Friday, August 27, 2010

Shahid and Asin's bonding irks Priyanka

Bollywood Trade News Network

Bollywood, it seems, can't get abundant of amateur Asin's charms. After Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, the most recent to be alert with the South Indian adorableness is Shahid Kapoor.

Recently, Asin and Shahid were cutting a TV commercial. Asin, a linguist of sorts, knows seven languages including four South Indian languages, Hindi, English, and French. She was apparent arena the babysitter to Shahid, teaching him to allege a brace of sentences in Tamil.

"The ad that we were cutting for was in Hindi and Tamil. I could administer it as I apperceive both the languages. But Shahid was disturbing with the Tamil allotment of it, so he took my advice in accepting the accent right. He didn't apperceive Tamil at all, so the absolute exercise angry out to be a fun session," reveals Asin.

However, it allegedly got awkward back amateur Priyanka Chopra came to accommodated Shahid on the sets. "The aggregation kept adage that the brace looked beautiful together. Priyanka, however, was not actual adequate seeing Asin and Shahid's accessible camaraderie," says a source.

They say all is fair in adulation and war. So, what's the absolute news PC?