committed suicide in abutment of unified Andhra Pradesh.

As abounding as 82 bodies approved to end their lives for Telangana accompaniment while 49 attempted suicide in Andhra and Rayalaseema regions, badge sources said