Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delhi barbarian flu will aggravate in winter, but don't panic

New Delhi: Delhi already has the added accomplished cardinal of barbarian flu cases in the country afterwards Maharashtra and with the winter approaching, the bearings is aloof activity to get worse, say experts.

But government bloom admiral and doctors admonish acrimonious basal measures.

Delhi Bloom Minister Kiran Walia, while acknowledging that the bearings will abandoned get worse as the winter comes closer, said all accessories to accouterment the flu are in place.

`It`s broadly accepted by now that as the temperature drops in the winters, the H1N1 virus will advance more. However, there is no charge to panic. If a cardinal of bodies are testing positive, they are additionally convalescent from the flu,' Walia told IANS.

Karnataka barbarian flu assessment rises to 108


According to the abutment bloom ministry, until Thursday Delhi had recorded 2,941 absolute cases of barbarian flu and a afterlife assessment of 15 anytime back its beginning in the country May 16. Maharashtra had the accomplished cardinal of cases, at 3,187 and a assessment of 153.

A able-bodied accepted accessible bloom able at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), who did not ambition to be named, said the aerial cardinal of cases in Delhi, or India for that matter, is 'nothing unexpected'.

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He said aloof like accepted flu, the manual of the air-borne barbarian flu will acceleration in the winter.

`In winters, there is a addiction (for people) to ataxia calm in baby places which aloof helps the advance of the flu faster. Moreover, as the Apple Bloom Organisation had already said, one-third of the apple citizenry will be afflicted by H1N1 virus; these numbers are absolutely aural the accepted range,' he said.

Swine flu afterlife assessment alcove 351

As of backward Thursday, 11,507 bodies were afflicted by barbarian flu in the country, with the afterlife assessment activity up to 374, according to bloom authorities.

Advising precaution, the able said: 'The accepted hygiene habits should be practised and if there is any agitation or abscessed throat, you should see a doctor. Nothing added needs to be done.'

'Having said that, there charge be greater acquaintance amid hole citizenry and the lower strata because the virus has accustomed itself in association and is not bedfast to aerial flyers alone,' he added.

Agreeing with him, Nandini Guha, a doctor, said: 'Swine flu is no best bedfast to those who accept travelled away or those who accept been in acquaintance with bodies activity abroad. Therefore, alike in buses and the Metro, bodies charge to practise basal hygiene etiquettes, which I generally acquisition missing.'

'Give antecedence to healthcare'

Walia said all efforts were actuality fabricated to ability beyond to as abounding bodies as accessible with facts on the flu.

'We accept started acquaintance programmes in government schools, besides announcement the facts on barbarian flu and basal measures in book and on TV,' Walia said.

Special: Barbarian flu

'All our bloom accessories to accouterment the beginning are in abode and I admonish bodies to appointment government hospitals in case they see any symptom,' she added.